Tuesday, February 26, 2008


f all the A's in this world i know, these guys are the latest addition to the list.

One A in the title belongs to me.. the others are as follows:



Aashish (the Double A belongs to this dude)

We are a bunch of people, really enthu about Unconferences (read Barcamp).
Met Akash at Barcamp Ahmedabad, Aditya at Barcamp Techfest and subsequent other events in IITB and havnt met Aashish yet, cus BarCamp B'lore keeps gettin postponed :-D

anyways, so one fine day, the prankster in me wakes up.. decides to play a prank on all of them....

started out by putting in a status message - OTSDDP...

which means "On The Spot Dhan Dhanadhan Popat", in short.. heard this last nite and laughed for almost an hour after the conversation....

for the uninitiated, it means giving undeniable proof that the person in question is a genuine in-duh-vidual and may, if s/he tries hard enough, reach the Darwin award nomination levels.

Anyways, going further, Aditya asks me what does this mean...
Prankster on the prowl, how can i let go off this question so easily... here's the conversation :

Aditi: ummm.. Ask Aashish. He'll know..
Aditya: Aashish... is not on my list...
Aditi: here is his id - aashish....@gmai.....
Aditya: ok cool...

in the meantime, I try and convince Aashish to direct him to me again for the meaning of that abbre.

Aashish: nahin yaar, woh bechara kaam kar raha hoga
Aditi: nahin re, he is chattin with me... please, be my prank buddy today, and direct him to me...
Aashish: nahin, mat pareshan kar bechare ko...

for the sweetheart he is, he was refusing to play along...
anyways, after a few moments...

Aditya: Tell na.. Aashish is not telling me...
Aditi: ok ask Akash.
Aditya: Akash is not on my list either...
Aditi: here you go... akash... @gmai.....
Aditya: wait something is happening... He is adding me...

at the back, this is what was happening...

Aditi: Hey akash, aditya will get in touch with u to know the meaning of some word. Just direct him to me.
Akash: wat ???

(he was kinda busy.. and i had bothered him. didnt understand what i said, so explained him the whole thing again.)

Akash: u know the meaning of the word...
Aditi: for all u know, he wont ask u, cus you are not there on his list.
Akash: gimme his id.
Aditi: aditya....@gmail.....

So yes, akash added him to actually direct aditya back to me for the meaning of the abbre.
And Aditya is wondering why would Akash add him !


this goes on for sometime...
Akash gets irritated and gives him the meaning to the abbre. after doing a google search.

i get gaalis... :-P

And i am the only one laughing... :-D, cus they actually didn't know tat i was playin a prank till late.

anyways, didn't pull off as well as the previous ones.
hopefully, i will be able to pull out a better one sooner.

looks more like .. mera OTSDDP hogaya ... :-P

Keep Prank-ing.
Want company, get in touch with me :-D

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the blog also Feeds now !!

for the uninitiated, the blog has RSS feeds too..

Thot of puttin them up, nice and bold on the website..

so here you go..



LyF... Comin to a Halt !!

this post should have gone up long time back....
but since, things were still not in place, I thot of relaxin a bit on this news and not writing anything on the blog...

this would be the right time to talk about it.. though I am almost on the verge of backin out of it !!

U - turn in Lyf... things ending in Maximum City..
M movin off to Amdabad... for good or for bad, that tym will tell.. :P

the Incubation Centre at IIMA decided to hire me, so here I am, for all the affection and luv I hav for this insti, movin out of the the max city was a part of wat i can do to romance the campus again.. after some 18 months.. :)

happy.. or sad.. i still don no... i still don no, if i am actually goin to move in..
split minds... i wish i cud have a similar job profile with a similar kinda institution in the max city..
like they say, you can't get everythin you wish...

Shit scared of movin to amdabad and livin the family. missin out on the 'fun' with the awesome set of frens I had made in this city.. my cool gang from Pune.. hell... I don't want all this to end so easily.. and it had just started... why the hell is God playin games with moi lyf !!!

oh and wat about my other group of friends who are movin in this city this year.. m definitely goin to miss out being with you guys too...

the "Pagalpan" will end...

happy for a fact that it is one of the coolest institutes in the country... rocks ! the campus, canteen ki chicken maggie, rambhai ki kitli.. and on a more professional front, the interaction with the professors and of course the students...

well, lets see what does God have in store for me this time around..

Have decided to move with the flow... :) .. not gonna curse anyone for the decisions I make now.. Cus I am followin what the almighty asks me to do...

now u know, why no posts have gone up in the last 2 weeks..
wil make sure that i get on with the writing bit again... and atleast a post a day !!

keep logged in for more .. on my lyf..


- soon to be an Amdavadi..

(P.S.: Did I mention that all this love for IIMA has come back cus of this new song. Composed and sung by Gaurav, an IIMite, it is video-graphed on the IIMA Campus and it really made me nostalgic and wanting to go back to the city. 'for a change'. Check it out)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Man of my dreamz.. ???

:P .. for those who knw me well, also knw tat I hav no plans of gettin married watsoever...
Nonetheless.. this question came up from a fren a couple of days back..

Thot of puttin it up on the blog for everyone to read.. Cus its actually interesting..
Ma Man - will be this one.. If I ever decide on gettin married.. it has to be this one..

desription to Ma Man..

  • Cute - this one is really imp.. guys mostly get rejected by me cus they aint cute enuf.
  • Romantic !! one of the Romeo's ....
  • Chocolate and Ice-cream luver..
  • Adventurous
  • Smart... dumb at the same time
  • Intelligent
  • A good kisser !! :P
  • Humorous
  • Traveller
  • Freak ... Crazy .. Mad !
  • Creative.. artsy.....
  • Music Luver
  • Volley Ball, Scrabble, Badminton, Pillow fight luver !
  • Some one who can pamper me lyk a kid ..
  • Some one who needs to be pampered lyk a kid...
  • Some one who doesn't Lie .. I hate Liars..
  • Water luver...
  • Someone's who is not lazy.. alwayz on the run...
  • Passionate about LyF and me
  • Nite luver..
Most importantly, has to be a North Eastern, Afghani, English or a French Man.. or atleast, match them on their characteristics.. others invited too.. but, please check if u clear the other points on the list.. :P

Oh.. here are a few more points with regards to the physical attributes..
  • 5'5'' - 5'7'' height
  • 50 - 70 Kgs weight
  • Athletic Build
  • Curly hair
  • Blue / Hazel Eyes
  • Fair / Wheatish Complexion

phew... thats some list..
I guess.. shud help the guys reading my post decide whether or not they 'fit the bill' :)


here's to me and ma Man.. If i do end up havin one.. :P