Friday, July 3, 2009

Seven Random things about me......

And I have been Tagged.. By Nikhil.


A blog meme is a memesomething that requires active participation by the blogger and (rarely) traces back to an originating source. It is a question that a blogger answers to share some personal perspective or experience on random topics.

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7 random things……about me..............hmmm......

  1. I love talking, but only online or on the phone.. Offline I don't talk much...
  2. I am very conscious of the way I look while talking and laughing.. to the extent that you won't see me laughing too much, but just smiling :P
  3. I am waiting for the winters to hit in. Before this, I was waiting for the rains.. But since the rains seem distant in Ahmedabad, I am waiting for the winters to hit
  4. Dreams are equal to me.. I dream 24 by 7 and hallucinate most of the times while talking and I am hoping people didn't realise this till they read this post.
  5. I totally love my job ! and totally dislike myself for making the decision of moving to Ahmedabad after Mumbai.
  6. I can't eat a lot of food in one go, but over a period of time, I think I'd outscore anyone :)
  7. I am very vela today.. and hence this post !

    and bonus...

  8. Music, photography, traveling, twitter, work, ice-creams, chocolates, water, friends are the essentials of my life, I live on these :)