Saturday, December 29, 2007

.... Protagonize ...

Some things are really too good.. for example my Feed Reader.. :-D
This dude introduced me to a new site - Protagonize...

Protagonize is a collaborative Social Network, build on the concept of Choose your own Adventure, the series of books.

You start a story and someone else finishes it.

With a built-in story tracker, you can track the stories you like and the ones written by you. Its heavily interactive and allows users to Comment and Build on your stories. The site also has features like ratings, RSS, book-shelf style interface, tags to content, categories, segregated content and a lot of other useful features.

I'm already hooked on to it..
And here's the link to my profile on Protagonize...
And the link to my latest addition to a story..

- Protagonizin Adi


Ravi Kamdar said...

Hey thanks for sharing this website link.. I found your blog link from barcamp page..

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Hi Ravi, Thanks for dropping by. I hope you liked the website too..