Wednesday, January 30, 2008

50th Post !!

Well.. yeah this happens to be the 50th post on "Romancin ma LyF"

I'l take this opportunity to giv a lil 'thank u' speech .. :)

Am happy to have reached so far and thank all my readers for reading all the crap I kept on posting about my LyF on the blog.

As of now, the feed subscriptions to this blog stand at 15 readers in 3 months and approx 1000 visitors in year. Not that great statistics to boast off, but still.. :)

keep hoppin in for more on Ma LyF..



Traffic Signal

I have never been to a traffic signal with a guy before. You are the first one" ... :P

Well.. while puttin this up on the Pick – up line blog, I wasn’t really expecting this one to actually come to reality..

Yeah, I was at a signal wit a guy.. standing at the cross-roads, watchin the cars go by.. apparently, he likes watchin cars go by on the road… and this all at 11 in the nite..

and I suddenly get started with the pick-up line shit, and this one comes to my mind.

“I’ve never been to a traffic signal with a guy before. You are the first one” :)

Funy na..

Clarified it for him. Told him that I aint flirtin wit him, I am just quotin a line off my Blog..

Hmm.. some smiles exchanged, laughed a bit.. and then headed home after standing at the signal for an hour..

Wattay Date..

LyF rocks wen it is crazy LyK this !!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chaos 2008 - Nasha

Nasha.. "Chaar din ki Zindagi" is what the logo reads on the website..
Nasha is the word I'd associate with this institute.. for reasons, which you'd understand wen u visit this place for the Culfest of the year..

Chaos - the culfest at IIM Ahmedabad is the best thing ever happened to Amdabad.. Its like an oasis in the desert.. literally..

Chaos 2008 has apparently been postponed to the 1 - 2 - 3 of Feb.. cus of a sudden death in a Professor's family. It was out of love and respect for professor and I really respect the way these guys have acted and shown love towards their Teacher.

The spirit, the people, the place.. all remain the same.. now it depends on you, whether or not u attend this one and make the most of the oasis ! :)

I'm travellin back from Mumbai for this one..
Hope to see you guys soon..

Tab Tak..

(P.S. Did I mention, Chaos '08 happens on LKP this time around.. Come, enjoy the Nasha)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seva Cafe

Doesn't the name sound interesting ??
Seva.. like someone's doing some Seva fer you by serving food or something to eat.

Ten of us, ended up at Seva Cafe after a nice day of unconferencing (Read - Barcamping) at the CIIE building in IIMA, for dinner.

believe me, its been the best-est food I've ever had all my life. Well, not cus its cooked well or made in a clean and hygienic place.. but cus they make and serve it with so much love and care, that dude, u will eat more than what u actually eat.

we started out with a round of Sweet corn soup, followed by some 10 plates of Handva - a Gujju dish made outta some Flour and pan fried.. then came in 10 plates of daal baati (ummm, my ever so wish of havin one was fulfilled after almost 3 yrs !).. then some more handva... and lots of sev puri.. ending it with Gaajar ka Halva (my first of this season)..

oh.. and yes, lot of live music, singing and dancing too.. in the middle of all these sev puris and handvas...

now you might be thinking, this is a regular feature at any resto, wats so special about Seva Cafe that this Crazy woman is blogging about it and making us read something which has been in the market all this while. ..

magar.... abhi picture baaki hai mere dost :)

the amazing thing abt this place is that this resto is run by a group of volunteers who cut, wash, cook the vegetables, bake chapatis, make the halva, decorate the place, set the tables, sweep the floors, clean the utensils, serve you food and all this, with a smile on their face. and only 50 lucky people are served every day.

price.. nothing.. ! you can walk off the cafe after eatin a sumptious meal for free !!
or else, be kind enuf to put in an amount as a gift in the envelope they offer post the meal.

the volunteer cud be anyone.. people like me and you, children at the slums, a teacher in the school, a foreigner travellin down to the country for some cultural experience...

and by the way, I've just came back after volunteering for some 4 hrs at the seva cafe.. trust me, it was fun.. washin dishes, crackin jokes with Bhaskar - the co-ordinator, talkin abt entrepreneurship and technology with the other volunteers at the cafe and eating food post work at 10:00 PM with some loud music and ending it with a love talk with all the other volunteers and puttin in a feedback for the cafe to the Cafe in charge - Sandeep.

have nevah in my lyf been served food with so much warmth and happiness.. Nevah !
Yeah, got some pampering from Calorie Care (my Lunch Walas) while i was at Nielsen, but only for a month or so..

its been a unique experience.. eating as well as the Seva-giri part of it...

And I am looking forward to some more Volunteering at this cafe with a set of friends who'd like to cook and serve people.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My first week in Mumbai !!

" oh Mumbai, how do I describe you... :)
after 2 months you look even more beautiful..
and I don't regret coming back and Romancin u all over again.. "

Woah.. ! m so so so in love with this place... and I missed it a tad too much.. for 2 months...
but, like i mentioned in the previous post, I wasn't realy happy with the kind of transition I had back into this city.. here's a gist of wat i did in the first week..

I landed in mumbai on the
Monday, the 7th of Jan...
went off to the Neilsen office to collect my bonus cheque :-D !
(FYI, I am still surviving on Neilsen money.. :P) and met the colleagues there.. good fun.. Had my usual doze of Cheese Tomato sandwich.. and a round of Sev puri ! Wow..


Ramesh bhai, the sandwich guy still remembers me.. And in 2 months many things had changed.. The sandwich wala has a griller now.. so now I can eat Grilled Cheese Tomato Sandwiches for 15 bucks.. Awesome !!!

Tuesday, I headed to my new office (read - Apricot Media).. the lazy me, got up at 9, after discarding the alarm set for 8 am.. put kajaal after 2 months.. i lyk me with Kajaal, and so the mention.. reached work at 11:30 PM (it is the first day after 2 months. Watya expect ! 9 am office :P).

One more marketing plan !! no response on it till date though.. :P
did nothing.. nothin at all.. mailed all my friends that my number has changed.. :P and promoted my blog also.. wrote a new post.. yeah, so I did work.. worked on building my "Brand" :-D !!

Wednesday, thursday, friday.. weren't any better...

11:30 am became 12 .. and then 12.30 and on friday I reached work at 1 Pm.. :) .. so u see Tuesday, was still better.. headed back home as early as 5 and 6 pm.. :) ..

wat did i do.. i was building my "Brand" :-D !!

a normal conversation between Amit and I:
(Amit was workin for Apricot as a freelance PHP programmer)

Amit: Office par ho ??
Me : Haan !
Amit: Kya kar rahe ho ??
Me : kya karenge.. kaam toh hai nahin.. kuchh nahin... bas building my "Brand" !! :)
Amit: Building your brand ??
Me : haan re.. blogging and stuff.. social networks.. etc etc..
Amit: haan .. roz ke do post aate hai blog par.. :-D.... Lagey Raho..
Me : aur batao....

anywhich ways.. friday nite went off.. saturday came in.. and I wasn't in the mood to go to work.. so fooled around till 12:30.. called up work.. and no one was there, surprisingly.. called up boss and told him that i aint goin to work.. and he was fine with it :-D ! Tried readin Ayn Rand.. Duh.. and dozed off in the middle of the first page ...

did absolutely nothing.. chutti thhi.. and ever so lazy me, wasn't even willin to travel down to Colaba jus for the heck of it.. :P
nothing... started an embroidery project.. designer giri on my own clothes is wat i normally end up doin on such "free" days..

Sunday went off as planned.. headed towards IITB to catch up with a few people and socialise.. I also finished off with the Enbroidery project.. its come out neat.. will click snaps and put it up soon..

and thats is what my first week in Mumbai looked lyk... Awesomely Boring and Useles...
mostly, this week looks the same.. no expections, wat so ever.. lets c..

I am headin to Amdabad on the 18th, for the Barcamp.. Have lots of expectations from this event.. Lets see.. Hoping for a good start for my lil child !



(P.S. Yes I have a baby Daughter.... :) .. Waiting for her to grow a lil old and will then introduce her to the world. You gotto wait)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


one thing which has been good this year has been my shift to mumbai after a 2 month long vacation.. wasn't expectin this to happen so easily.. I wasn't expectin it to happen at all infact.. cus the situations back home were kinda risky..

but anyways.. Am Happy, and tat's wat matters.. :)

but it wasn't that great a transition.. i was shit scared, confused, sad, home - sick (yes home-sick and me !! ) and a lot of other emotions too...

I didn't know if I was really happy movin back to mumbai cus I was missing a lot of my smooth LyF back home..

after a lot of shouting, i used to pick my lazy bum from the chair and eat lunch / dinner.. and used to be the last one to wake up and have breakfast.. wat a LyF !! best was ghar ka khana, but was a lil spicey for me.. but still, better than my usual burgers and pizzas in mumbai.. home-made laddoos at arm's reach, sangam barfee at thumb's reach, gudd - ghee.. umm, and i still look like I have lost weight after eating so much back home..

pyar ke sessions to mom (yes, I gave her Pyaar Bhara session, never recd one till date though), when she got upset over her health, convenor-giri, nani se jhadga, bhai ko daatna, aunty - uncle se pangey, scrabble with my chhottu cousins - the only games i ever won :P

so much I did in 2 months..

Leavin Ahmedabad, I was more worried about Mom, who'd take care of her like I did.. Dad is good at it too.. jus discovered..

LyF wasn't very smooth actually, it was just that I was worried about mom while traveling back to Mumbai.. and I'm done with it almost..

and I'm probably home-sick, cus I really didn't have anything exciting to look at wen I reached mumbai, no special surprises, no one special, no special work, no special event.. :)

the start in mumbai, has been pretty slow.. not really the kinda LyF is used to live before..
M waitin to get back to my hectic schedules...


P.S. Ending the post on such a random note, cus the state of my mind is that wierd...

Barcamp Ahmedabad - 19th Jan, 2008

just an introduction, more information on the Barcamp Blog and Wiki.