Monday, December 31, 2007

Lookin Back... and New Yr Wishes !

Got this Comic off Ahmedabad Times - dated 31st Dec..
That frog with his tongue sticking on the Cactus has to be me..

This comic summarizes my experiences with the year 2007 !!
Took unbelievable risks with life.. Enjoyed a few.. and fell apart with few..

but like they say, experience is the spice of Lyf.. My life looks a little too Spicey.. :-D !

the biggest one being changing companies.. from a multi-national, me jumped careers and joined a start-up.. and the foolish me switched companies without an appointment letter.. :P .. the experience has been worth it though.. working for a start-up has to the best thing that happened this yr..

met a set of most beautiful people on the planet.. and made a couple of very special friends.. will cherish those moments spent with you guys forever.. :)

did the weirdest of things.. drives at 4 am.. coming back home at 6 am from work and parties.. sleeping for 4 - 5 hrs for months together.. managing 2 jobs for a month.. dinner at 2 am and early morning Reshmi Tikka at Mogul Sarai !

life was actually good.. busy, hectic, lot of parties, lot of work, lot of travelling, lot of friends.. everything in excess.. "Bhagwaan jab deta hai toh chhapad faad ke deta hai" types..

i hope this continues in the coming year as well..

the other best experience has to be managing family, a job and 2 businesses at the same time.. yep.. was in Amdabad for Mum's knee replacement surgery, which went of pretty well. Had plans of staying for a month, but the chhota vacation turned out be 2 months long..

Part of the stay was my stint in Amdabad... managing my Dad's business, my own business plan, my job with Apricot and Ghar ka kaam.. Not in that order and everything didn't happen at the same time.. with a few mistakes here and there like depositing the cheque in the wrong bank account... the cheque ended up at some Calcutta dudes account :P.. and burnt fingers while cooking, the BSNL dude disconected the Broadband cus the cheque was out-station.. and some more careless errors..

It was more like testing myself for the future.. and I passed the test.. :-D

the resolution for '07 has still not been accomplished.. :P

the resolution for '08 is goin to be deleting the the Orkut, OpenBC and Ryze Profile.. :)
LinkedIN and Facebook are goin to be my networking companions for the rest of my life.

Thats more or less about my one yr...

and here's wishing all my readers a Very Happy New year..

Wishing all the luck for the coming year.
Hope it turns out to be more fruitful and full of life than the previous year's.

Luvv.. alwaysss..


Saturday, December 29, 2007

.... Protagonize ...

Some things are really too good.. for example my Feed Reader.. :-D
This dude introduced me to a new site - Protagonize...

Protagonize is a collaborative Social Network, build on the concept of Choose your own Adventure, the series of books.

You start a story and someone else finishes it.

With a built-in story tracker, you can track the stories you like and the ones written by you. Its heavily interactive and allows users to Comment and Build on your stories. The site also has features like ratings, RSS, book-shelf style interface, tags to content, categories, segregated content and a lot of other useful features.

I'm already hooked on to it..
And here's the link to my profile on Protagonize...
And the link to my latest addition to a story..

- Protagonizin Adi

Friday, December 21, 2007

10 days to the End of the Year !!!

unbelievably fast.. i mean, i had jus started enjoyin the days. wen I realized tat its almost the end of one more awesome yr..

nonetheless.. one hell of a roller coaster ride.. and i enjoyed every bit of it..
thot of puttin down things which I will miss out on in the last month of '07..
becus of varied reasons..
not really sad over it, but I guess, time wasn't in my favor..

read on :

6th Dec : a trip to Goa with three other friends... and a Budday Bash.
14th Dec: Scorpions live-in concert in Mumbai
16th Dec: Scorpions live-in concert in Bangalore
25th Dec: a Christmas bash at Prive' organised by Plan B Entertainment... the name says it all !
(apparently this club has been on the must-visit list since a long time. Holds the
priviledge of being the best club in Mumbai and the monopoly of hosting the best DJs
from around the globe)
26th Dec: Mood Indigo at IITB... it is the best cul-fest till date.
31st Dec: a New Year bash at Taj Lands End... New Year on top of the mountain in some distant
corner of the country... a New Year Surprise Visit...

and a couple of Friday get-togethers organised at Tribal Route.

well... :) ! free entries are always there, but Scorpions, Christmas and New year come only once in a blue moon.. actually, Christmas 07 and New Year 07 wil nevah come again na !

yeah.. wat a month..
Nonetheless.. guys if you wanna party on the 31st in mumbai, you can get in touch with me.. the entries will be done.. not for free though.. :)



(P.S. I think I should start managing Events ! )

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I wish I had bet on this one !!

I don't knw.. may be I'm just obssessed..
there's this one tele-serial which I kinda got hooked on to.. Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa...

only cus I liked one couple in there.. has to be Prachi and Deepak..
Prachi ofcourse is a good dancer, but I liked this couple more so cus of Deepak..

an excellent dancer, knows his moves, knows all the dances on the planet and is charismatic...
he can drool a whole lot of babes, only with his smile.. :) .. u see the obssession !

I was more fond of him cus of his eastern looks..

why did I not bet on this Jodi !! I alwayz knew they'd win it..
they actually won the Best dancer Jodi for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa - II..

nice na !!

now I'm figurin out a way to get this dude's number, and learn some moves.. ;)

anyone who can help me wit this one ?? :D


(P.S. I wish Deepak tracks me thru some Google Alert like iThink did )

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This post was to be put up 2 days back.. but has been delayed cus of obvious reasons..
was a lil upset over things that happened on the 10th of Dec to be precise..

the lil thing.. was playin peacefully on the floor inside the house..
And the cat came and killed it.. :(

i tried to save it twice.. but the poor thing was dead by the time I could actually save it..

an obituary to Squid-oo from Vaibhav..

It is not growing like a tree
In bulk, doth make man better be;
Or standing long an oak, three hundred year,
To fall a log at last, dry, bald, and sear:
A lily of a day
Is fairer far in May,
Although it fall and die that night,--
It was the plant and flower of Light.
In small proportions we just beauties see;
And in short measures life may perfect be.

- Ben Jonson
I miss him loads..
The cat is not allowed in the house any more.. and mom was upset for a day over this incident..

one of his last pics..

Bikkit Eater !

And who ever said I was heart-less, i guess i have proved them wrong..


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcoming a new member in the Jungle !

yeah.. my house is nothing less than a jungle.. :D ..
four of us.. and a cat with her kittens..

now we have a nice lil new creature squeeking around the house..
Squid-oo !

He squeeks a lot, sleeps a lot, gets the most attention in the house, doesn't drink, doesn't eat, very weak, topples down while walkin and is only 15 days old.. approximately..
Lives in the Shoe-Box at the moment, goes out frequently for backyard outings and doesn't like Cow's Milk !

and my mom tells me that he behaves almost like me.. :P.. I don't knw what's the connection though..

but i Luv him...

He is a Squirrel.. Squid-oo the squirrel.. funny name na..

A few pics from the collection.. have a look

The looks !! Look at me baby :P

On ma palm.. The Squeeker !

This LiL thing is decently good at posing !

'Nother one..

Finger Walker

and all these pics have been clicked by yours trully !!

Models - Squidoo and Aditi :D
Camera - Finepix A205S
Location - Ahmedabad, my backyard .
Clothes - Models Own :D

This lil thing will probably be sent to the IIMA campus, where it will get a chance to mingle around with Squidees and Squidoos and romance his LyF..

m in luv again.. Squeeky Squeeky Squid-oooo

more pics here.


Friday, December 7, 2007

iThink !!!

I definitely do !! :)

And well, this one's going to be more about the Facebook Application recently developed by Minekey Professionals.

iThink is an application on Facebook, which was launched recently in the Month of November by a group of 7 professionals from the Minekey team.

It is a social application through which you can share opinions with the entire FB community about anything. Ranging from Politics, Sports, Relationships, Home, Gardens, Food, Pets, Entertainment, Dating and what not.

I'm already addicted to this Smart App and iThink it is one of the best Apps so far on the FB Community that I've come across.

The deal here is that, you get to voice your opinions, get a vote from the others on the Social network, reviews/Comments from like-minded people and helping you thus to analyze things and put things in perspective..

Wanted a suggestion on something, just put up a question on iThink and wait for the audience to respond to it. You can then easily analyze the problem / situation and then go ahead with the solutions (which can come from a user on the site)

There is a Similarity Test, which helps you analyze your similarity with your friends based on the opinions shared through the application.

Would have been amazing if this little app could actually generate graphs from the Opinions casted by the users, as it would make it easier for people to analyze and generate conclusions from the votes.
In addition, a service which could combine similar issues /problems / statements and generate a summary of sorts from the votes casted by the users.

I am completely, completely in LuV with this App..
And here's the link to my iThink profile.

mmmm and iThink.... chocolate is the best thing Human being ever discovered ! :)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Of Childhood Days..

i managed to get two pics from my first school in Pune..
these are class photographs from Nursery and Second Standard..

have a dekko..

This one's from the Nursery class..
i remember is that i was the Silent Lamb in the class.. And Swati.. second row, second from left and Allan.. top row, first from rite.. we'd be in the same bus.. Swati and I used to fite while Allan used to have a fun teasin us. !

Another one

and the Second standard pic.. this teacher was my fav teacher.. though i'm missing her name !
can recognise quite a few people from this class.. and i'm in touch with quite a few of them on orkut.. lets c.. most of them will be delighted to see this pic..

let me now enjoy the NoSTaLgia... !



Monday, December 3, 2007

Spanish LuV !!

interesting things happen to interesting people !!
And surprisingly, all these beautiful things happen to me.. actually wierd !

Lemme giv u a taste of it..

i really don knw how many women this dude has managed to get in touch with all this while, but for me, its been a nice nice experience..

its been around a month and a half.. since we got talkin.. and i'm still tryin to figure out 'why the hell does this man fake his profile' !!
It all started with Orkut.. some scraps were exchanged and then chats..

his Orkut and Facebook name reads as Kabir Fakes..

Calls himself a Facade !! weak inside.. Strong from the outside..
And chats with nothin less than 20 women at the same time..

the interestin part is that he actually doesn't talk to women in his real lyf..
its only thru his fake pro on these social networks he communicates with some 20 odd women..
and never had a girlfriend !!

and the idea behind fakin himself - "If I can make 25 people talking to me with a fake profile, imagine the magnitude if I were to use my original one"
i mean.. thats alrite.. but dude, wat if u meet the rite one thru your fake pro, u can't even try and get romantic with her.. !

and yeah, he is not good with flirting.. try it and u'l realise..

His own words ...
"I try hard to flirt...but at the end of the day I start either preaching or making sisters" !! :)
I cudnt help smiling at that one..

and we talk on a regular basis.. sharing ideas and philosophies.. talkin abt the daily nuances .. life in general.. his other 20 + babes.. and all this wit a fake person..

He is very intelligent..
working for EnY at the moment.. as an intern.. and movin out to become a CA..

wil take time before i understand the man behind this fake identity.. he doesn't reveal much about himself over such conversations..

for more.. check his Facebook Profile

this one was jus a lil intro to this Fake Kabir - the Spanish LuVer..
more to come up over the period..

Another small lil experience.. cherished, savoured and romancin..



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleepless-in-IIMA ??

ok, for all those of you who really really know the real PaGLi, also knw that me has had a nice experiences with this institute..

this one's abt this another wierd, funny, nice experience, the one i currently share wit this institute..

Met Rajarshee, who was in the second yr then, because of common interests in art.. thru orkut obviously..

Nov 12, 11:14 PM to be precise we started talkin abt "Interestin Blogs", wen this dude's blog - is mentioned..

and apparently, this blog was on my bookmark list even before Rajarshee mentioned about it.. i think i was followin this one since around 2 yrs or so..

and well.. more than the blog, Rajashree and myself are talkin abt Mr K.. the author of the blog..

m editin the chat and puttin it up here.. so jus read thru this very interestin thingy.. like i also say "Romance in ma Lyf" ;-)

11:14 PM Supernova :u like readin other intng blogs ??
me: yeah.. i do..

Supernova: read this .... max funny
me: do u use feeds..

(and some talks about RSS feeds and random banter.. before we get talkin abt "the" man !! )

11:25 PM BTW ... u know what the guy who wrote the sleepless stuff scraped u recently .... u deleted that

wat.. really..
who ?

Supernova: yeah .... i made royal fun of him on that !!!

me: i'm laughin too..

Supernova: a guy called karthik laxman

11:26 PM me: ok.. really..
f*** .. wat did he write..

Supernova: "hi" :)

me : IIMA passout.. and he writes a hi.. ??
i can't stop laughin..

Supernova : what to write .. hey sexy .. u know what m a IIMA grad

11:27 PM me: he hehe ..
nt like tat..
i mean.. a more decent thing..
hi.. is like so very not IIMA types ya
wat is his screen name ?

Supernova: ok ... then i shud be more careful next time :)
11:28 PM well will tell u the whole thing

me: karthik !!
i deleted it.. u sure..
tel me..
m still laughin..

11:29 PM
Supernova: this bugger is one of my close frnd ... he scraps me and one day saw ur scrap ... a typical guy .. went to ur album ... saw ur b/w pic of the choco thingy ..... got intd ... scraped u .. told me ... i checked next day and saw it deleted !!!
and then he was like ... "well i guess the girl saw my album :("

me: hehehheh ...

11:30 PM f***in awesome conversation..
m still laughin
(then some banter abt entrepreneurship, while i'm browsing thru "the" man's profile on Orkut.. aankhein chamki budday ki date dekh kar.. aur yeah chamka dimmaag..

aagey padho sir !!)

11:54 PM sexy wala idea aya..
11:55 PM karthik ka birthday aa raha hai na..
give me some nice idea

Supernova: LOL
err ..... this has to be sumthing smashing
11:56 PM wait have to think abt it
also he's in ahd :)

me: like wat.. sorry for deletin ur scrap or sthin.. and i'm coverin up for my mistake by featurin u on my blog..

Supernova: so u may also think of sumthing

me: ok..
like wat.. sorry for deletin ur scrap or sthin.. and i'm coverin up for my mistake by featurin u on my blog..
and then put the whole conversation on the blog

Supernova : well not bad idea

11:57 PM me: mean types..

Supernova: only that for 1 day i'll have to keep my gtalk and cell off to prevent his choicest of words for me

me: hehe

thats where the conversation doesn't end..
but m not puttin the rest of it..

So Mr. K's budday gift has been decided.. and delivered too, with the publish button and an e-mail to Sir..

F*** i'm growin meaner day by day.. (Baby, i'm gonna thank u for this :-P)

well, one more nice experience.. but hillarious.. actually, get to the root of the conversation, talk to me, and then we can laugh together :-D !! All over again..

only one place where i've found and continue to find life and experiences which last longer than anythin else in this world..
cherished it.. and still cherishin..

i can actually go on abt the whole IIMA and life thing.. ! but enuf to bore u guys.. may be a new post, sometime else..



Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dial kiye gaye number ki ......

i am gettin a free prepaid card from the Vodafone service provider this evening.. with some 100 bucks of recharge value and a yr long validity..

reason.. my old number ain't working cus the bum doesn't know what is the error in the application form and why is the company not accepting it..

thrice in a row.. and the duff didn't knw why there was a problem in processin the application..

[me: saab, aap itna bataoge ki galti kahaan hai, toh hum sudhar sakenge na !!]

and well.. this was happening since the last 3 days.. ! fake promisses of the phone startin by 12:00 PM, pissed me off.. and inspite of submittin the docs on time.. with the relevant details.. the thing doesn't get done !!

so it all happened last nite.. i called him up for the 10th time ... in like 7 hours.. or so..
asked him about the status..

the dude had stopped recievin my calls.. !

"ho jayega madam.. aaj raat 12 baje tak.. nahin hua toh kal aakar naya card le jaayega.. kal subah"

am like, hopin it doesn't start in the nite.. i get a new number.. :) a card for free.. and free talk time :)))

well.. it really didn't start...

and i call him up in the morning.. some promises undelivered.. others delivered..

i get a new number in the evenin today.. and will be passed on to you guys soon..
till then, bear with "dial kiye gaye number ki sevayein kuchh samay ke liye sthhagit ki gayi hai"


Dreamer... wake up !!

Feature this..

You are standing with that someone special.. a friend, may be your business partner..
or some family member..

the set... Calcutta.. a 5-Star hotel's conference hall..

the stage is set, with the biggies of the industry, lot of buzzing.. business talks..

last announcements.. who is goin to win that competition... !!

That Seed Fund .. !!

and create a furore in the industry with his/her business plan and company concept..

"and the winner is..... "

your palms are sweaty, you are shivering out of anxiety, tension is clearly seen on your face...
holdin hands.. closed eyes..

you've come so far.. and you jus can't lose this opportunity to make it big, to be famous..
to PROVE your worth to the people in this world..

aur fir, school ki woh saari baatein yaad aati hai..

That gal once told me I am an idiot.. this is the only time I can prove her that I am better than the rest..
toh kya hua agar sundar nahin hoon !!

main hi jeetonga/jeetungi...

"..... ... "

and they call out your name... :)

the camera focusses on you... live shoot.. live telecast on the web...


woah.. am i dreaming.. or something.. !

welll, yes.. till now you were... but you gotto make this the reality..
take that one step towards reality..

apply now...

all Business Concepts to be mailed to -

its all happening rite here !!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Duct Tape Marketing

Have been following John Jantsch's blog for quite sometime now.. it is called the Duct Tape Marketing..

amazingly well written posts.. and very very interesting..
You would want to come back and read up the latest on his blog..

The last post, was something about the Thanksgiving drive and Live Blogging.. where he shares this amazing amazing thought about how people show different emotions on different things.. He specifically talks about laughing and giggling..

Quoting from the post:
"I wonder how many people visit our web sites, read our sales copy and listen to our pitches and, effectively, laugh at different parts, and maybe not the parts we thought they would laugh or not at.

Test, test, test everything. It’s a amazing how different the same web page can appear to different people. Know what you want people to do when you make a point, create a web page, write a sales letter and then get some people together to see if they get it. You are probably too close to know what the funny parts are anymore."

and yes, i know how it is.. because I giggle at things, people don't find funny at all.. and well, its wierd to some extent.. but most of things I giggle at are actually funny :)

last notes, look thru his posts and lemme knw if it helps you too !



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Of Conversations and more !

Of late I have been catchin up with a lot of people from around the country on the messengers... so many wierd things and nice conversations, kinda LyF givin experiences....

have always been a 'chat' person.. nevah really liked the idea of talkin on the phone or talkin face-to-face with someone..

the followin posts are goin to be a collection of amazing (and mind u, amazing is too less a word to define them) conversations which happened over a period of a month or so..

the most recent one..

"I have to tell you that your good looks decieve the fact that you are so smart too"

well.. obviously a compliment.. and from a dude.. who is an AIESEC alumnus from like those days wen AIESEC Ah used to be based outta IIMA..

bein the mean'ie' that I am, my answer to his statement was

"F***, beauty can't come with smartness kya.. and anyways I aint beautiful"

A: "do I take it as a compliment or a comment ???"

S: "well it was supposed to be a compliment.. very frankly i would rather just keep you guessing..."

A: "hmm well.. i'm smart enuf .. so yeah.. i kinda already accepted it as a compliment"

hmmmm ! well..

Keep trackin the blog for more interestin conversations !!



Probiotic Yoghurt.... anyone ?

A big hoo - haa about the latest, so called Probiotic Yoghurt, in the market...

Ever wondered what that one little word "Probiotic" can do to the marketing campaign and what it actually means ??

Probiotic, is nothing but human-friendly bacteria, which these dairy companies promise to provide through their new and improved "Probiotic Yoghurt".

Millions of bacteria live in the human intestine. These are mostly benign and are supposed to aid in digestion and help in your overall health. These bacterial colonies get disturbed for all sorts of reasons. Antibiotics kill bacteria and they thus disturb the ecological balance in your intestine.

Probiotic supporters insist that it is necessary to restore that balance by taking probiotics. Different researchers have claimed that probiotics help not just in digestion, but in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and also in fighting throat infections. Probiotics are also supposed to improve your general immunity.

However all these claims need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Now, yoghurt prepared at home contains good bacteria, though ofcourse not been tested for which strains of bacteria are present and whether they help in digestion. Anecdotal evidence points to yoghurts generally being helpful for digestion and that has been attributed to the bacteria present in them.

But when companies started mass-producing yoghurt, which would adhere to a certain standard and also have a long shelf life, I suspect they pretty well killed off the bacteria that naturally thrive in the yoghurt. Thus the claim of probiotic yoghurts is, in all probability, just the companies having figured out how to create standardised yoghurt with long shelf life without killing off the bacteria. And now they are going to town about its health benefits…

I am willing to be corrected on this theory of mine but so far the companies have been reasonably sparse with information on their probiotic yoghurts. From the ads, I can’t even make out which bacterial species is supposed to be present in Nestle’s probiotic yoghurt.

Taking one of these probiotic yoghurts is unlikely to hurt you but it is unlikely to do you much good either… you would be better off making yoghurt at home and taking it…

And the Brand Amul, apparently has plans of launching one of these in Gujarat soon. The promos are on and mostly, everyone knows about it by now, all thanks to the intelligent use of the word "Probiotic". The deal here is, marketed as a healthy food, it doesn't really have anything special in it, and the name is giving it all the publicity it needs..

and and and.. the yoghurt is still not available on the shelves.. which makes the junta demand for it all the more.. word of mouth and lack of availability is all that is going to work in the marketin of this lil thing..

Moms are already waitin to get their hands on the product, while Amul is waitin for more publicity to happen due to the lack of availability of the product..

am I buying it..
Nopes, my kitchen produce is better than a factory produce.. and more hygienic !

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Screwin the CAT is my hobby !!

So much ga ga and goo goo happenin the coveted CATs, me decided to check out some groups on orkut and wat these CAT lovers generally on these groups..
and bumped into this one :

Screwing CAT is my hobby

151 members

simCAT,aimCAT,mockCAT,yeCAT,woCAT and above all we have THE CAT.
More ferocious than even the most ferocious LION, none, none, none of the adjectives can ever glorify the glory of CAT.

Taking CAT...

Aur kuchh bacha nahin thha, ek yeh group bhi lo..
Orkut Zindabaad !!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pictures to define my Personality

Facebook has this very interesting Personality Test..
It gives u a word and u gotto select the pic wich best describes the word for you..

its called Picture Personality..

and here's my Personality assessment as per Facebook..

most of it is unbelievably true...
and have re-discovered parts of my personality, after readin this assessed piece of 'art' :-)

romance me mor !!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

..: ScOrPiOns :..

the news is official..
the news is true.. !!

Winds of change
Still loving you

and some more hits... they rock the rock scene around the world..

Scorpions... are coming to India..

the dates :

Shillong - 12 Dec
Mumbai - 14 Dec
Bangalore - 16 Dec

I missed out on Roger Waters last year.. but i'm not missing out on Scorpions this time around...

their Wiki Link right here..

Anyone comin ??


Monday, November 5, 2007

Russell Peters

someone's got me addicted to this man...

the last video i watched, he goes like...

in about 300 yrs from now, there will be no white people, no black people...
we will all be beige !!

this world is mixing... nothing you can do about it.. eventually, the world will become a huge breed of chinese and indians.. its inevitable.. and you can't do much about it.. we are 2 largest populations in the world... so you can run from us now !!

lets started mixing people now and see wat we get...
hook up an Indian and a Jewish, and we cud have little Hindjus !!

get a guy from Holland and one from Philippines and we cud have lil Halopinos..
a guy from cuba and a lady from Iceland, and we'd have lil IceCubes..

Hillllaaaaariiiiousss. !!!

French and a greek ... guess dude... Freek !!

watch the video -


Saturday, October 27, 2007

phoneLess me

there used to be a time wen i used to be hooked on to the phone almost the entire day...
every 2 mins, i used to check it for messages or missed calls.. if nothin else, time !! and if nothin nothing else, change tunes, change my welcome message..

and by the way, my welcome message was "Obnoxiously Cute" !! This certain someone preferred callin me Obnoxious, and I kinda liked the name... And its stuck on wit me post the incident !!

save all those crazy messages exchanged with friends.. the then boy friend.. current love.. that one special love message, which u lyk want to keep it wit you for the rest of you life.. cus its so special !!
jhagda wala message ?? woh bhi thha...

those crazy nites, all those drunken talks n sleep talks.. jhagda.. careless whispers !! all those memories wit my lil butterfly (butterfly is my mobile phone)

and those imp contacts..

all this is lost now...

the b**** flicked the phone from my jeans pocket..

i was sleepy ya, so cudn't really make out someone was flickin the precious thing from my jeans pocket.. i still don't knw wen that happened..

i was goin to work in some local train from thane.. over crowded... one of those 'Virar Fast' kinda experiences.. sandwiched between fat women.. crazee.. luckily, i came out in one piece !!

the lady behin me kept pullin my hair cus they touched her nose and tickled her.. gave her a nice gyan.. !! hehe

the usual me, was givin gyan to the women around as to how to behave wen the train's overcrowded and there's no place to stand.. and not to shout and not to pull my hair :-P !!

anyways, so yeah, the butterfly is gone now.. i won't be gettin a new one before the 2nd of nov.. the number remains the same though !!

oh.. and i was lookin at a few more contributors for my other blogs.. leme know if anyone's interested.. !!


~Obnoxiously Cute~

Thursday, October 25, 2007

..: RaNdOm :..





and missing my mobile phone !!

yeah, some one's flicked my cell in the train. the number has been temporarily disconnected.. but will not be on the same number for atleast a month.. scrap me, leave a wall message or just login to gtalk and buzz me..

finally some rest comin my way..
amdavad callin.. 6 more days !!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

google your name with the name of the city to get some interesting results..

i just tried it right now, and found some interesting websites i'm part of...
these places were kinda forgotten.. for obvious reasons.. !!


Aditi Gupta's contribution to the world's largest collaborative ...

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U'd want to go and contribute to this website...

Love All


Monday, October 22, 2007

More Entertainment

well.. so yes, i've come up wit 2 more blogs..


Chal Chhammiya

two very interestin blogs..
hop on for somethin more than jus Romance of Ma Lyf !!


Friday, October 19, 2007

My Shweet Heart !!!

frogs used to be my area of interest wen i was a kid.. now i find them too dirrty to touch !
wudn't mind pickin a few small one and playin aroun wit them though


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second - Hand Books

the other day, not realy the other day... i think last sunday, i was at this trash seller..
browsing thru some books..

bought "Outlook 52 get-a-ways" !! a book which i wanted to buy since like ages..

too expensive for a poor soul like me, so it kept on gettin delayed...
and always forgot to look for this book at churchgate and other second hand book places..

and anyways these places are not all that cheap wen it comes to second-hand books anways..

so yeah, got some 350 INR ka book for 20 INR !! amazing deal...
never considered this book worth 350 INR... so, it had to be a second hand place..

ok, i'm tryin to make a point here... .

this dude, must have got it for like 50 paise or something.. at the max a ruppee... the churchgate man sells it for 50 - 80 bucks.. and i got it for 20 bucks..

OriGiNal ... fresh piece.. not torn or withered away !!

amazin !! how the price of a book falls even if its been read only once...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

| P | A | I | N |

u let your hand flow...
to measure the distance between u and him...

and.... ... the bone breaks..

he doesn't need me ???

the little, hurt.. little finger !!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Big Brands & Facebook: Demographics, Case Studies & Best Practices

for all you mkting geeks, some interesting stuff i came across while browsing the internet..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

..: FareWell :..

5th of October was the last day at Nielsen. Been a year + 4 months + 5 days at the same company.. amazing !!

for a fact that i managed to stick around wit the same company for so long...

anyways, funny day... felt so wierd, tat I cudn't even make out wat exactly i was feeling...
was a first farewell for me... had one at school after 12th, but not all that farewell kinds..

AIESEC, nevah had a farewell of sorts.. remember the last conf ka farewell though...

the conf was at Hyderabad in Nov.. like really chilly... u lyk had to wear 4 sets of clothes to feel warm and comfy.. anyways, last day, people in my dept (External Relations) were lyk completely drunk... we had this lil session of wat u think abt the conf and the dept and the future.. and some more jazz lyk tat... and few of the members sheddin tears..
for some, tears of joy... for me sadness.. was goin to be my last conf...

aur fir plenary main jaake jo dhamaka kiya ER ne, sab depts ki bolti bandh ho gayi thhi.. we were like 12 members, highly high, the loudest.. and active... still miss it.. !

anyways, lemme come back to the Nielsen farewell...
was greeted by a bouquet... and a sad face on the paper.. which I turned over and kept it in the corner.. eventually it was torn off as i hate seein sad faces around me..
gave everyone chocolates.. to cheer them up.. and some humor to make them laugh..

i guess everyone was feelin wierd.. didn't know, whether to be happy or sad.. to cry or to laugh..

towards 5 pm, had a lil cake cuttin session and huggin and farewell speaches..
followed the AIESEC culture of giving everyone a Sugar Cube.. basically a lil partin note from me to everyone...

thot of puttin up some of the farewell messages i recieved from my clients and team-members on the blog..
followin this post, i'd also put up my farewell message..

guys, remember, u'd alwayz hav a special place in my heart... for reasons, i'd prefer not mentionin them here.

Needhi - is my Team Member.. one of those MBA types :-D... really nice to be around with.. we used to have lunch together.. she'd get chicken for me, which i miss a lot these days...

this is wat she has to say :

Hey Miss DJ,
I didn't really like you in the beginning, cos like you said you were very strict. But as I got to know you, I realised what a sweetheart you actually are.
I really enjoyed being with your 'Pichhwada'.. lol !!
Anyway, hope you have a bright future and stay in touch ya.


P.S. Now I don't have company for Mama's :-(

ok.. she used to sit behind me, which is why this 'Pichhwada' tag.. ! the name Dj cus i was the only one around who dared to play music on loud speakers in the office, only to get a warnin from the Director.. 3 days of jazz, and then hell.. the IT dude was tracing my internet usage and stuff !!

Anyways, Neha Kokane, another colleague from the same dept :

Hi Aditi,

Jus wanna say 'All the Best'
It was a pleasure knowing you !
You were the first person who introduced me to RRC and from then.. the goa trip :-), my first normalisation sheet :-))... he he he... it has all been memorable.

Have an amazing future !!
Keep writing blogs so that we keep on reading your adventures.

Take Care

Loads of wishes...


And one from the Client..
Kerri takes care of ShopperTrends for the Europe region -

Hi Aditi,

I'm really sorry to hear you are leaving! You have been a great support to me on ShopperTrends which I really appreciate. I had a sneaking feeling that you may be venturing on when you declined the later half of my meeting invites but was hoping you were taking a long holiday instead ;-)

I wish you all the best at Apricot Media and I hope we keep in touch.


one of those people whom i'd want to meet, cus she's so sweet. Very easy to work with and very accomodating. And one of those clients i'm gonna miss working for...

Anyways, lyf's gotto move on.. I have moved on..

Lovely and a well spent day…

The best part of the day was the drive down to Manor…

More in the next post..

Till ‘en… enjoy every bit of the evening..

~ a ~

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hating myself !!

and i thot i loved myself... more than anyone else did...

anyways, this hatred has developed over a period of 2 hours... watever...

hate myself, for being so indifferent, for bein so un-caring...
hate myself for changing...

I'm not the same !!

thanks world, for changin me.. makin me a different person...

sorry... but... i really do HaTe the new Me...

- self hater


..: Sunscreen :..

one of those all time favs..
a fren was talkin abt it today on the gtalk, listened to the song after almost 2 yrs now..

read the lyrics again...

and here are snippets of the song... the whole of it makes sense...

but i'm puttin the lines which are more relevant to me..

enjoy.. !

Baz Luhrmann - Everyone's free (to wear Sunscreen)

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth.
Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they’ve faded.
But trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.

i'm goin thru this phase rite now.. was talkin to a fren about how i've lost my childhood, doin absolutely nothing, nothin to be proud of... the circumstances were wierd.. but, i'm livin my lyf now, since a year and a half to be precise... thanks Mumbai - for happening ! thank u God, for makin it happen !!

Don’t worry about the future.
Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum.
The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind, the kind that blindside you at 4 pm on some idle Tuesday.
Do one thing every day that scares you.

Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts.
Don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.

i wish, it cud be so easy.. loved, broke, loved again, broke.. status - love is not for the weak hearted.. i'm not gonna stop lovin people jus cus they are reckless.. instead teach them a lesson or two in the process !!

The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.
Remember compliments you receive. Forget the insults.
If you succeed in doing this, tell me how.
Keep your old love letters. Throw away your old bank statements.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life.

i feel, knwin things makes it all more complicated.. jus live in the moment and take it from there.. plans will crash and fail, jus let it be the way it is supposed to be.. instead of complicatin your own lyf by puttin rules and plans to the ever-so-enthused lyf !

Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either.

Enjoy your body.
Use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it or of what other people think of it.
It’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

i like this line.. 'the greatest instrument' !!

Dance - even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.

one thing which relaxes me, and the only thing which can cure me of all the pains ! dance.. and yes i do dance, but only wen i feel lyk..

Get to know your parents. You never know when they’ll be gone for good.
Be nice to your siblings. They’re your best link to your past and the people most likely to stick with you in the future.
Understand that friends come and go,
but with a precious few you should hold on.

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard.
Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.

Don’t expect anyone else to support you.
Maybe you have a trust fund. Maybe you’ll have a wealthy spouse. But you never know when either one might run out.

you now knw why i'm not dependent on u, why i keep refusin favours from u... i believe in living alone.. wen i need the support, i'l definitely come back to you..

Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.
Advice is a form of nostalgia. Dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts and recycling it for more than it’s worth.

“brother and sister together we’ll make it through,
someday a spirit will take you and guide you there
I know that you’re hurting but I’ve been waiting there for you
and I’ll be there just helping you out
whenever I can
everybody’s free
everybody’s free
to feel good”

and that is how the song ends...

so true, so inspiring, so refreshing (a few lines are), and so very bringing-back-to-reality kinds !

enjoy, while it lasts...


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

MiSSiNg LuV !!

Dard - E - Disco

for all of you who were online at 11:35 on Wednesday, the 3rd of October, you'd know tat this was my GTalk Status message...

i got a neat response to this one...

quoting Salonee, a good friend, crazee head, college mate, Spic-macay co-ordinator, tall, wannabe film-maker, to-be colleague-intern at and a lot more things... :-P

'disco ka dard...
yaani naachte koodte haath-pair mooh tut gaye honge toh us disco ka dard ab tak Dil mein hai'

copywriter dimaag mujhe bhi chahiye... can't stop laughin on this one..

tooo good..

for the moment, me is wantin to go for the Akon live Concert in Delhi... Any sponsors ??



Saturday, September 22, 2007

of Luv and Madness

got this SMS in the morning from my friend Santo..

somthin like defines me... somthing like i believe in...
a lil story.. about Luv and Madness !!

read on -

Once all the feelings decides to play hide and seek..
Madness started counting, all others were hiding..

Lie said he will hide in near the tree, but didn't hide there.
Luv hid in a rose bush.

Everyone was caught except Luv. But Envy told Madness where Luv was hiding.
So Madness jumped in the bush and dragged Luv out.

Cus of thorns in the bush, Luv lost both his eyes.

Hence, God cursed Madness and he was ordered to be with Luv forevah.

Since then, Luv is blind and Madness alwayz accompanies Luv !!

How True !!!

~ adi ~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

.. the WEEK that was ..

one hell of a week..

more than a gist of wat all happened... !

Monday.. monday mornin blues... nothin much happened that day..

Tuesday.. Thomas was comin back frm B'lore.. met him at around 12 in the nite at Bandra... grabbed a bite at Macs.. went train jumpin at 1:30 in the nite.. only to find that there's no train back to dadar from Andheri.. Koi na.. paise kharch karo.. taxi lo aur ghar jao.. slept at 3 AM.. ! nice start...

Wednesday... at ! ok, ma new firm.. joined them already as a freelancer.. so reached office at 8 ish or so.. brainstormin on the marketing plan.. Blog specifically.. goes on till 2.. sleep at 3...

Thursday.. another day at left at around 11ish.. ended up at Bandra with my cousin... went down to Poison.. bad music.. dirty crowd.. 6 of us... the drink was bad too.. i dont knw.. surpisingly, this place on wednesday nite rocks.. and thursday was aweful.. so yeah.. ended up at Mogul Sarai at Bandra Station - west.. this restaurant is open till like 6 in the morning.. were there till 4ish or so.. :-P.. another long day...

Friday... one of the better days.. Bandra ka plan.. and then move to Juhu to a club.. and i'm all decked up and stuck in Mahim... :-P.. cuzzin and some frens were waitin at JWM since 11:30 or so.. and i reach at 12:30.. anyways..
i actually don't like enigma.. but it turned out to be awefully great that nite.. DJ Akhtar on the sets... and awesome music.. didn't wanna go over-board with the drinks so had breezers.. and the whole thing got over at around 3am.. headed towards Mogul Sarai again... reshmi tikka kabab at 4am.. and some smoke.. and talks.. well spent day with nice people..

Saturday... headed to Mondy's first with my cuzzin and then Leo's with other friends.. at 11 in the nite... nothin much in the day happened... another breezer gulped down.. and some conversations with a drunk friend... slappin, pinchin.. at 3 in the nite.. and some rain walks.. headed to ma fren's place with ma cuzzin.. slept at 4... not bad..

Sunday.. headed to just around the corner for lunch.. nice plate of salad, dessert and some teasing.. was teasing my cuzzin cus she's decided to get married and stuff... anyways...

so that was the week..

this week is pretty much relaxed...

hopin for a wilder and more energizing days ahead..


Sunday, September 9, 2007

one of those things which i enjoy the most.... music...
especially wen i can relate the lyrics of the song to wat i've gone thru...

nothin much... one of my favourites - song and moments...

The Lighthouse Family - High
[gonna delete of parts of the song which are not really related to my feelings]
When you're close to tears remember
Some day it'll all be over
One day were gonna get so high
And though its darker than december
Whats ahead is a different colour
One day were gonna get so high
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the days
We were close to the edge
And well wonder how we made it through
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the way
We stayed so close to till the end
Well remember it was me and you

cause we are gonna be forever you and me
Youll always keep me flying high in the sky of love
Dont you think its time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day were gonna get so high
cause even the impossible is easy
When we got each other
One day were gonna get so high
cause we are gonna be forever you and me
You will always keep me flying high in the sky of love
can you relate a part of your life to this song as well ??

~a~ ['missin u']

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thinkin about....

was on my way to Andheri in a bus, today morning... and i see a woman... dressed in red....

:-).... and kingfisher comes to my mind...

the redness....


feature this....
a sexy lady... in a read skirt.. a red shirt... and a red blazer.... red as in the blood red color.. !
ok.. add to that, red lipstick, red eye-shadow, red nail-polish, red ear-rings, red air-bag...

Thank God the hair is not dyed red :-P... !
anyways, they are following a brand...

me is wondering wat is wrong with the normal people around...

now feature this... normal people in the bus... all colorful, pastel shades... soothes the eyes...

and suddenly this woman comes... red bandana, red shirt, red bag, red lip-stick, red eye shadow, red bangles... :-P

watever happens to people sometimes, jus like to over do things...

i'm no better... i over-react... :-P...

i guess thats ok... till the time it doesn't hurt your eyes !! :-P :P

another one on its way....
stick around...


Sunday, September 2, 2007

blogging spree

so, well, some days i jus don't feel like puttin up anything on the blog... and some days.. i end up puttin more than one post on the blog....

one of those days i suppose...

nothing much... jus a quote...

this one kinda makes me wonder if i'm harming myself by being obnoxiously fast and not lazy..

received this one from a stranger... tried callin up, but couldn't get through... anyways.. Lazy bums, u know now what to say wen people call you by that word !!

Henry Ford - "Progress isn't made by early risers or hard - workers, but by Lazy people, trying to find easier ways to do the same."


( p.s.: I'm gettin there :-D )

because i care...

Not that i've not thought about this before...
but the last time i pondered over it
was at the airport...

was at the airport to receive a friend and he
was wondering why would i do that..

three words.. 'Because i Care' !! makes a lot of sense..


Monday, March 12, 2007

Virar Fast

well, thats a fast train to Virar from I don't know where :-P.. But is quite famous for certain reasons which will be quite clear after you've read thru this post.

yeah, so one nice day I leave office at around 6 PM... had plans of goin down to Versova to this newly opened store - Tribal Route. Reached Dadar at around 6.30, you see office ain't all that far from home. walked down to the station and decided to take Virar fast from the station. Fast trains normally, normally is the word, take around 15 minutes to reach Andheri. So that would mean, I'd reach Versova by 7.30 or so.

so Ma'am has managed to get into the train and is nicely standing at the gate, cus the train is jam packed wit people. Bandra goes, and Aditi is almost on the doors, jus needs to put her legs down and she'l be off the train... sounds to easy and quite smart !! wait for the U-Turn guys :-P

Andheri comes, and Miss Smart ass is half way thru the gate and forgets that she has to get off the train. I nicely start lookin at this old lady who is hittin people wit her bag so that they allow her to get on the platform. by the time i realise i have to get off, i've already reached the middle of the compartment, with other ladies blurtin all sorts of gaalis and pushing and pulling by bag, shirt and everythin else they could catch hold off !!

10 minutes pass by... and I realise that i'm in middle of the compartment !! not only horizontally, but also vertically... ooooff! please help me. All i could do inside was breathe. Managed to put in my stuff together. and my senses together. Brain started working again.

decided to get off at Borivali. so started pushing people so that I cud reach the other gate and get off the freakin train. No one in the train was gettin off in Borivali, i was the only one. and i had no clue wat was goin to happen at Borivali.

Borivali comes, at the gate again, tryin to push thru... and then, a swarm of ladies push me again inside... oh my gawd... again in the middle of the compartment. with people shouting and pullin wateveah they could catch hold off..

haaah.. so i regain my consciousness, run my brains. managed to get into a group of ladies who were gettin down at Dahisar. Now Dahisar is like end of Mumbai and Andheri is like almost the centre. well, i reached somewhere atleast. Not in a good shape though :-P

i take another train to Andheri from Dahisar. sort out the things, bag, slippers, hair - all messed up... i looked like i've jus got off the bed.

well, so thats the end of the Virar Fast. had heard about it, but got to actually experience it. Guys, thats Mumbai Local for you. Not experienced it yet, try Virar Fast (at your own risk).