Sunday, November 23, 2008

TwiTrip Day II

After a really long night of drinking, talking, walking around, dancing a bit and all of those things, we woke up pretty hungover.

The idiot me, went off to sleep way before the other g
uys because I was kinda depressed and stuff, high - obviously and was missing my Granma..

Woke up at 6 to walk down to the beach. Salonee was still sleeping and feeling ill, so the four of us walked down to the beach..
Dhempe and I went into the sea to get wet and it was lot of fun. I love diving over the waves and flowing back to the shore. It had started raining and it was getting colder. The water was chilly and the wind was making it worse.

Punkpolkadots wanted to go back to the room, so s4ur4bh, Dhempe and me went walking down to the other side of the beach, over the rocks. The rocks were spikey and good enough for an accupressure treatment for the feet.
Walked back towards the sea and the shore to relieve our feet of all the torture and had some hot maggie and tea at the near by stalls.

The plan for the day was sorted out, we had decided on pushing off to Janjira fort and stay back at Murud for the night. We moved out of the Hotel at around 12 and tuk tuk it was again for till Janjira.. Another 300 bucks, but having one is almost like having your own four wheeler..
One of the very interesting things which happened before leaving was this entire story which I made up on spotting the thing in the pic below..
"I thought it was some sorta wi-fi router in the Hotel and we could probably have access to Wi-Fi even though we don't have any phone connection or GPRS for that matter."
And we decided to call it the Ganesh Wi-Fi ! The Spot of the trip was this new invention.. Dual purpose WiFi Router !

After a lot of soul searching, we finally found a tuk - tuk and in the mean time the duo - and Salonee. Dhempe clicked this image below.. The hotel was decent enough to spend a night.

Had a memorable drive down to Janjira... awesome scenic beauty and the rains had made it even more better, clearer, chilly and dampy.. I totally love that kinda climate.. Wetness, windy and the smell of the wet earth..reached janjira and the five of us were mersmerised with the beauty of this historic location. It was huge, and it is said that this fort was never conquered by anyone. We climbed up to the highest point in the fort and were screaming on top of our lungs :)

And yes, there was Phone Network on the highest point of the fort :)
spent the entire noon at Janjira.. and requested the tuk tuk to wait till we come back from the fort and he agreed :)

Half hour drive to Murud and we were back to the beach.. Oh-So-Beautiful !
We stayed back at a hotel which was on the beach.. all of us bunked into one room..
Drank till the wee hours of the morning and I again dozed off early cus i had drank too much probably.. and the others ended up enjoyin some Russel Peters on my hard drive.. I think they were just trying to make me jealous..
Day II at Murud went off well.. luckily, the bus to Alibaug went from right outside our resort at 6 am and it was so damn convenient. We got up, freshened up, picked our bags and walked outta the room, waiting for the bus to come..

I think all of us slept in the bus, and I don't think I remember how long it took us to reach Alibaug from Murud. Was a convenient ride back and we enjoyed the slight drizzle on the way.

At Alibaug, we had some break fast at a resto and found some hillarious stuff.. Heard of Excited Drinkss... errr.. uttejit pey.. yeah, we did get to see some there.. the list included tea, coffee and some more random stuff, outta which we ordered for some tea and coffee and lots of stuff to eat.

Decided to take a tuk tuk to Mandwa, the guys there were asking for too much moolah.. The bus to Mandwa went from the same place, so decided on waiting for some more time, patiently for it to come..

We had to literally stop the bus to Mandwa mid - way by blockin the road..

But over all it was lot of fun.. look forward to reading about our adventures on the Third Day of the Trip..

Coming up: TwiTrip - Day III

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