Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dreamer... wake up !!

Feature this..

You are standing with that someone special.. a friend, may be your business partner..
or some family member..

the set... Calcutta.. a 5-Star hotel's conference hall..

the stage is set, with the biggies of the industry, lot of buzzing.. business talks..

last announcements.. who is goin to win that competition... !!

That Seed Fund .. !!

and create a furore in the industry with his/her business plan and company concept..

"and the winner is..... "

your palms are sweaty, you are shivering out of anxiety, tension is clearly seen on your face...
holdin hands.. closed eyes..

you've come so far.. and you jus can't lose this opportunity to make it big, to be famous..
to PROVE your worth to the people in this world..

aur fir, school ki woh saari baatein yaad aati hai..

That gal once told me I am an idiot.. this is the only time I can prove her that I am better than the rest..
toh kya hua agar sundar nahin hoon !!

main hi jeetonga/jeetungi...

"..... ... "

and they call out your name... :)

the camera focusses on you... live shoot.. live telecast on the web...


woah.. am i dreaming.. or something.. !

welll, yes.. till now you were... but you gotto make this the reality..
take that one step towards reality..

apply now...

all Business Concepts to be mailed to -

its all happening rite here !!

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