Monday, April 6, 2009

Aankh Micholi

Kid Play Two
Originally uploaded by ~aDeSe~

Kacy is a friend from the Washington University, pursuing her research in Ahmedabad presently. She lives in one of the Dormitory's of IIM Ahmedabad and thats how I ended up meeting her and we eventually have become very good friends.

Visited Kacy randomly after lunch on day and spotter her with a little girl, Raveena. They were both so cute, couldn't help but click pictures.

I call this one Aankh Micholi or the Play of the Eyes..

Raveena can't talk as yet, and she was trying to ask Kacy to draw on the piece of paper. Kacy is trying to read her, with a pretty stern face though :)

Both of them are pretty expressive and it is visible in this picture.

A Nokia 3500c product, played around with Dark Brush, exposure and colors. Added a bit of warmth by changing the hue to yellow.