Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcoming a new member in the Jungle !

yeah.. my house is nothing less than a jungle.. :D ..
four of us.. and a cat with her kittens..

now we have a nice lil new creature squeeking around the house..
Squid-oo !

He squeeks a lot, sleeps a lot, gets the most attention in the house, doesn't drink, doesn't eat, very weak, topples down while walkin and is only 15 days old.. approximately..
Lives in the Shoe-Box at the moment, goes out frequently for backyard outings and doesn't like Cow's Milk !

and my mom tells me that he behaves almost like me.. :P.. I don't knw what's the connection though..

but i Luv him...

He is a Squirrel.. Squid-oo the squirrel.. funny name na..

A few pics from the collection.. have a look

The looks !! Look at me baby :P

On ma palm.. The Squeeker !

This LiL thing is decently good at posing !

'Nother one..

Finger Walker

and all these pics have been clicked by yours trully !!

Models - Squidoo and Aditi :D
Camera - Finepix A205S
Location - Ahmedabad, my backyard .
Clothes - Models Own :D

This lil thing will probably be sent to the IIMA campus, where it will get a chance to mingle around with Squidees and Squidoos and romance his LyF..

m in luv again.. Squeeky Squeeky Squid-oooo

more pics here.



Tarun Chandel said...

Beautiful pics. I remember there were a bunch of squirrels used to play on our window and I used to give them peanuts.


~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Thanks Tarun, for dropping by.
yeah.. this lil thing is a lil too small for peanuts at the moment..
but one thing's for sure.. squirrels are reeelly adorable..
m lovin each and every moment pettin one at home.. :)

Nidhi said...

hey...really cute one!!! :)
So you are planning to send him to IIM at such a tender age!!! :D
(Don't let him pass any CAT though....the cat will eat him up!)

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Nidhi.. wait for the next post.. something happened.. :(