Sunday, November 23, 2008

TwiTrip Day II

After a really long night of drinking, talking, walking around, dancing a bit and all of those things, we woke up pretty hungover.

The idiot me, went off to sleep way before the other g
uys because I was kinda depressed and stuff, high - obviously and was missing my Granma..

Woke up at 6 to walk down to the beach. Salonee was still sleeping and feeling ill, so the four of us walked down to the beach..
Dhempe and I went into the sea to get wet and it was lot of fun. I love diving over the waves and flowing back to the shore. It had started raining and it was getting colder. The water was chilly and the wind was making it worse.

Punkpolkadots wanted to go back to the room, so s4ur4bh, Dhempe and me went walking down to the other side of the beach, over the rocks. The rocks were spikey and good enough for an accupressure treatment for the feet.
Walked back towards the sea and the shore to relieve our feet of all the torture and had some hot maggie and tea at the near by stalls.

The plan for the day was sorted out, we had decided on pushing off to Janjira fort and stay back at Murud for the night. We moved out of the Hotel at around 12 and tuk tuk it was again for till Janjira.. Another 300 bucks, but having one is almost like having your own four wheeler..
One of the very interesting things which happened before leaving was this entire story which I made up on spotting the thing in the pic below..
"I thought it was some sorta wi-fi router in the Hotel and we could probably have access to Wi-Fi even though we don't have any phone connection or GPRS for that matter."
And we decided to call it the Ganesh Wi-Fi ! The Spot of the trip was this new invention.. Dual purpose WiFi Router !

After a lot of soul searching, we finally found a tuk - tuk and in the mean time the duo - and Salonee. Dhempe clicked this image below.. The hotel was decent enough to spend a night.

Had a memorable drive down to Janjira... awesome scenic beauty and the rains had made it even more better, clearer, chilly and dampy.. I totally love that kinda climate.. Wetness, windy and the smell of the wet earth..reached janjira and the five of us were mersmerised with the beauty of this historic location. It was huge, and it is said that this fort was never conquered by anyone. We climbed up to the highest point in the fort and were screaming on top of our lungs :)

And yes, there was Phone Network on the highest point of the fort :)
spent the entire noon at Janjira.. and requested the tuk tuk to wait till we come back from the fort and he agreed :)

Half hour drive to Murud and we were back to the beach.. Oh-So-Beautiful !
We stayed back at a hotel which was on the beach.. all of us bunked into one room..
Drank till the wee hours of the morning and I again dozed off early cus i had drank too much probably.. and the others ended up enjoyin some Russel Peters on my hard drive.. I think they were just trying to make me jealous..
Day II at Murud went off well.. luckily, the bus to Alibaug went from right outside our resort at 6 am and it was so damn convenient. We got up, freshened up, picked our bags and walked outta the room, waiting for the bus to come..

I think all of us slept in the bus, and I don't think I remember how long it took us to reach Alibaug from Murud. Was a convenient ride back and we enjoyed the slight drizzle on the way.

At Alibaug, we had some break fast at a resto and found some hillarious stuff.. Heard of Excited Drinkss... errr.. uttejit pey.. yeah, we did get to see some there.. the list included tea, coffee and some more random stuff, outta which we ordered for some tea and coffee and lots of stuff to eat.

Decided to take a tuk tuk to Mandwa, the guys there were asking for too much moolah.. The bus to Mandwa went from the same place, so decided on waiting for some more time, patiently for it to come..

We had to literally stop the bus to Mandwa mid - way by blockin the road..

But over all it was lot of fun.. look forward to reading about our adventures on the Third Day of the Trip..

Coming up: TwiTrip - Day III

Saturday, November 15, 2008

TwiTrip - Day I

The process started a good 15 days before the trip actually began.. and everything was planned online on a site called twitter. after that minute details were decided over e-mails and this is how the first ever TwiTrip was planned and implemented.

The plan initially was to head to a karaoke bar in Mumbai and sing "That Thing You Do".. i really wanted to do it.. i still want to.. but it ended up becoming an extended vacation to the virgin beaches of Murud and Kashid.. We decided to just book tickets to and from Mumbai and nothing beyond that, unplanned trips are lot more fun than planned trips..

Salonee and Myself wanted to head to a beach place.. Goa was on our mind. But due to the lack of enough modes of travel to Goa from Ahmedabad we decided on Murud Kashid.. and I am happy we didn't go to Goa.. Dhempe was travelling all the way from Bangalore for this trip.

2nd October, Salonee and me parked our asses at Bandra Terminus quite early in the morning.. We took Lokshakti from Ahmedabad as the other trains were not available..

Bandra and then a local from there to Bombay Central, as the bus to Alibaug was from Bombay Central.. We met three other twitter pals there.. Dhempe, s4ur4bh and punkpolkadots joined us here...

Dhempe and s4ur4bh enquired at the State Bus stop, while the three girls chatted over some chai. We figured that the bus takes around 4 - 5 hours to reach Alibaug and then another hour to reach Kashid, which would basically mean losing one entire day...

We decided to take the ferry then and pushed off to Gateway of India. The ferry incidentally takes only 1.5 hr and in another hour we'd be at Kashid.. And nothing like an early morning ferry ride in the Arabian Sea with all the wind and all the nice bright sun..

Reached Mandwa and from there we had a connection bus to Alibaug. At Alibaug, we inquired about the bus to Kashid figured that the bus leaves at 1 in the afternoon. We decided on taking a tuk tuk instead. And it was totally worth the ride, for 300 bucks..

The village is more like Goa, the construction etc is very Portuguese. I am not sure why but. The houses are like duplexes and for one family. I am sure the land is pretty cheap there and hence people can afford living in such spatial duplexes and houses. Each of them had a garden and quite a lot of open space around. The roads were nice, there was no proper mobile network though..

We enjoyed the tuk tuk trip over all.. twitter junkies that we are, lack of twitter made us sad time and again.

Reached Kashid at around 2 pm or so.. We saved around 3 hours of time by not taking a bus from Mumbai to Alibaug.

Dhempe had already booked Picnic Park in Kashid which he'd found through some research on the internet.. I think had rated this resort pretty high and the ratings were true.
5 mins walk thru the jungle to the beach and awesome food and hospitality. The rooms were nice and the staff was good too.. Dogs included :D

We went to the beach for a long evening walk. Salonee and s4ur4bh went missing and the three of us kept waiting all thru evening for them..

The beach was awesome.. totally virgin, not many people around and lovely breeze, sunset, food and chai. Not to forget sutta.. :)

Started talking about LyF, families, work, boyfriends/girlfriends, ghosts, spirits, auras.. and lot more things till the sun sunk into the sea.

Decided to pick up cold-drinks and wafers for the night.. it was Gandhiji's budday.. and we had to celebrate and get drunk.. :)

Walked back to the hotel.. Nokia 1100 turned out be a very handy, the torch light I mean.. the roads were pitch dark with traffic moving from both ends and at high speeds..

What followed was opening of bottles and the rest is history....

Coming up: TwiTrip - Day II

the Girl Effect

Its called The Girl Effect.

Happened to look through a tweet from Abhilash and fell in awe with the concept.

the Basic Idea is to Educate a Girl child and be assured that the world will change and become a much better place.

and I truly believe in this simple concept. wondering Why there isn't enough being done on this issue yet.. the Issue of Educating the Girl Child !

Watch the Video... of The Girl Effect.. the Concept, the Revolution, the Change, the New World...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why your start up needs Brand Consulting

I sent this guest post on Startupcentral and thought it would be a good idea to cross post on this blog as well...

So here it is...

Happy reading.. Do give me your feedback on this..

- Aditi

Startup Brand Consulting
- Aditi Gupta

It is a little confusing and complex to explain the concept that I have in my mind. Hence, I will try and explain through examples and reasons that I chose to start a brand consultancy for startups. I am still working towards forming a company around it.

I started my career with an incubation centre in Ahmedabad - NirmaLabs - immediately after my graduation from St. Xaviers’ Ahmedabad in English Literature in 2006. There were many technology companies being incubated at the centre and it was a lot of fun understanding the processes and the way that an entrepreneur’s mind works. In a couple of weeks I realized that techies are not generally very good with brand related stuff.

Branding is an art and most people think they know it all. But once they start implementing their strategies they realize that they are going the wrong way and a year down the line they hire a ‘good’ brand consultancy to help them out. As a result, they end up spending a lot of money and also changing the entire branding of their product/company/service. This affects the company in two ways. One, the company faces re-branding issues. Two, it becomes too expensive to do the entire branding exercise all over again. I am not talking about brand equity and brand positioning and so on. Branding here refers to the initial level of brand building which involves marketing, public relations, corporate identity design and the works.

After working with NirmaLabs for a couple of months, I moved to Mumbai to work for AC Nielsen, where I realized that a typical corporate job was not for me. I needed to start something on my own which would fuel my passion for marketing, design, social entrepreneurship and the like. So in 2007, I moved to a startup production house in Mumbai — Apricot Media — as a marketing consultant which helped me pick up and at the same time try out things related to online marketing and the way startups actually function. It was a nice learning experience and helped me polish my skills for brand consulting.

At Apricot, where I was primarily responsible for marketing their online television called, we started out with figuring out the direction for this company and how much the entrepreneur was willing to spend. Since the target audience was a young crowd and was more involved in content creation over the Internet, we started positioning the company in cultural festivals and made it popular on blogs and other social media. We initiated Facebook Groups for viral videos, Bollywood and started populating them. Blogs and other social channels were targeted for publicity. Online press releases, hiring people for organic marketing and making the website SEO-friendly were some of the strategies used to market the website. However, did not sustain for long because the content was too heavy for available Internet bandwidth and Apricot had to scrap the project, which also left me jobless.

The job made me realize that while startups look for cheaper methods of marketing themselves but also expect higher returns on the effort and money spent. And this brand building business is very much inter-related to the other aspects of a startup, such as technology, back-end, human resources and finance. This makes my job as a brand consultant even more difficult. It is a process that will take some time to show results and we need startups to understand exactly this!

So that’s my story. Tried and tested a lot of things learnt from experience, talked to people and I am convinced that this concept can work, provided someone has the patience and energy to run with it. The discussion at BarCampMumbai 4 was more to understand how this eco-system can work in our country, considering that startups here are pretty choosy about the kind of associations they build and the way that they handle the finances of the company. One critical input from the discussion was that there is a need for such consultancy, which has a flexible financial model — a mix of equity and cash or payment for services in easy instalments — and is willing to contribute to a critical extent to make the startup market and build its brand in less time and build one that sustains for at least three years.

Finally, here are ‘Five Don’ts for Startups in Brand Building’

  1. Don’t try to get into branding yourself. At the least, consult friends who are in a similar business and work profile.
  2. Don’t hire designers and marketers in the initial years because it is going to be expensive.
  3. Don’t lose focus on what your startup is all about. Stability in focus in important.
  4. Don’t lose patience :-)
  5. Don’t believe that you don’t need us :-)

Author: Aditi Gupta is a startup brand consultant and currently works at the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship. She introduced her concept of startup brand consultancy at BarCamp Mumbai 4 held on October 4th and 5th. She plans to start her own company in a year.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Where is he ?

some 20 people were running in one direction...
with Bamboos, sticks and bats....

running so fast, no one could have probably caught up with their speed...

I was standing and watching the show... Wondering, why are so many people running, and in one direction...

Are there more people running behind them to kill them ?
Are they running behind a person?

Did that man kill someone.. did he rob.. was he involved in an illegal relationship.. ?

Did he sleep with the village head's daughter... ?

Did he commit something more disgraceful.. ?

Between all these thoughts... I had forgotten to look for the robber...

The horde of people would cross me anyways.. I was on their way to catch the robber..

If he is going to cross me, I can may be try and stop him, he will topple over if I put my leg in the middle of his sprint, the race which he is trying to win..

So I kept looking...
And looking.. for the robber..


20 people crossed me, with bamboos, sticks and rods and bats...
but where is the robber...

I tried to focus harder...

And... I saw him... I finally spotted him...
I saw him jump the fence and enter the bush...

Brown, with dark black eyes, very thin.. and sprinting like crazy, jumping over fence, and barking and saving himself from the mean creatures...

Yes, It was a DOG !!!

Ah, well.. ended up in a bush, far away from my sight, and the 20 people managed to catch him by forming a circle around him..

And I, was laughing for the rest of the day..
I hope I made you laugh too...

- Aditi

P.S. This actually happened with me, this is not a fictional post.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nu DeskTop WallPaper !

Ma Nu WallPaper.. Rocks.. Made this one last nite.. Totally luVin it..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iPhone in India ??

uummmm.. well, just got a mail from Vodafone, confirming the launch of iPhone in India on the 22nd of August. 

I had pre-booked the phone through their website, and hence this reminder.. 

Read the mail below, for more info on the much awaited iPhone in India.

Hello Aditi,

Thank you for registering for your Apple iPhone 3G™ with us.

We are delighted to announce that the iPhone 3G will be available in India from August 22, 2008 It will be available in 8GB & 16GB models, priced at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively.

Be the first to get the iPhone

We have received a large number of registrations. As there are limited stocks, make sure that you get yours first, by paying an advance of Rs 10,000 to confirm your booking.

Where can you make this advance payment?

The iPhone 3G will be available at select Vodafone Stores. All you need to do is drop in at any select Vodafone Store between August 20 and 21 and make the advance payment by cash or credit card. Don´t forget to show the iPhone booking SMS, which you would have received from us, when you visit the Vodafone Store to pay the advance. To find a Vodafone Store near you, click here

Get an appointment now. No queues for you.

Once you pay the advance, we will immediately give you an appointment date and time, starting August 22 when you can come and experience a full demonstration and collect your iPhone, all ready to use with your contacts and settings, by paying the balance amount.

Hurry! Limited stocks.

Remember, the sooner you confirm your booking, the earlier you´ll get your iPhone. We have limited stocks and it will be on first come, first serve basis.

Happy to help 

If you have any queries, log on to or call Vodafone Care on 111 (toll free) and we´ll be happy to help.

Hurry and be one of the first to make the iPhone 3G your own.


Laxmi Bhan
VP - Customer Service

A Lil bit of free promo from my end.. 
I have called off the purchase for now, cus the phone doesn't seem worth the price.. 

Nonetheless, congratulations to you to make the decision of makin the purchase. Do send in the reviews.. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not having "The Time Of My LyF"

There are times when things seem to be going right.. then there are times when things though seem to be going right, do not seem to be going in the right direction as per your needs.. 

LyF jus takes a swingy swangy on the road and goes hay wire.. 

I'm jus going thru one of those phases at this very right moment.. 

Have no clue what suddenly happened.. I suddenly felt a disconnect.. 

A disconnect from world, a disconnect from people, a disconnect from pleasures, a disconnect from myself.. disconnect from myself, cus i want to do so much, there is so much in my mind, but the hopeless things dont happen the way i want them to happen.. 

Once I pick up pace, everything comes crashin down.. Everything.. LyF is so freekin slow, that I can't believe this is my life.. This is the life that I never wanted to live.. This is the life I am unfortunately living.. 

Days go by, and i realise nothing worth while has happened, last 5 months have been a waste.. Nothing worth while has happened.. 

Have done too many things, but I am simply not pleased with myself.. I feel I could do more, but.... "every extra step I take, things fall off, fall off to the ground, and I have to start from scratch"

it is painful... 

Tried to connect with a few people, went on fine for a couple of weeks.. now everythin's disconnected.. I can't keep changing frens every two weeks.. For tat matter every year also.. It needs to be consistent.. one or none.. i'd prefer none, cus losing friends like this is painful.. 

Tried to plan out things in mumbai last weekend, plans didn't work out.. everything fell apart.. i had to stay back at home.. wasted 3 days of extended weekend.. 

Tried to move out of my parent's house, but things are still not working out.. 

Tried to start something of my own, but things are way too slow.. another 2 weeks.. and in between I have loads to manage at the Job front.. 

One of the programs I manage is hung in the middle of nowhere, cus the admin is taking ages to decide on things.. in between, there are two more programs I need to manage.. 

M simply losing out on patience... God, get that fast paced life back to me.. I need it bad.. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

IIM Ahmedabad

What do you think ???

Yeah, the place I work currently, the place which has always inspired me, the place where I've spent the best times of my life, the place which even lured me to come back from Mumbai..

For the uniniated, the Incubation Centre I work for, is the Incubation Centre of IIMA. Its called the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship.. a.k.a. C.I.I.E.

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, from Nokia 3500c here

Enjoy.. book mark the link if you with to check up more pics from campus..


Romance in his LyF ??

I met my first .. first .. first ever Girlfriend.. can you believe that.. After TEN years..
Its such a nice feeling.. I can't even express..

She was my first ever thing, first ever girl friend I possessed.. It was the same for her.. and it went on for three.. three and a half years..

We were so close to each other..

At those college traditional evenings, we used to dress up in similar clothes and go to college. I used to call her one night before and tell her "Look, we are wearing Black T-shirt over Blue Jeans tomorrow to college" and everyone used to go ga - ga over our dress because we were not traditionally dressed..

Its so cute and nice to meet her after 10 years.. She is still the same.. She still gets the same dimples after so many years..

It still feels like those days.. Its so nice to meet her.. Its an exhilarating feeling.. I'm all so happy..

We are trying to show people that we were not together.. we are trying to do things differently at the re-union thing.. its so funny.. she'll sit on the couch and I go and sit on the bed.. but I can see that she's looking at me from the corner of her eye.. So am I !!

Its so nice to listen to such stories.. and your heart goes, "Wow, perfect. One of those uniquely nice love stories. Totally romantic."

And no this is not fiction, this hasn't been made up by me.. but these are the snippets from a conversation I just had with a friend over the phone..

He sounded "So Much in Love" and so very nice.. He sounded so different.. He sounded so like I would have sounded 5 years back.. I could feel the emotions on the Phone.. It would have been so much better if I were there listening to all of this.. :)

These are one of those things I miss in my life.. the first boyfriend.. the first serious relationship.. I am not sure if I've had one in such a young age.. The first serious relationship I had was when I'd started working.. in Mumbai.. which went on for a year ! and then Phoooot.. hehehehe ..

Well, yes, I guess, if I do get a chance to meet him, it will be the same sparks and smirks and blushes kinda feeling.. But I am again nt sure if I will sound so-much-in-love types..

I think it will be more so after meeting my first crush.. But, its almost like, I end up fighting with the guy and so we completely lose touch.. I am not in touch with any of my previous boy friends.. none of them.. for reasons, I better keep them to myself..

I am in touch with all my friends, however, and we keep cribbin about the kind of girls / guys we find.. not the kind we would have ever dated... Seriously..

None.. absolutely none of my close friends have come up and told me that they've found the best girl / guy for themselves.. Nor have I ever seen them with the purrfekt girl / guy..

Personally.. I'm such a freak, tomboy, crazy, wierdo that I doubt if God has sent that one purrfekt guy for me.. :) .. not that I mind.. but still speculating..

And if that one purrfekt guy is, by any chance, reading this blog, please do let me know that you have been sent by God for me.. :)

I am not sure.. what more to write about..

But I miss "those" days of my LyF.. realised its 5 years since school ! and yes, five years since I met my first crush. Hmmm..

And you there, stop missing out on such sweet, romantic things in life.. Go out and find that purfekt guy/girl for yourself and keep me posted :)



Monday, August 11, 2008

Google Doodle: Day 4 of Olympics

Aint this one cute..
a Fat Chinese man divin in to the swimmin pool...

I liked it...
and it goes up on my blog...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lift: Case I

so madam, along with three of her colleagues, steps in to the lift..
two stand in the two corners, madam is standing right opp to the switch panel and there are some 2 more unknown people in the lift.

the door is about to close, wen this guy who is suposed to get in, doesn't get in to the lift.. and we hav to struggle around and get the lift to stop so that he can enter.. But I think something was wrong with him, he didn't understand the works of a lift, maybe. So I almost shout on him askin him to get in..

He manages to walk in, hurting himself in the automatic doors of the lift.

While the lift gets going, I check the stops on my way to the 6th floor. The lift is supposed to stop on floor 4 as well, and I almost felt I knew who pressed the button..

Thin, lean and tiny, I'm barely visible in the crowd of 3 fat men and 2 tall ladies.
Makin the most of this situation, I kinda whisper - "Everyone will have to come out of the lift cus this guy in front of me has just pressed for number 4."

Floor Number 4, and that dumb fellow is out of the lift, expecting someone to get out... Well, there was no one who wanted to get out on #4 and it seemed like someone pressed the button by mistake.. I get the stares.. And I am almost trying to control my laughter..

The Dumb Guy again forgets that he has to get in before the lift door closes and we somehow manage to stop the doors for closing. I shout at him and ask him to walk inside the lift.

well.. floor 6 comes.. immediately after the door opens, I run out of the lift.. and start laughing, obnoxiously loud enough to shake the entire building.. err.. exxaggeration..

i run into the office, laughin like a Mad woman and two more follow..

The Story repeats and now.. 10 of us are jus sitting and laughing in the office..

My first Start-up Job and my last set of colleagues in Mumbai..
Miss you Guys..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BarCampAhmedabad 2

After a very successful first BarCampAhmedabad on Jan 19 2008, its back again with a Bang.

What is BarCamp?
BarCamps are techie 'unconferences' where like/unlike minded people meet, share knowledge and ideas, develop new ventures, and get together and socialise. Read more on Wiki

What to expect at a BarCamp?
With the given inherent nature of camping, we are expecting like minded people across board to attend the event and talk upon various interesting aspects of the Industry, Eco-System, People and so on.

We have scheduled for 45 minute session, split up as 30 minute talk, followed by 15 minute Q&A. 

Where do I register for the event?
Event is FREE! Please register yourself to help us manage the event and avoid any inconvenience caused to anybody.

We need many volunteers to make this event successful. Please feel free to register as a volunteer, with what volunteering activities you can do (blog the event, take pictures, help @ registration desk, updating wiki live, setup of the event & so on..)

Rules of the Camp!

IIM, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

Date: 3rd August

Look forward to meeting all of you at @bca_2
I will also try and live blog on the event on Romancin Ma Lyf



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Its final... I'm going..

The fourth edition of Proto awaits..
I will try and live blog and tweet from the venue...

and as always, its an all expense paid trip... VoooHoo...
the schedule looks like this...

18th July, 2008
9:30 am - Delhi Airport
10:00 am - IITD
stick around for the event all thru the day...

6:00 pm - close...

trying to put up a twitter meet up on the 18th, with the junta who come to
Incase you are coming for Proto and are also on Twitter, please confirm your presence by sending in a Direct Msg to aDeSe

I don't want a Friday Night which ends up at like 10:00 PM.. ! and I am hoping it doesn't..

19th July, 2008
wake up late.. :) and then head for the Showcase at IITD.

3:30 pm - head to the railway station and take a train to Kanpur..

Yay... more than Proto, I think I am looking forward to trip to my Granny's home.. its been 3 years since i've been to Kanpur.. So much must have changed... Havn't met grampa since so long.. damn.. and its like raining bad there.. will be awesome fun.. I jus hope it doesn't stop raining the moment I reach there..

I was brought up here.. i was born here.. my home awaits..

22nd July, 2008
7:00 am - Car to Lucknow
9:00 am - flight to Mumbai... My monthly visit beckons.. !

Mumbai is gonna be much more personally professional this time.. meeting up with a couple of people to push up the concept of my Startup.. And also putting up a new Service.
Will launch it here, once everything is in place..

23rd July, 2008
7:00 am - train to Amdabad.. I am so not lookin forward to the 23rd ! yeah, even before the trip has started...

Abhi ke liye bas itna hi..
18th ko milte hai.. Seedhe Dilli se...

See ya..


Monday, July 14, 2008

I couldn't read cus.....

Click on the image, to see a larger image of the comic..
at your own risk....

Friday, July 11, 2008

English Lyrics: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)

so this was yet another flattering experience..

a colleague.. and now a friend - Ritesh, who was working with us at CIIE sent in the english translation of the song, which was apparently picked up from Vicky's post.

The English Lyrics for the song... for yours truly.. from Ritesh... Now for all my readers.. right here... :P

Sometimes in life, Aditi, someone seems like your own, just like that.
Sometimes Aditi, when they are separated, it seems like a dream.
In such a condition, how can anyone stop their tears from flowing?
And how can someone think everything’s gonna be okay?

Sometimes it seems there is no happiness nor fun left in life
Sometimes it seems every day is difficult, every moment is a punishment
In such a condition, how can someone smile, or be happy and laugh?
And how can they think everything’s gonna be okay?

Think about it dear, how much I love you.
If there are tears in your eyes, I cry too.
I sing, even though I donno how to sing.
Hey Aditi, it's true that sometimes there is darkness in the entire world
But it’s only after night that day comes.

Sometimes in life, Aditi, someone seems like your own, just like that.
Sometimes Aditi, when they are separated, it seems like a dream.
Hey Aditi, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh a little
Or at least just give a little, little, little, little smile.

If you are happy, it seems the world is filled with happiness
The sun emerges from the clouds and spreads life
Hey listen, what the intoxicating wind is telling you
That Aditi, those who are separated, one day do meet again
Aditi, whether you know it or not, flowers do bloom again

Sometimes in life, Aditi, someone seems like your own, just like that.
Sometimes Aditi, when they are separated, it seems like a dream.
( Hey Aditi, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh a little
Or at least just give a little, little, little, little smile. ) - 5

After reading these lines, I couldn't stop laughing through out the day... Hillarious hai...

Hope you enjoyed too..
more to come up on this song and ma LyF...


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi
Mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aditi woh bichad jaye to
Ek sapna lagta hai

For a change, after a while, even I've started liking this song..
I get to listen to it atleast 3 - 4 times a day...

The lyrics are very beautiful...

The line I lyk the most -

Hey Aditi hasde hasde hasde hasde hasde tu zara
Nahi to bas thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda muskura

And I wud want to believe in ...

Tu Kush Hai to lage ki jahan mein chai hai kushi
Suraj nikle badlon se aur baate zindagi
Sunto zara madhosh hawa tujhse kehne lagi

Ki Aditi woh jo bichadte hain ek na ek din phir mil jate hain
Aditi jane tu ya jaane na phool phir khil jate hain

.... but, it ain't the truth...

I blv in this one whole heartedly...

Hey Aditi mana kabhi, kabhi sare jahan mein andhera hota hai
Lekin raat ke baad hi to savera hota

Someone also dedicated the song at a live perfomance, which was pretty flattering.
A few sent dedications via the internet, via twitter...
A few sent lyrics for the song...

It was overwhelming...

And incidently Shadez was the first one to temme about it on twitter and that was 2 months back.. woah !! but me had completely forgotten abt the song after that conversation..

I did a lil research on the song following is the analysis:

Look up the song on Summize and it reveals sooooo many searches.
Lot of people are addikted to the song... me is not yet...
Most of them love the song.
The video on YouTube has 8.25 L views in just one month.. The video here.
More videos for the for the song on YouTube can be found here.

I've personally watched the video on YouTube and liked it..

in Short, I am kinda famous... :D

For the records, I havn't got a chance to watch the movie... m looking for some1 worth watchin it with :P

Not that I mind all this, but I think its a very good mkting strategy...
And I'm makin the most of it..

Hop on for more on this song.. on this blog..

And each recurrence of my name above in the lines has a different link to it. Some hide n seek for u to enjoy.. :)


Kabhi kabhi 'mera naam' zindagi
mein yuhin koi apna lagta hai :P

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Entrepreneurs Conference

I am not sure how to start this one... but I am again in one of those lost moods... lost emotions.. rather mixed up feelings... This one's again gonna be quite a dis-organised post... I like dis-organised thoughts... They are fun to comprehend...

So Rashmi comes up on the stage to talk about her book... Stay Hungry Stay Foolish... And, as always, i have goose bumps all over me.. a chill ran through my body...
The ever so emotional me, connects with the lil intro to the book...

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a book on 25 Entrepreneurs from IIM Ahmedabad. The book talks about the struggles they faced and the fame they achieved while struggling to be the best and do what they always wanted to do - Start out on their own.. took the road less travelled and became what the world would want to call them now "Successful Entrepreneurs".

Though I am not a PG from IIM Ahmedabad, I have, I think, lived on campus more than anyone else from the city. So it was a nostalgic day for me too... And if the IIMA guys considered my presence at the college as attendence, I don't think they would have problems giving me a degree... I had low attendence in my Grad school, because I used to be at IIMA for obvious reasons... Love..

One of the iA guy's asked a week back - "IIMA is your boyfriend na" .. i couldn't help smiling.. and nodding my head in agreement to the phrase... "Yes, and I came back for my boyfriend from the Max City :)"

Deep Kalra - MakeMyTrip, Sanjeev Bhikchandani - Naukri, Sandeep - SequoiaCap, Desai Sir - Mastek, Cyrus Driver - Calorie Care (Calorie Care was btw my pamper aunt in Mumbai. They were my source of lunch for a month in the Max City), Subhiksha, Baring Private Equity... and innumerable other brilliant ventures... Chlorophyll, IRIS, GiveIndia.... Name it and 'we' have it.. or should I say, IIMA's got them all under their banner..

I am not sure if i want to talk about all of the 29th.. but was a day, which definitely
motivated me to get back to Entrepreneurship... I had for some reason lost the spirit and had decided to stick around with a secure job for some more years.. but I think I will take the plunge, but a secured one..

The Incubation Centre is definitely giving me what I would need to start out.. a Network, a base, Knowledge, understanding of Entrepreneurship... and blah blah blah.. make me more comfortable with the concept. . but, I am not sure if I am still comfortable with the idea of starting out my empire...

Sequoia Cap MD - Sandeep says, "Human beings have a problem... we try to do things which can solve every problem we ever faced.. we want to make something which will solve all the problems in the domain.. but thats not the way forward.. Be a needle, which pinches at a single pain point and then spreads.. !!"

I am not sure if I have heard such amazing things before.. but I guess, it opened up my eyes too.. Why do a business which solves all the pain point.. start with one, excel and then see if the other things can be covered... My idea was a hammer on the wrong side of the pin.. i wanted to do everything with that little idea, and i was also sure it would be difficult to work it out.. and which is why I stopped working on it.. anyways... timely reviews helped.. and here I am planin out things for the future again...

Sanjeev Bhikchandani... you gotto talk to him to realise what good people are about... "Try and identify the vicious circle of your business... and then try to sustain it..." again, never heard of sentence, no one ever shared such stuff, such secrets... I am not sure if its a secret, but definitely something which he experienced, struggled around with and came out successfully from the pit... and he talked from his heart.. u could feel it...

there is one thing which I also realised.. only people with low temper make good entrepreneurs.. which means, I will have to make a 360 degree change in myself to become one.. difficult, i think so.. but anythin for passion ..

met a lot of my frens from the previous batches.. confluence 2005 team - Sameer.. Aurvind and Partha - 2006 batch, have now started out their own firm by the name of Mantis Tech.. Nikhil again a 2005 batch-ee started out Wellocity, a health clinic.. Vinita ofcourse, 2007 i think and Kaushik - 2008 started out Lootstreet. Gaurav Dagaonkar, 2006 batch, and a couple of other non - IIMA guys.. and yes, these are the guys i've always had fun talking too..

2 am talks under the lamp post about entrepreneurship, technology, business, economy and whole lotta topics... and 5 of us... not possible anywhere else and with anyone else.. but these guys, who have kinda inspired me from time and again to take up entrepreneurship on full time basis.. but the 'scared' me has been refusing it since some time now..

the highlight of the 2 - day event was obviously the 28th night... atleast for some.. well, if someone dedicated a song to you and sang it in front of some 250 odd people, what are you suppos'ta do.. "now a song dedicated to a girl who's been working hard to make this show happen.. aranged for our trip to Amdabad and made sure everythin went perfectly fine.. Aditi".. and I couldn't stop laughin after that.. i wanted to walk out.. but I thought it would look foolish and dumb.. so was there, laughing and giggling..
all I have been telling him after this is, "You've flattered me.. and now i am at a loss of words.."

Serenaded !! well, I am not sure if he meant it to be like that.. I am sure, it wasn't meant to be like that.. :P

We somehow connect well... have worked with him too, on his online PR strategy, for a very brief time, but it was fun..

overall, that was the 2-day event..
lot of other things.. but Romancin Ma LyF is not suppos'ta be a Newspaper.. Or may be a Newspaper which just talks about Ma LyF, and Ma Romance wit It..

Keep reading... and I'll keep Romancin Ma Lyf again...


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Insanely Cute !!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Calvin Turns Tiger

Now... Calvinised Pet, is something which I don't mind owning for the rest of ma LyF !
Too good to be true ???

May be ! :)

Friday, May 2, 2008


Cute na !!

I want a Hobbes too.. or may be a Calvin


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feeds Directed to....

Most of my readers have been complaining of the feed not working properly.
So meez deleted the previous one and re-configured my feeds to the following URL -

And its up and running...

The previous one has been discarded from today !!
The Icon on the top right corner also has the updated feed.

Guys please direct your readers to this feed link, and keep hooked on to Ma LyF... Ma StYLe !



Thursday, April 17, 2008


Before you start thinking that i have decided to get married, lemme clarify..

This post is gonna be more of my thoughts about marriage, than anything else.

Considering that I am of a "marriage-able" age and also pretty much popular cus of my latest stint, people are actually waiting for me to say a “yes” to marriage and there will be a hordes of men who wud want to

marry someone. Who cares who she is ! Atleast, this is what I'd LyK to believe.

Mum has already talked to me 2 times in the last one yr abt marriage. I think she has also visited an astrologer and found out that my LyF will be much better after marriage and that I will make a good Gharelu Aurat !!

Aunts, uncles, Grampas and Grammas are waiting to kill the Bakri by getting her married to someone they knw will be an "ideal" husband.

I think they already hav proposals in place, I just need to say "yes" !
this whole thing is so funny. Which is why it is up on my blog

So one fine day at the Delhi Airport, on our way to a cousin's marriage, all the aunts started coaxing me into sayin a "yes"...

Aunt 1 : Ab toh iski shaadi karwa deni chahiye. Ab toh yeh ghar par bhi aagayi. Ab isse nahin jaane denge !

I was LyK, woah, someone's so bothered abt my marriage. How caring and nice.

I simply replied, chhote bachhon ki shaadi nahin karwani chahiye buaji, Lawyer aapko pakad ke le jayega. :P

Aunt 2 : itni sundar sushil ho gayi ho, kisi ka ghar bana do.

Guys don't realise I am deceptive.

u know, cutest kittens hav the sharpest claws !
unfortunately I am one of them with the sharpest claws !

Or so I'd like to believe :D

nonetheless, i got so bored after the stupid discussion, that I stopped bothering about what they were trying to say and make me do during the entire marriage procession in Assam.
to while away our time, cousin and I kept oogling at the men on the airport wen they saw us we started laughin out loud !! i like the oriental looks ye... so cudn't resist the oogling.

After reaching Amdabad I got a nice lecture from mum..

"tell me if u want us to look for a man for u.
tell us if u have already found someone. Who is that guy u used to talk to.. wat is he doin now.. "

I was bombarded with questions and too many suggestions... and i kept ignoring her.
all the men she ever knew i knew were the useless ones.
She doesn't still knw whom I was datin etc etc. why does she need to knw anyways..

i ended the conversation by sayin.. mum, dont be so bothered. take care of urself and your another kid. I am fine the way I am and enjoyin my LyF. If I find a Man worth marryin ever in my LyF, I will get married. I might be 30 - 40 or whatever age, if i feel LyK then, I am sure I'l get married.

But I have "no", and lemme repeat, absolutely "no" intentions of gettin married what-so-ever.

oooof.... and yes, thats the truth and will be the truth.

my dream man is a lil too unbelievably exceptional :P. I doubt if i will find someone LyK him in this LyF atleast.

I did find one, but cudn't keep him for too long. feel sad for him now and for myself as well .. But thats past, now I don't want re-create the past again :)

I have had my share of men, and have had varied experiences, but never felt the need to get into a formal relationship called Marriage and spoil the entire fun of being with LuV.

the concept seems so out-dated to me. Still can't come to terms with the word. And I still wonder why people get married.

So thats my take on marriage !!
Adios till i decide on gettin married and write a post on those feelings too..



Saturday, April 12, 2008


was supposed to be the German Version of Aditi,
but actually meant "Small Axe" in Old English

Yeah, thats my Twitter Handle.
For all those of you who don't know Twitter, look up the relevant highlighted words in the post for the link to the site.

Twitter happened when a friend suggested me to Twitter instead of changing the Status Messages on MSN Messenger.

For a fact, I used to change the Status Messages every 2 mins. And my friends on the list used to actually come back to their PCs to read the status messages, it was fun.

And also comment on what they felt about the status messages and eventually it became mode to popularize Romancin Ma LyF.

This status message was a huge hit between my friends. And I enjoyed it to the core.

So yes, coming back to Twitter, I do the same here. Send an update almost every 2 mins. Rather the frequency is much more here. I can do it thru the Messenger window or the Website or thru ma Phone. And I am pretty much addikted !

Here are some relevant stats of aDeSe as of 7th April, 2008 thru Tweetstats

Twitter also has Tweet-ups - Twitter Meet Ups, which are even more fun, cus you then get to meet the person whom you are "following" and also your "follower".

The tweet-ups are not for discussing twitter but much more than that.

The last one I attended in Mumbai, turned out to be more fun than any other social gathering. Made quite a few friends and talked over things like Social Media Marketing, Blogging, clicked a few pics thru Brajeshwar's Nikon, drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of chocolate dessert :) and ofcourse met up with the folks from twitter - Ideasmithy, Preshit, Asfaq, Adityamishra, Shadeyrocker now Shadez, Gauravonomics, Kirti, Aalaap, ACMhatre, Hephail and few more.

Aalaap and Priya also trying to put together, a dictionary for the Twitterati.

Trying to set up things in our Gujjuland and make it more happening for folks like me who know wat happens in the Max City. Blogger Meets and Twitter Meets are going to a part of it.

And if you want updates on the things that I might start organising in Aapnu Amdavad, hop on to my LyF on Twitter too.

This cloud might also help you with the words I use most on Twitter.

And this Blog also has the Twitter Feeds on the Right Panel.

See you on Twitter then.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BarCampMumbai 3

BarCampMumbai - 3 came to an end...
Don't want to say much, just that yes it was good fun.

Except for the morning Chaos and people (read: PiScEaNaTeD) being allotted 2 different sessions in 2 different rooms at the same time, everything else was fine !

Purfektly dis-organised !!

Being a planner, you are anyways not supposed to attend sessions, but a few of them kept insisting on attending sessions while the event was goin for a toss. Being a planner, i had expectations. I don't know if other Planners expected something from it too.

Nonetheless, the first timers enjoyed it a lot and have sent in very good reviews of the event on their blogs. A Google search for barcamp mumbai 3 / bcm 3 should help you with quite a lot of stuff on this event.

BlogCamp rocked.. just that I couldn't sit through any of the sessions.
FireTalk was happening too...

Your's trully presented the iAccelerator program, the newest thing at the CIIE as part of the startup track.

Got good reviews for the project and quite enthu crowd.

Missed out on the and Startup Saturday launch. Fooled around with the flying saucer for some time and posed for the camera-man from Mint, who was obsessed with the stickers on my hand.

Was good fun being in Mumbai.... three weeks after farewell, too humid, so skipped lunch.

Saturday night was fun too... nice dinner followed by lots of talks.. and some banter with a friend over BCM3. Slept and woke up every two hours :P

I'm now looking forward to BCB - 6 !! and I'm looking forward to enjoy the rains in South India...

Hope to see the gang there too.. and meet a few more interesting people.

Cheers till the next post..


Friday, March 21, 2008

Did anyone say BarCampMumbai - 3 ?

The last one i attended was BarCamp Techfest.
the enthusiasm got running with BarCampAhmedabad..

And now, the ~PaGLi~ is obssessed with yet another thing in her life..

BarCamps !!! the un-conferences.

Everything started with the lil vacation in Ahmedabad and I ended up designing a poster for BCA, the first ever edition.

I got my first clients from this camp and also a met a lot of potential employees for my venture. I got a lot of PR and my network grew.

Met a few people for the first time. Though I had been chatting with them for over years, we never got a chance to catch up. And it was fun.

And how can I not mention.. my current job was also from this barcamp.
Meetings, poster designing, plannin for the event, meetin a lot people and the post un-conference dinner at Seva Cafe.

and even before I could realise, and get over with the experience, I was put up on the planners list for the next BCM. Yet another awesome experience, I am sad it ended cus I had to leave the city. But I am glad its happening and i got a reason to visit my LuV and see my LuV again.

and and and.. the secret is.. its all sponsored.... Shhhhh ! :)

What more could I ask for.

Trip to Mumbai, Sponsored and a BarCamp ! Wow.. actually it should be the other way round..

BarCamp... Mumbai ... all Sponsored.. ye ye

Anyways, coming back to the point... yes BarCampMumbai, the third edition is very much happening in Mumbai on the 29th of March at IIT B. You got a week to reach Mumbai and enjoy the Un-Conference and get addicted to something nicer than alcohol and smoke.. :)

There is a catch to all this nice thing.
No it is for free... but we aren't taking in more than 400 people.

So .. U need to Register quick and immediately.. The registrations have reached 270 odd. And I am sure you don't wanna be among the left out ones. So hurry up.

Another catch, people who are registering from this Blog post will be sincerely requested to sign up on a Session so that there is enough participation from the audience and we don't have people just comin in as an audience. :)

Links once again:
BarCampMumbai - Edition 3
BarCampMumbai - Registration page

And you can follow us on Twitter to get in regular updates.

Your's trully will be there for sure. Planner hoon aakhir. :)
We are also tryin to host people from different cities in Mumbai so that they don't feel lost. :P

See ya there...
till then, happy LyF .


a - 'too-excited' Aditi

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Double - U - Turn

"Painstakingly Complicated" is the word for my LyF !!

i just took a U-Turn !!

Came back to Amdabad..

from Mumbai.. of all the things, from Mumbai..

I still remember the day I moved to Mumbai.. 30th of May it was... and the moment I entered the city, Mumbai saw its first showers of the yr 2006.. :)
Nice na..
Tat was a 'nice' U - Turn.

Unfortunately, the city was dry wen i left it.. The poor thing must been bored of me.. 18 months u see..

If you think, this post is going to have something nice to it, please don't stick around... I havn't even organised my thoughts before writing this post.

anyways... so yes, the second U - Turn happened on the 12th of Feb, wen i got this offer from the IIMA.. to work with them as a full-time employee... jus signed the offer letter and got back home..

It should be fun.. it is the asia's number one insti after all.. :P ! but i dislike the city.. !

oh yeah, so in the train i had a fight with a ummmm (tryin to hide things) family.. kinduv lost my brains.. started shouting and all of it.. and then realised how brainless people cud be... :P !

two men and a woman can't take care of their luggage and have to trouble a poor kid like me..
the TT came in and both of us were smiling at these guys stupidity..

and yes, i won the battle... :P

and then i typed in this message on my phone...

"Bye Bye Mumbai for one last time. Feeling wierd, wierd for a fact tat the obsession has ended. Nah... Not really.. The obsession with Mumbai can nevah end. To do justice to my emotions, the obsession with IIMA continues"

he he he ... in a sleepy state of affairs, missing things and people, high on emotions and mood swings, Miss PaGLi writes such things...

CriBBr PagLi !!

And another message to a fren:

"I want to so f***in get off at dadar and meet u again. You've been a darling and one thing I'm gonna miss in Amdabad are friends like you. Thank you so much for being here with me tonite. Good bye and good luck wit everythin. I'm already waitin for the next trip to Mumbai"

I was in two minds till the last minute.. thanks to the folks in mumbai, who almost convinced me to stay on the train and not get off.. If I'd been alone there, for sure, this post wud have been something else.. this day would have been somethin else.. !

Mumbai will keep happenin.. will try and put up the updates of travels to the city so that people can track me. :)

and as for the news.. I have signed the Offer letter and my new job starts from the 17th of March.. !

a lil excited... a lil sad.. for Madness and Amdabad are not supplementary.. or shud it be complementary.. yeah, Madness and Amdabad are not Complementary..

for the moment, its the north east calling... pics will go up soon..

till then enjoy.. I will try to..

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


f all the A's in this world i know, these guys are the latest addition to the list.

One A in the title belongs to me.. the others are as follows:



Aashish (the Double A belongs to this dude)

We are a bunch of people, really enthu about Unconferences (read Barcamp).
Met Akash at Barcamp Ahmedabad, Aditya at Barcamp Techfest and subsequent other events in IITB and havnt met Aashish yet, cus BarCamp B'lore keeps gettin postponed :-D

anyways, so one fine day, the prankster in me wakes up.. decides to play a prank on all of them....

started out by putting in a status message - OTSDDP...

which means "On The Spot Dhan Dhanadhan Popat", in short.. heard this last nite and laughed for almost an hour after the conversation....

for the uninitiated, it means giving undeniable proof that the person in question is a genuine in-duh-vidual and may, if s/he tries hard enough, reach the Darwin award nomination levels.

Anyways, going further, Aditya asks me what does this mean...
Prankster on the prowl, how can i let go off this question so easily... here's the conversation :

Aditi: ummm.. Ask Aashish. He'll know..
Aditya: Aashish... is not on my list...
Aditi: here is his id - aashish....@gmai.....
Aditya: ok cool...

in the meantime, I try and convince Aashish to direct him to me again for the meaning of that abbre.

Aashish: nahin yaar, woh bechara kaam kar raha hoga
Aditi: nahin re, he is chattin with me... please, be my prank buddy today, and direct him to me...
Aashish: nahin, mat pareshan kar bechare ko...

for the sweetheart he is, he was refusing to play along...
anyways, after a few moments...

Aditya: Tell na.. Aashish is not telling me...
Aditi: ok ask Akash.
Aditya: Akash is not on my list either...
Aditi: here you go... akash... @gmai.....
Aditya: wait something is happening... He is adding me...

at the back, this is what was happening...

Aditi: Hey akash, aditya will get in touch with u to know the meaning of some word. Just direct him to me.
Akash: wat ???

(he was kinda busy.. and i had bothered him. didnt understand what i said, so explained him the whole thing again.)

Akash: u know the meaning of the word...
Aditi: for all u know, he wont ask u, cus you are not there on his list.
Akash: gimme his id.
Aditi: aditya....@gmail.....

So yes, akash added him to actually direct aditya back to me for the meaning of the abbre.
And Aditya is wondering why would Akash add him !


this goes on for sometime...
Akash gets irritated and gives him the meaning to the abbre. after doing a google search.

i get gaalis... :-P

And i am the only one laughing... :-D, cus they actually didn't know tat i was playin a prank till late.

anyways, didn't pull off as well as the previous ones.
hopefully, i will be able to pull out a better one sooner.

looks more like .. mera OTSDDP hogaya ... :-P

Keep Prank-ing.
Want company, get in touch with me :-D

Saturday, February 23, 2008

the blog also Feeds now !!

for the uninitiated, the blog has RSS feeds too..

Thot of puttin them up, nice and bold on the website..

so here you go..



LyF... Comin to a Halt !!

this post should have gone up long time back....
but since, things were still not in place, I thot of relaxin a bit on this news and not writing anything on the blog...

this would be the right time to talk about it.. though I am almost on the verge of backin out of it !!

U - turn in Lyf... things ending in Maximum City..
M movin off to Amdabad... for good or for bad, that tym will tell.. :P

the Incubation Centre at IIMA decided to hire me, so here I am, for all the affection and luv I hav for this insti, movin out of the the max city was a part of wat i can do to romance the campus again.. after some 18 months.. :)

happy.. or sad.. i still don no... i still don no, if i am actually goin to move in..
split minds... i wish i cud have a similar job profile with a similar kinda institution in the max city..
like they say, you can't get everythin you wish...

Shit scared of movin to amdabad and livin the family. missin out on the 'fun' with the awesome set of frens I had made in this city.. my cool gang from Pune.. hell... I don't want all this to end so easily.. and it had just started... why the hell is God playin games with moi lyf !!!

oh and wat about my other group of friends who are movin in this city this year.. m definitely goin to miss out being with you guys too...

the "Pagalpan" will end...

happy for a fact that it is one of the coolest institutes in the country... rocks ! the campus, canteen ki chicken maggie, rambhai ki kitli.. and on a more professional front, the interaction with the professors and of course the students...

well, lets see what does God have in store for me this time around..

Have decided to move with the flow... :) .. not gonna curse anyone for the decisions I make now.. Cus I am followin what the almighty asks me to do...

now u know, why no posts have gone up in the last 2 weeks..
wil make sure that i get on with the writing bit again... and atleast a post a day !!

keep logged in for more .. on my lyf..


- soon to be an Amdavadi..

(P.S.: Did I mention that all this love for IIMA has come back cus of this new song. Composed and sung by Gaurav, an IIMite, it is video-graphed on the IIMA Campus and it really made me nostalgic and wanting to go back to the city. 'for a change'. Check it out)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Man of my dreamz.. ???

:P .. for those who knw me well, also knw tat I hav no plans of gettin married watsoever...
Nonetheless.. this question came up from a fren a couple of days back..

Thot of puttin it up on the blog for everyone to read.. Cus its actually interesting..
Ma Man - will be this one.. If I ever decide on gettin married.. it has to be this one..

desription to Ma Man..

  • Cute - this one is really imp.. guys mostly get rejected by me cus they aint cute enuf.
  • Romantic !! one of the Romeo's ....
  • Chocolate and Ice-cream luver..
  • Adventurous
  • Smart... dumb at the same time
  • Intelligent
  • A good kisser !! :P
  • Humorous
  • Traveller
  • Freak ... Crazy .. Mad !
  • Creative.. artsy.....
  • Music Luver
  • Volley Ball, Scrabble, Badminton, Pillow fight luver !
  • Some one who can pamper me lyk a kid ..
  • Some one who needs to be pampered lyk a kid...
  • Some one who doesn't Lie .. I hate Liars..
  • Water luver...
  • Someone's who is not lazy.. alwayz on the run...
  • Passionate about LyF and me
  • Nite luver..
Most importantly, has to be a North Eastern, Afghani, English or a French Man.. or atleast, match them on their characteristics.. others invited too.. but, please check if u clear the other points on the list.. :P

Oh.. here are a few more points with regards to the physical attributes..
  • 5'5'' - 5'7'' height
  • 50 - 70 Kgs weight
  • Athletic Build
  • Curly hair
  • Blue / Hazel Eyes
  • Fair / Wheatish Complexion

phew... thats some list..
I guess.. shud help the guys reading my post decide whether or not they 'fit the bill' :)


here's to me and ma Man.. If i do end up havin one.. :P


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

50th Post !!

Well.. yeah this happens to be the 50th post on "Romancin ma LyF"

I'l take this opportunity to giv a lil 'thank u' speech .. :)

Am happy to have reached so far and thank all my readers for reading all the crap I kept on posting about my LyF on the blog.

As of now, the feed subscriptions to this blog stand at 15 readers in 3 months and approx 1000 visitors in year. Not that great statistics to boast off, but still.. :)

keep hoppin in for more on Ma LyF..



Traffic Signal

I have never been to a traffic signal with a guy before. You are the first one" ... :P

Well.. while puttin this up on the Pick – up line blog, I wasn’t really expecting this one to actually come to reality..

Yeah, I was at a signal wit a guy.. standing at the cross-roads, watchin the cars go by.. apparently, he likes watchin cars go by on the road… and this all at 11 in the nite..

and I suddenly get started with the pick-up line shit, and this one comes to my mind.

“I’ve never been to a traffic signal with a guy before. You are the first one” :)

Funy na..

Clarified it for him. Told him that I aint flirtin wit him, I am just quotin a line off my Blog..

Hmm.. some smiles exchanged, laughed a bit.. and then headed home after standing at the signal for an hour..

Wattay Date..

LyF rocks wen it is crazy LyK this !!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chaos 2008 - Nasha

Nasha.. "Chaar din ki Zindagi" is what the logo reads on the website..
Nasha is the word I'd associate with this institute.. for reasons, which you'd understand wen u visit this place for the Culfest of the year..

Chaos - the culfest at IIM Ahmedabad is the best thing ever happened to Amdabad.. Its like an oasis in the desert.. literally..

Chaos 2008 has apparently been postponed to the 1 - 2 - 3 of Feb.. cus of a sudden death in a Professor's family. It was out of love and respect for professor and I really respect the way these guys have acted and shown love towards their Teacher.

The spirit, the people, the place.. all remain the same.. now it depends on you, whether or not u attend this one and make the most of the oasis ! :)

I'm travellin back from Mumbai for this one..
Hope to see you guys soon..

Tab Tak..

(P.S. Did I mention, Chaos '08 happens on LKP this time around.. Come, enjoy the Nasha)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seva Cafe

Doesn't the name sound interesting ??
Seva.. like someone's doing some Seva fer you by serving food or something to eat.

Ten of us, ended up at Seva Cafe after a nice day of unconferencing (Read - Barcamping) at the CIIE building in IIMA, for dinner.

believe me, its been the best-est food I've ever had all my life. Well, not cus its cooked well or made in a clean and hygienic place.. but cus they make and serve it with so much love and care, that dude, u will eat more than what u actually eat.

we started out with a round of Sweet corn soup, followed by some 10 plates of Handva - a Gujju dish made outta some Flour and pan fried.. then came in 10 plates of daal baati (ummm, my ever so wish of havin one was fulfilled after almost 3 yrs !).. then some more handva... and lots of sev puri.. ending it with Gaajar ka Halva (my first of this season)..

oh.. and yes, lot of live music, singing and dancing too.. in the middle of all these sev puris and handvas...

now you might be thinking, this is a regular feature at any resto, wats so special about Seva Cafe that this Crazy woman is blogging about it and making us read something which has been in the market all this while. ..

magar.... abhi picture baaki hai mere dost :)

the amazing thing abt this place is that this resto is run by a group of volunteers who cut, wash, cook the vegetables, bake chapatis, make the halva, decorate the place, set the tables, sweep the floors, clean the utensils, serve you food and all this, with a smile on their face. and only 50 lucky people are served every day.

price.. nothing.. ! you can walk off the cafe after eatin a sumptious meal for free !!
or else, be kind enuf to put in an amount as a gift in the envelope they offer post the meal.

the volunteer cud be anyone.. people like me and you, children at the slums, a teacher in the school, a foreigner travellin down to the country for some cultural experience...

and by the way, I've just came back after volunteering for some 4 hrs at the seva cafe.. trust me, it was fun.. washin dishes, crackin jokes with Bhaskar - the co-ordinator, talkin abt entrepreneurship and technology with the other volunteers at the cafe and eating food post work at 10:00 PM with some loud music and ending it with a love talk with all the other volunteers and puttin in a feedback for the cafe to the Cafe in charge - Sandeep.

have nevah in my lyf been served food with so much warmth and happiness.. Nevah !
Yeah, got some pampering from Calorie Care (my Lunch Walas) while i was at Nielsen, but only for a month or so..

its been a unique experience.. eating as well as the Seva-giri part of it...

And I am looking forward to some more Volunteering at this cafe with a set of friends who'd like to cook and serve people.