Monday, December 3, 2007

Spanish LuV !!

interesting things happen to interesting people !!
And surprisingly, all these beautiful things happen to me.. actually wierd !

Lemme giv u a taste of it..

i really don knw how many women this dude has managed to get in touch with all this while, but for me, its been a nice nice experience..

its been around a month and a half.. since we got talkin.. and i'm still tryin to figure out 'why the hell does this man fake his profile' !!
It all started with Orkut.. some scraps were exchanged and then chats..

his Orkut and Facebook name reads as Kabir Fakes..

Calls himself a Facade !! weak inside.. Strong from the outside..
And chats with nothin less than 20 women at the same time..

the interestin part is that he actually doesn't talk to women in his real lyf..
its only thru his fake pro on these social networks he communicates with some 20 odd women..
and never had a girlfriend !!

and the idea behind fakin himself - "If I can make 25 people talking to me with a fake profile, imagine the magnitude if I were to use my original one"
i mean.. thats alrite.. but dude, wat if u meet the rite one thru your fake pro, u can't even try and get romantic with her.. !

and yeah, he is not good with flirting.. try it and u'l realise..

His own words ...
"I try hard to flirt...but at the end of the day I start either preaching or making sisters" !! :)
I cudnt help smiling at that one..

and we talk on a regular basis.. sharing ideas and philosophies.. talkin abt the daily nuances .. life in general.. his other 20 + babes.. and all this wit a fake person..

He is very intelligent..
working for EnY at the moment.. as an intern.. and movin out to become a CA..

wil take time before i understand the man behind this fake identity.. he doesn't reveal much about himself over such conversations..

for more.. check his Facebook Profile

this one was jus a lil intro to this Fake Kabir - the Spanish LuVer..
more to come up over the period..

Another small lil experience.. cherished, savoured and romancin..



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Anonymous said...

He is dating me ...The spanish lover !!