Sunday, December 16, 2007

I wish I had bet on this one !!

I don't knw.. may be I'm just obssessed..
there's this one tele-serial which I kinda got hooked on to.. Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa...

only cus I liked one couple in there.. has to be Prachi and Deepak..
Prachi ofcourse is a good dancer, but I liked this couple more so cus of Deepak..

an excellent dancer, knows his moves, knows all the dances on the planet and is charismatic...
he can drool a whole lot of babes, only with his smile.. :) .. u see the obssession !

I was more fond of him cus of his eastern looks..

why did I not bet on this Jodi !! I alwayz knew they'd win it..
they actually won the Best dancer Jodi for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa - II..

nice na !!

now I'm figurin out a way to get this dude's number, and learn some moves.. ;)

anyone who can help me wit this one ?? :D


(P.S. I wish Deepak tracks me thru some Google Alert like iThink did )


Princess said...

Hey, get in touch with Manoj Nayak of Ryze, who organises Salsa Nite every weekend in Mumbai and you will get Deepak's Contact. :)!

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Princess.. thanks a lot.. u are giving directions to my obssessions.. :)
lemme reach Mumbai and then will see how to get on with this one..

Thanks again !