Monday, March 12, 2007

Virar Fast

well, thats a fast train to Virar from I don't know where :-P.. But is quite famous for certain reasons which will be quite clear after you've read thru this post.

yeah, so one nice day I leave office at around 6 PM... had plans of goin down to Versova to this newly opened store - Tribal Route. Reached Dadar at around 6.30, you see office ain't all that far from home. walked down to the station and decided to take Virar fast from the station. Fast trains normally, normally is the word, take around 15 minutes to reach Andheri. So that would mean, I'd reach Versova by 7.30 or so.

so Ma'am has managed to get into the train and is nicely standing at the gate, cus the train is jam packed wit people. Bandra goes, and Aditi is almost on the doors, jus needs to put her legs down and she'l be off the train... sounds to easy and quite smart !! wait for the U-Turn guys :-P

Andheri comes, and Miss Smart ass is half way thru the gate and forgets that she has to get off the train. I nicely start lookin at this old lady who is hittin people wit her bag so that they allow her to get on the platform. by the time i realise i have to get off, i've already reached the middle of the compartment, with other ladies blurtin all sorts of gaalis and pushing and pulling by bag, shirt and everythin else they could catch hold off !!

10 minutes pass by... and I realise that i'm in middle of the compartment !! not only horizontally, but also vertically... ooooff! please help me. All i could do inside was breathe. Managed to put in my stuff together. and my senses together. Brain started working again.

decided to get off at Borivali. so started pushing people so that I cud reach the other gate and get off the freakin train. No one in the train was gettin off in Borivali, i was the only one. and i had no clue wat was goin to happen at Borivali.

Borivali comes, at the gate again, tryin to push thru... and then, a swarm of ladies push me again inside... oh my gawd... again in the middle of the compartment. with people shouting and pullin wateveah they could catch hold off..

haaah.. so i regain my consciousness, run my brains. managed to get into a group of ladies who were gettin down at Dahisar. Now Dahisar is like end of Mumbai and Andheri is like almost the centre. well, i reached somewhere atleast. Not in a good shape though :-P

i take another train to Andheri from Dahisar. sort out the things, bag, slippers, hair - all messed up... i looked like i've jus got off the bed.

well, so thats the end of the Virar Fast. had heard about it, but got to actually experience it. Guys, thats Mumbai Local for you. Not experienced it yet, try Virar Fast (at your own risk).