Friday, December 7, 2007

iThink !!!

I definitely do !! :)

And well, this one's going to be more about the Facebook Application recently developed by Minekey Professionals.

iThink is an application on Facebook, which was launched recently in the Month of November by a group of 7 professionals from the Minekey team.

It is a social application through which you can share opinions with the entire FB community about anything. Ranging from Politics, Sports, Relationships, Home, Gardens, Food, Pets, Entertainment, Dating and what not.

I'm already addicted to this Smart App and iThink it is one of the best Apps so far on the FB Community that I've come across.

The deal here is that, you get to voice your opinions, get a vote from the others on the Social network, reviews/Comments from like-minded people and helping you thus to analyze things and put things in perspective..

Wanted a suggestion on something, just put up a question on iThink and wait for the audience to respond to it. You can then easily analyze the problem / situation and then go ahead with the solutions (which can come from a user on the site)

There is a Similarity Test, which helps you analyze your similarity with your friends based on the opinions shared through the application.

Would have been amazing if this little app could actually generate graphs from the Opinions casted by the users, as it would make it easier for people to analyze and generate conclusions from the votes.
In addition, a service which could combine similar issues /problems / statements and generate a summary of sorts from the votes casted by the users.

I am completely, completely in LuV with this App..
And here's the link to my iThink profile.

mmmm and iThink.... chocolate is the best thing Human being ever discovered ! :)



Rajiv said...

Hi Aditi,
Rajiv from Minekey here, thank you for the glowing review of iThink.
You did a great job explaining all our features! I don't think I could explained it any better.

And if you want to share your iThink Opinions on the web, your iThink profile is
(though that person will need Facebook and iThink to view your opinions).

Also, we appreciate your ideas and suggestions, we definitely will take them into consideration as we are always making improvements based on feedback from our users.

And I do agree that chocolate is really that good, all thanks to the Aztecs!


~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Hey Rajiv, thanks for dropping by.

Tarun Chandel said...

hey my blog is named iThink... I was surprised at the first glance thinking that you have written about my blog :)
But realised soon that its some other ithink :(


~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Hi Tarun.. :) .. u still get publicised in some way..
and by the way,if u are on facebook, please do try the iThink application.. thats my latest addiction.. !