Wednesday, January 9, 2008


one thing which has been good this year has been my shift to mumbai after a 2 month long vacation.. wasn't expectin this to happen so easily.. I wasn't expectin it to happen at all infact.. cus the situations back home were kinda risky..

but anyways.. Am Happy, and tat's wat matters.. :)

but it wasn't that great a transition.. i was shit scared, confused, sad, home - sick (yes home-sick and me !! ) and a lot of other emotions too...

I didn't know if I was really happy movin back to mumbai cus I was missing a lot of my smooth LyF back home..

after a lot of shouting, i used to pick my lazy bum from the chair and eat lunch / dinner.. and used to be the last one to wake up and have breakfast.. wat a LyF !! best was ghar ka khana, but was a lil spicey for me.. but still, better than my usual burgers and pizzas in mumbai.. home-made laddoos at arm's reach, sangam barfee at thumb's reach, gudd - ghee.. umm, and i still look like I have lost weight after eating so much back home..

pyar ke sessions to mom (yes, I gave her Pyaar Bhara session, never recd one till date though), when she got upset over her health, convenor-giri, nani se jhadga, bhai ko daatna, aunty - uncle se pangey, scrabble with my chhottu cousins - the only games i ever won :P

so much I did in 2 months..

Leavin Ahmedabad, I was more worried about Mom, who'd take care of her like I did.. Dad is good at it too.. jus discovered..

LyF wasn't very smooth actually, it was just that I was worried about mom while traveling back to Mumbai.. and I'm done with it almost..

and I'm probably home-sick, cus I really didn't have anything exciting to look at wen I reached mumbai, no special surprises, no one special, no special work, no special event.. :)

the start in mumbai, has been pretty slow.. not really the kinda LyF is used to live before..
M waitin to get back to my hectic schedules...


P.S. Ending the post on such a random note, cus the state of my mind is that wierd...


vaibhav bhamoriya said...

somehow ahmedabad makes its presence felt.. that ways its still an amazing city

Rajen said...

Aditi, are you going to be at BarCamp Ahmedabad?

I was searching for your blog and got after some search. You should have your blog at Blogadda as well.

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Vaibhav - I'd still say, Mumbai Rocks :) !

Rajen - Nice to see you on my blog. And yes, I'd be at BarCamp Ahmedabad.
Hoping to see you there..

CresceNet said...

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~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Thanks Crescenet, for droping by.