Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feeds Directed to....

Most of my readers have been complaining of the feed not working properly.
So meez deleted the previous one and re-configured my feeds to the following URL -

And its up and running...

The previous one has been discarded from today !!
The Icon on the top right corner also has the updated feed.

Guys please direct your readers to this feed link, and keep hooked on to Ma LyF... Ma StYLe !



Thursday, April 17, 2008


Before you start thinking that i have decided to get married, lemme clarify..

This post is gonna be more of my thoughts about marriage, than anything else.

Considering that I am of a "marriage-able" age and also pretty much popular cus of my latest stint, people are actually waiting for me to say a “yes” to marriage and there will be a hordes of men who wud want to

marry someone. Who cares who she is ! Atleast, this is what I'd LyK to believe.

Mum has already talked to me 2 times in the last one yr abt marriage. I think she has also visited an astrologer and found out that my LyF will be much better after marriage and that I will make a good Gharelu Aurat !!

Aunts, uncles, Grampas and Grammas are waiting to kill the Bakri by getting her married to someone they knw will be an "ideal" husband.

I think they already hav proposals in place, I just need to say "yes" !
this whole thing is so funny. Which is why it is up on my blog

So one fine day at the Delhi Airport, on our way to a cousin's marriage, all the aunts started coaxing me into sayin a "yes"...

Aunt 1 : Ab toh iski shaadi karwa deni chahiye. Ab toh yeh ghar par bhi aagayi. Ab isse nahin jaane denge !

I was LyK, woah, someone's so bothered abt my marriage. How caring and nice.

I simply replied, chhote bachhon ki shaadi nahin karwani chahiye buaji, Lawyer aapko pakad ke le jayega. :P

Aunt 2 : itni sundar sushil ho gayi ho, kisi ka ghar bana do.

Guys don't realise I am deceptive.

u know, cutest kittens hav the sharpest claws !
unfortunately I am one of them with the sharpest claws !

Or so I'd like to believe :D

nonetheless, i got so bored after the stupid discussion, that I stopped bothering about what they were trying to say and make me do during the entire marriage procession in Assam.
to while away our time, cousin and I kept oogling at the men on the airport wen they saw us we started laughin out loud !! i like the oriental looks ye... so cudn't resist the oogling.

After reaching Amdabad I got a nice lecture from mum..

"tell me if u want us to look for a man for u.
tell us if u have already found someone. Who is that guy u used to talk to.. wat is he doin now.. "

I was bombarded with questions and too many suggestions... and i kept ignoring her.
all the men she ever knew i knew were the useless ones.
She doesn't still knw whom I was datin etc etc. why does she need to knw anyways..

i ended the conversation by sayin.. mum, dont be so bothered. take care of urself and your another kid. I am fine the way I am and enjoyin my LyF. If I find a Man worth marryin ever in my LyF, I will get married. I might be 30 - 40 or whatever age, if i feel LyK then, I am sure I'l get married.

But I have "no", and lemme repeat, absolutely "no" intentions of gettin married what-so-ever.

oooof.... and yes, thats the truth and will be the truth.

my dream man is a lil too unbelievably exceptional :P. I doubt if i will find someone LyK him in this LyF atleast.

I did find one, but cudn't keep him for too long. feel sad for him now and for myself as well .. But thats past, now I don't want re-create the past again :)

I have had my share of men, and have had varied experiences, but never felt the need to get into a formal relationship called Marriage and spoil the entire fun of being with LuV.

the concept seems so out-dated to me. Still can't come to terms with the word. And I still wonder why people get married.

So thats my take on marriage !!
Adios till i decide on gettin married and write a post on those feelings too..



Saturday, April 12, 2008


was supposed to be the German Version of Aditi,
but actually meant "Small Axe" in Old English

Yeah, thats my Twitter Handle.
For all those of you who don't know Twitter, look up the relevant highlighted words in the post for the link to the site.

Twitter happened when a friend suggested me to Twitter instead of changing the Status Messages on MSN Messenger.

For a fact, I used to change the Status Messages every 2 mins. And my friends on the list used to actually come back to their PCs to read the status messages, it was fun.

And also comment on what they felt about the status messages and eventually it became mode to popularize Romancin Ma LyF.

This status message was a huge hit between my friends. And I enjoyed it to the core.

So yes, coming back to Twitter, I do the same here. Send an update almost every 2 mins. Rather the frequency is much more here. I can do it thru the Messenger window or the Website or thru ma Phone. And I am pretty much addikted !

Here are some relevant stats of aDeSe as of 7th April, 2008 thru Tweetstats

Twitter also has Tweet-ups - Twitter Meet Ups, which are even more fun, cus you then get to meet the person whom you are "following" and also your "follower".

The tweet-ups are not for discussing twitter but much more than that.

The last one I attended in Mumbai, turned out to be more fun than any other social gathering. Made quite a few friends and talked over things like Social Media Marketing, Blogging, clicked a few pics thru Brajeshwar's Nikon, drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of chocolate dessert :) and ofcourse met up with the folks from twitter - Ideasmithy, Preshit, Asfaq, Adityamishra, Shadeyrocker now Shadez, Gauravonomics, Kirti, Aalaap, ACMhatre, Hephail and few more.

Aalaap and Priya also trying to put together, a dictionary for the Twitterati.

Trying to set up things in our Gujjuland and make it more happening for folks like me who know wat happens in the Max City. Blogger Meets and Twitter Meets are going to a part of it.

And if you want updates on the things that I might start organising in Aapnu Amdavad, hop on to my LyF on Twitter too.

This cloud might also help you with the words I use most on Twitter.

And this Blog also has the Twitter Feeds on the Right Panel.

See you on Twitter then.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BarCampMumbai 3

BarCampMumbai - 3 came to an end...
Don't want to say much, just that yes it was good fun.

Except for the morning Chaos and people (read: PiScEaNaTeD) being allotted 2 different sessions in 2 different rooms at the same time, everything else was fine !

Purfektly dis-organised !!

Being a planner, you are anyways not supposed to attend sessions, but a few of them kept insisting on attending sessions while the event was goin for a toss. Being a planner, i had expectations. I don't know if other Planners expected something from it too.

Nonetheless, the first timers enjoyed it a lot and have sent in very good reviews of the event on their blogs. A Google search for barcamp mumbai 3 / bcm 3 should help you with quite a lot of stuff on this event.

BlogCamp rocked.. just that I couldn't sit through any of the sessions.
FireTalk was happening too...

Your's trully presented the iAccelerator program, the newest thing at the CIIE as part of the startup track.

Got good reviews for the project and quite enthu crowd.

Missed out on the and Startup Saturday launch. Fooled around with the flying saucer for some time and posed for the camera-man from Mint, who was obsessed with the stickers on my hand.

Was good fun being in Mumbai.... three weeks after farewell, too humid, so skipped lunch.

Saturday night was fun too... nice dinner followed by lots of talks.. and some banter with a friend over BCM3. Slept and woke up every two hours :P

I'm now looking forward to BCB - 6 !! and I'm looking forward to enjoy the rains in South India...

Hope to see the gang there too.. and meet a few more interesting people.

Cheers till the next post..