Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sleepless-in-IIMA ??

ok, for all those of you who really really know the real PaGLi, also knw that me has had a nice experiences with this institute..

this one's abt this another wierd, funny, nice experience, the one i currently share wit this institute..

Met Rajarshee, who was in the second yr then, because of common interests in art.. thru orkut obviously..

Nov 12, 11:14 PM to be precise we started talkin abt "Interestin Blogs", wen this dude's blog - is mentioned..

and apparently, this blog was on my bookmark list even before Rajarshee mentioned about it.. i think i was followin this one since around 2 yrs or so..

and well.. more than the blog, Rajashree and myself are talkin abt Mr K.. the author of the blog..

m editin the chat and puttin it up here.. so jus read thru this very interestin thingy.. like i also say "Romance in ma Lyf" ;-)

11:14 PM Supernova :u like readin other intng blogs ??
me: yeah.. i do..

Supernova: read this .... max funny
me: do u use feeds..

(and some talks about RSS feeds and random banter.. before we get talkin abt "the" man !! )

11:25 PM BTW ... u know what the guy who wrote the sleepless stuff scraped u recently .... u deleted that

wat.. really..
who ?

Supernova: yeah .... i made royal fun of him on that !!!

me: i'm laughin too..

Supernova: a guy called karthik laxman

11:26 PM me: ok.. really..
f*** .. wat did he write..

Supernova: "hi" :)

me : IIMA passout.. and he writes a hi.. ??
i can't stop laughin..

Supernova : what to write .. hey sexy .. u know what m a IIMA grad

11:27 PM me: he hehe ..
nt like tat..
i mean.. a more decent thing..
hi.. is like so very not IIMA types ya
wat is his screen name ?

Supernova: ok ... then i shud be more careful next time :)
11:28 PM well will tell u the whole thing

me: karthik !!
i deleted it.. u sure..
tel me..
m still laughin..

11:29 PM
Supernova: this bugger is one of my close frnd ... he scraps me and one day saw ur scrap ... a typical guy .. went to ur album ... saw ur b/w pic of the choco thingy ..... got intd ... scraped u .. told me ... i checked next day and saw it deleted !!!
and then he was like ... "well i guess the girl saw my album :("

me: hehehheh ...

11:30 PM f***in awesome conversation..
m still laughin
(then some banter abt entrepreneurship, while i'm browsing thru "the" man's profile on Orkut.. aankhein chamki budday ki date dekh kar.. aur yeah chamka dimmaag..

aagey padho sir !!)

11:54 PM sexy wala idea aya..
11:55 PM karthik ka birthday aa raha hai na..
give me some nice idea

Supernova: LOL
err ..... this has to be sumthing smashing
11:56 PM wait have to think abt it
also he's in ahd :)

me: like wat.. sorry for deletin ur scrap or sthin.. and i'm coverin up for my mistake by featurin u on my blog..

Supernova: so u may also think of sumthing

me: ok..
like wat.. sorry for deletin ur scrap or sthin.. and i'm coverin up for my mistake by featurin u on my blog..
and then put the whole conversation on the blog

Supernova : well not bad idea

11:57 PM me: mean types..

Supernova: only that for 1 day i'll have to keep my gtalk and cell off to prevent his choicest of words for me

me: hehe

thats where the conversation doesn't end..
but m not puttin the rest of it..

So Mr. K's budday gift has been decided.. and delivered too, with the publish button and an e-mail to Sir..

F*** i'm growin meaner day by day.. (Baby, i'm gonna thank u for this :-P)

well, one more nice experience.. but hillarious.. actually, get to the root of the conversation, talk to me, and then we can laugh together :-D !! All over again..

only one place where i've found and continue to find life and experiences which last longer than anythin else in this world..
cherished it.. and still cherishin..

i can actually go on abt the whole IIMA and life thing.. ! but enuf to bore u guys.. may be a new post, sometime else..




Nidhi said...

Jhakaas prank tha re...bole toh, ekdum Mumbaiya ishtyle!!!
Keep up the good work :D

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

:) .. thanks babe.. !
more comin up.. u gotto be on the blog..
and well, who knows the next prank mite jus be on u :P

Oka the irrepressible said...

What exactly is an IIM-A type of intro-line ? I'm really curious abt that.

Speaking of intro-lines, sometime I'll share with you a lil write up on orkut 'pick-up lines'. :)

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

if it would have been really jazzy, you would have been featured on that blog... :D !!
Haan well.. a lil more Smartness in an intro line and humor is what i look for..

Oka the irrepressible said...

lol. I thought I got featured with just a plain vanilla 'Hi'.
- Karthik.

Princess said...

Well babe... now u know d meaning of "OKA" in mumbai......hehehhe

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

:P ..
our conversation gets featured soon too.. Oka ?? :)