Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleepless-in-IIMA ??

ok, for all those of you who really really know the real PaGLi, also knw that me has had a nice experiences with this institute..

this one's abt this another wierd, funny, nice experience, the one i currently share wit this institute..

Met Rajarshee, who was in the second yr then, because of common interests in art.. thru orkut obviously..

Nov 12, 11:14 PM to be precise we started talkin abt "Interestin Blogs", wen this dude's blog - is mentioned..

and apparently, this blog was on my bookmark list even before Rajarshee mentioned about it.. i think i was followin this one since around 2 yrs or so..

and well.. more than the blog, Rajashree and myself are talkin abt Mr K.. the author of the blog..

m editin the chat and puttin it up here.. so jus read thru this very interestin thingy.. like i also say "Romance in ma Lyf" ;-)

11:14 PM Supernova :u like readin other intng blogs ??
me: yeah.. i do..

Supernova: read this .... max funny
me: do u use feeds..

(and some talks about RSS feeds and random banter.. before we get talkin abt "the" man !! )

11:25 PM BTW ... u know what the guy who wrote the sleepless stuff scraped u recently .... u deleted that

wat.. really..
who ?

Supernova: yeah .... i made royal fun of him on that !!!

me: i'm laughin too..

Supernova: a guy called karthik laxman

11:26 PM me: ok.. really..
f*** .. wat did he write..

Supernova: "hi" :)

me : IIMA passout.. and he writes a hi.. ??
i can't stop laughin..

Supernova : what to write .. hey sexy .. u know what m a IIMA grad

11:27 PM me: he hehe ..
nt like tat..
i mean.. a more decent thing..
hi.. is like so very not IIMA types ya
wat is his screen name ?

Supernova: ok ... then i shud be more careful next time :)
11:28 PM well will tell u the whole thing

me: karthik !!
i deleted it.. u sure..
tel me..
m still laughin..

11:29 PM
Supernova: this bugger is one of my close frnd ... he scraps me and one day saw ur scrap ... a typical guy .. went to ur album ... saw ur b/w pic of the choco thingy ..... got intd ... scraped u .. told me ... i checked next day and saw it deleted !!!
and then he was like ... "well i guess the girl saw my album :("

me: hehehheh ...

11:30 PM f***in awesome conversation..
m still laughin
(then some banter abt entrepreneurship, while i'm browsing thru "the" man's profile on Orkut.. aankhein chamki budday ki date dekh kar.. aur yeah chamka dimmaag..

aagey padho sir !!)

11:54 PM sexy wala idea aya..
11:55 PM karthik ka birthday aa raha hai na..
give me some nice idea

Supernova: LOL
err ..... this has to be sumthing smashing
11:56 PM wait have to think abt it
also he's in ahd :)

me: like wat.. sorry for deletin ur scrap or sthin.. and i'm coverin up for my mistake by featurin u on my blog..

Supernova: so u may also think of sumthing

me: ok..
like wat.. sorry for deletin ur scrap or sthin.. and i'm coverin up for my mistake by featurin u on my blog..
and then put the whole conversation on the blog

Supernova : well not bad idea

11:57 PM me: mean types..

Supernova: only that for 1 day i'll have to keep my gtalk and cell off to prevent his choicest of words for me

me: hehe

thats where the conversation doesn't end..
but m not puttin the rest of it..

So Mr. K's budday gift has been decided.. and delivered too, with the publish button and an e-mail to Sir..

F*** i'm growin meaner day by day.. (Baby, i'm gonna thank u for this :-P)

well, one more nice experience.. but hillarious.. actually, get to the root of the conversation, talk to me, and then we can laugh together :-D !! All over again..

only one place where i've found and continue to find life and experiences which last longer than anythin else in this world..
cherished it.. and still cherishin..

i can actually go on abt the whole IIMA and life thing.. ! but enuf to bore u guys.. may be a new post, sometime else..



Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dial kiye gaye number ki ......

i am gettin a free prepaid card from the Vodafone service provider this evening.. with some 100 bucks of recharge value and a yr long validity..

reason.. my old number ain't working cus the bum doesn't know what is the error in the application form and why is the company not accepting it..

thrice in a row.. and the duff didn't knw why there was a problem in processin the application..

[me: saab, aap itna bataoge ki galti kahaan hai, toh hum sudhar sakenge na !!]

and well.. this was happening since the last 3 days.. ! fake promisses of the phone startin by 12:00 PM, pissed me off.. and inspite of submittin the docs on time.. with the relevant details.. the thing doesn't get done !!

so it all happened last nite.. i called him up for the 10th time ... in like 7 hours.. or so..
asked him about the status..

the dude had stopped recievin my calls.. !

"ho jayega madam.. aaj raat 12 baje tak.. nahin hua toh kal aakar naya card le jaayega.. kal subah"

am like, hopin it doesn't start in the nite.. i get a new number.. :) a card for free.. and free talk time :)))

well.. it really didn't start...

and i call him up in the morning.. some promises undelivered.. others delivered..

i get a new number in the evenin today.. and will be passed on to you guys soon..
till then, bear with "dial kiye gaye number ki sevayein kuchh samay ke liye sthhagit ki gayi hai"


Dreamer... wake up !!

Feature this..

You are standing with that someone special.. a friend, may be your business partner..
or some family member..

the set... Calcutta.. a 5-Star hotel's conference hall..

the stage is set, with the biggies of the industry, lot of buzzing.. business talks..

last announcements.. who is goin to win that competition... !!

That Seed Fund .. !!

and create a furore in the industry with his/her business plan and company concept..

"and the winner is..... "

your palms are sweaty, you are shivering out of anxiety, tension is clearly seen on your face...
holdin hands.. closed eyes..

you've come so far.. and you jus can't lose this opportunity to make it big, to be famous..
to PROVE your worth to the people in this world..

aur fir, school ki woh saari baatein yaad aati hai..

That gal once told me I am an idiot.. this is the only time I can prove her that I am better than the rest..
toh kya hua agar sundar nahin hoon !!

main hi jeetonga/jeetungi...

"..... ... "

and they call out your name... :)

the camera focusses on you... live shoot.. live telecast on the web...


woah.. am i dreaming.. or something.. !

welll, yes.. till now you were... but you gotto make this the reality..
take that one step towards reality..

apply now...

all Business Concepts to be mailed to -

its all happening rite here !!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Duct Tape Marketing

Have been following John Jantsch's blog for quite sometime now.. it is called the Duct Tape Marketing..

amazingly well written posts.. and very very interesting..
You would want to come back and read up the latest on his blog..

The last post, was something about the Thanksgiving drive and Live Blogging.. where he shares this amazing amazing thought about how people show different emotions on different things.. He specifically talks about laughing and giggling..

Quoting from the post:
"I wonder how many people visit our web sites, read our sales copy and listen to our pitches and, effectively, laugh at different parts, and maybe not the parts we thought they would laugh or not at.

Test, test, test everything. It’s a amazing how different the same web page can appear to different people. Know what you want people to do when you make a point, create a web page, write a sales letter and then get some people together to see if they get it. You are probably too close to know what the funny parts are anymore."

and yes, i know how it is.. because I giggle at things, people don't find funny at all.. and well, its wierd to some extent.. but most of things I giggle at are actually funny :)

last notes, look thru his posts and lemme knw if it helps you too !



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Of Conversations and more !

Of late I have been catchin up with a lot of people from around the country on the messengers... so many wierd things and nice conversations, kinda LyF givin experiences....

have always been a 'chat' person.. nevah really liked the idea of talkin on the phone or talkin face-to-face with someone..

the followin posts are goin to be a collection of amazing (and mind u, amazing is too less a word to define them) conversations which happened over a period of a month or so..

the most recent one..

"I have to tell you that your good looks decieve the fact that you are so smart too"

well.. obviously a compliment.. and from a dude.. who is an AIESEC alumnus from like those days wen AIESEC Ah used to be based outta IIMA..

bein the mean'ie' that I am, my answer to his statement was

"F***, beauty can't come with smartness kya.. and anyways I aint beautiful"

A: "do I take it as a compliment or a comment ???"

S: "well it was supposed to be a compliment.. very frankly i would rather just keep you guessing..."

A: "hmm well.. i'm smart enuf .. so yeah.. i kinda already accepted it as a compliment"

hmmmm ! well..

Keep trackin the blog for more interestin conversations !!



Probiotic Yoghurt.... anyone ?

A big hoo - haa about the latest, so called Probiotic Yoghurt, in the market...

Ever wondered what that one little word "Probiotic" can do to the marketing campaign and what it actually means ??

Probiotic, is nothing but human-friendly bacteria, which these dairy companies promise to provide through their new and improved "Probiotic Yoghurt".

Millions of bacteria live in the human intestine. These are mostly benign and are supposed to aid in digestion and help in your overall health. These bacterial colonies get disturbed for all sorts of reasons. Antibiotics kill bacteria and they thus disturb the ecological balance in your intestine.

Probiotic supporters insist that it is necessary to restore that balance by taking probiotics. Different researchers have claimed that probiotics help not just in digestion, but in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and also in fighting throat infections. Probiotics are also supposed to improve your general immunity.

However all these claims need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Now, yoghurt prepared at home contains good bacteria, though ofcourse not been tested for which strains of bacteria are present and whether they help in digestion. Anecdotal evidence points to yoghurts generally being helpful for digestion and that has been attributed to the bacteria present in them.

But when companies started mass-producing yoghurt, which would adhere to a certain standard and also have a long shelf life, I suspect they pretty well killed off the bacteria that naturally thrive in the yoghurt. Thus the claim of probiotic yoghurts is, in all probability, just the companies having figured out how to create standardised yoghurt with long shelf life without killing off the bacteria. And now they are going to town about its health benefits…

I am willing to be corrected on this theory of mine but so far the companies have been reasonably sparse with information on their probiotic yoghurts. From the ads, I can’t even make out which bacterial species is supposed to be present in Nestle’s probiotic yoghurt.

Taking one of these probiotic yoghurts is unlikely to hurt you but it is unlikely to do you much good either… you would be better off making yoghurt at home and taking it…

And the Brand Amul, apparently has plans of launching one of these in Gujarat soon. The promos are on and mostly, everyone knows about it by now, all thanks to the intelligent use of the word "Probiotic". The deal here is, marketed as a healthy food, it doesn't really have anything special in it, and the name is giving it all the publicity it needs..

and and and.. the yoghurt is still not available on the shelves.. which makes the junta demand for it all the more.. word of mouth and lack of availability is all that is going to work in the marketin of this lil thing..

Moms are already waitin to get their hands on the product, while Amul is waitin for more publicity to happen due to the lack of availability of the product..

am I buying it..
Nopes, my kitchen produce is better than a factory produce.. and more hygienic !

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Screwin the CAT is my hobby !!

So much ga ga and goo goo happenin the coveted CATs, me decided to check out some groups on orkut and wat these CAT lovers generally on these groups..
and bumped into this one :

Screwing CAT is my hobby

151 members

simCAT,aimCAT,mockCAT,yeCAT,woCAT and above all we have THE CAT.
More ferocious than even the most ferocious LION, none, none, none of the adjectives can ever glorify the glory of CAT.

Taking CAT...

Aur kuchh bacha nahin thha, ek yeh group bhi lo..
Orkut Zindabaad !!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pictures to define my Personality

Facebook has this very interesting Personality Test..
It gives u a word and u gotto select the pic wich best describes the word for you..

its called Picture Personality..

and here's my Personality assessment as per Facebook..

most of it is unbelievably true...
and have re-discovered parts of my personality, after readin this assessed piece of 'art' :-)

romance me mor !!


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

..: ScOrPiOns :..

the news is official..
the news is true.. !!

Winds of change
Still loving you

and some more hits... they rock the rock scene around the world..

Scorpions... are coming to India..

the dates :

Shillong - 12 Dec
Mumbai - 14 Dec
Bangalore - 16 Dec

I missed out on Roger Waters last year.. but i'm not missing out on Scorpions this time around...

their Wiki Link right here..

Anyone comin ??


Monday, November 5, 2007

Russell Peters

someone's got me addicted to this man...

the last video i watched, he goes like...

in about 300 yrs from now, there will be no white people, no black people...
we will all be beige !!

this world is mixing... nothing you can do about it.. eventually, the world will become a huge breed of chinese and indians.. its inevitable.. and you can't do much about it.. we are 2 largest populations in the world... so you can run from us now !!

lets started mixing people now and see wat we get...
hook up an Indian and a Jewish, and we cud have little Hindjus !!

get a guy from Holland and one from Philippines and we cud have lil Halopinos..
a guy from cuba and a lady from Iceland, and we'd have lil IceCubes..

Hillllaaaaariiiiousss. !!!

French and a greek ... guess dude... Freek !!

watch the video -