Monday, November 5, 2007

Russell Peters

someone's got me addicted to this man...

the last video i watched, he goes like...

in about 300 yrs from now, there will be no white people, no black people...
we will all be beige !!

this world is mixing... nothing you can do about it.. eventually, the world will become a huge breed of chinese and indians.. its inevitable.. and you can't do much about it.. we are 2 largest populations in the world... so you can run from us now !!

lets started mixing people now and see wat we get...
hook up an Indian and a Jewish, and we cud have little Hindjus !!

get a guy from Holland and one from Philippines and we cud have lil Halopinos..
a guy from cuba and a lady from Iceland, and we'd have lil IceCubes..

Hillllaaaaariiiiousss. !!!

French and a greek ... guess dude... Freek !!

watch the video -


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manojvasanth said...

watch this..Guy from Calcutta...too good