Saturday, April 12, 2008


was supposed to be the German Version of Aditi,
but actually meant "Small Axe" in Old English

Yeah, thats my Twitter Handle.
For all those of you who don't know Twitter, look up the relevant highlighted words in the post for the link to the site.

Twitter happened when a friend suggested me to Twitter instead of changing the Status Messages on MSN Messenger.

For a fact, I used to change the Status Messages every 2 mins. And my friends on the list used to actually come back to their PCs to read the status messages, it was fun.

And also comment on what they felt about the status messages and eventually it became mode to popularize Romancin Ma LyF.

This status message was a huge hit between my friends. And I enjoyed it to the core.

So yes, coming back to Twitter, I do the same here. Send an update almost every 2 mins. Rather the frequency is much more here. I can do it thru the Messenger window or the Website or thru ma Phone. And I am pretty much addikted !

Here are some relevant stats of aDeSe as of 7th April, 2008 thru Tweetstats

Twitter also has Tweet-ups - Twitter Meet Ups, which are even more fun, cus you then get to meet the person whom you are "following" and also your "follower".

The tweet-ups are not for discussing twitter but much more than that.

The last one I attended in Mumbai, turned out to be more fun than any other social gathering. Made quite a few friends and talked over things like Social Media Marketing, Blogging, clicked a few pics thru Brajeshwar's Nikon, drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of chocolate dessert :) and ofcourse met up with the folks from twitter - Ideasmithy, Preshit, Asfaq, Adityamishra, Shadeyrocker now Shadez, Gauravonomics, Kirti, Aalaap, ACMhatre, Hephail and few more.

Aalaap and Priya also trying to put together, a dictionary for the Twitterati.

Trying to set up things in our Gujjuland and make it more happening for folks like me who know wat happens in the Max City. Blogger Meets and Twitter Meets are going to a part of it.

And if you want updates on the things that I might start organising in Aapnu Amdavad, hop on to my LyF on Twitter too.

This cloud might also help you with the words I use most on Twitter.

And this Blog also has the Twitter Feeds on the Right Panel.

See you on Twitter then.



Osho said...

Hey quite a comprehensive post on Twitter, like the analysis, but i still have a problem, whom else do i follow :P

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

@osho: start following me may be. and then, may be, read through the updates of others on my account and decide on whom to follow. I can help you with a few names on twitter. Add me up first and we catch up on twitter next. Adios !

Mayank Dhingra said...

So do you still change you IM status messages that frequently ?

I too change them super duper frequently but I don't send out tweets that often

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