Friday, November 23, 2007

Duct Tape Marketing

Have been following John Jantsch's blog for quite sometime now.. it is called the Duct Tape Marketing..

amazingly well written posts.. and very very interesting..
You would want to come back and read up the latest on his blog..

The last post, was something about the Thanksgiving drive and Live Blogging.. where he shares this amazing amazing thought about how people show different emotions on different things.. He specifically talks about laughing and giggling..

Quoting from the post:
"I wonder how many people visit our web sites, read our sales copy and listen to our pitches and, effectively, laugh at different parts, and maybe not the parts we thought they would laugh or not at.

Test, test, test everything. It’s a amazing how different the same web page can appear to different people. Know what you want people to do when you make a point, create a web page, write a sales letter and then get some people together to see if they get it. You are probably too close to know what the funny parts are anymore."

and yes, i know how it is.. because I giggle at things, people don't find funny at all.. and well, its wierd to some extent.. but most of things I giggle at are actually funny :)

last notes, look thru his posts and lemme knw if it helps you too !



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