Monday, December 31, 2007

Lookin Back... and New Yr Wishes !

Got this Comic off Ahmedabad Times - dated 31st Dec..
That frog with his tongue sticking on the Cactus has to be me..

This comic summarizes my experiences with the year 2007 !!
Took unbelievable risks with life.. Enjoyed a few.. and fell apart with few..

but like they say, experience is the spice of Lyf.. My life looks a little too Spicey.. :-D !

the biggest one being changing companies.. from a multi-national, me jumped careers and joined a start-up.. and the foolish me switched companies without an appointment letter.. :P .. the experience has been worth it though.. working for a start-up has to the best thing that happened this yr..

met a set of most beautiful people on the planet.. and made a couple of very special friends.. will cherish those moments spent with you guys forever.. :)

did the weirdest of things.. drives at 4 am.. coming back home at 6 am from work and parties.. sleeping for 4 - 5 hrs for months together.. managing 2 jobs for a month.. dinner at 2 am and early morning Reshmi Tikka at Mogul Sarai !

life was actually good.. busy, hectic, lot of parties, lot of work, lot of travelling, lot of friends.. everything in excess.. "Bhagwaan jab deta hai toh chhapad faad ke deta hai" types..

i hope this continues in the coming year as well..

the other best experience has to be managing family, a job and 2 businesses at the same time.. yep.. was in Amdabad for Mum's knee replacement surgery, which went of pretty well. Had plans of staying for a month, but the chhota vacation turned out be 2 months long..

Part of the stay was my stint in Amdabad... managing my Dad's business, my own business plan, my job with Apricot and Ghar ka kaam.. Not in that order and everything didn't happen at the same time.. with a few mistakes here and there like depositing the cheque in the wrong bank account... the cheque ended up at some Calcutta dudes account :P.. and burnt fingers while cooking, the BSNL dude disconected the Broadband cus the cheque was out-station.. and some more careless errors..

It was more like testing myself for the future.. and I passed the test.. :-D

the resolution for '07 has still not been accomplished.. :P

the resolution for '08 is goin to be deleting the the Orkut, OpenBC and Ryze Profile.. :)
LinkedIN and Facebook are goin to be my networking companions for the rest of my life.

Thats more or less about my one yr...

and here's wishing all my readers a Very Happy New year..

Wishing all the luck for the coming year.
Hope it turns out to be more fruitful and full of life than the previous year's.

Luvv.. alwaysss..


Saturday, December 29, 2007

.... Protagonize ...

Some things are really too good.. for example my Feed Reader.. :-D
This dude introduced me to a new site - Protagonize...

Protagonize is a collaborative Social Network, build on the concept of Choose your own Adventure, the series of books.

You start a story and someone else finishes it.

With a built-in story tracker, you can track the stories you like and the ones written by you. Its heavily interactive and allows users to Comment and Build on your stories. The site also has features like ratings, RSS, book-shelf style interface, tags to content, categories, segregated content and a lot of other useful features.

I'm already hooked on to it..
And here's the link to my profile on Protagonize...
And the link to my latest addition to a story..

- Protagonizin Adi

Friday, December 21, 2007

10 days to the End of the Year !!!

unbelievably fast.. i mean, i had jus started enjoyin the days. wen I realized tat its almost the end of one more awesome yr..

nonetheless.. one hell of a roller coaster ride.. and i enjoyed every bit of it..
thot of puttin down things which I will miss out on in the last month of '07..
becus of varied reasons..
not really sad over it, but I guess, time wasn't in my favor..

read on :

6th Dec : a trip to Goa with three other friends... and a Budday Bash.
14th Dec: Scorpions live-in concert in Mumbai
16th Dec: Scorpions live-in concert in Bangalore
25th Dec: a Christmas bash at Prive' organised by Plan B Entertainment... the name says it all !
(apparently this club has been on the must-visit list since a long time. Holds the
priviledge of being the best club in Mumbai and the monopoly of hosting the best DJs
from around the globe)
26th Dec: Mood Indigo at IITB... it is the best cul-fest till date.
31st Dec: a New Year bash at Taj Lands End... New Year on top of the mountain in some distant
corner of the country... a New Year Surprise Visit...

and a couple of Friday get-togethers organised at Tribal Route.

well... :) ! free entries are always there, but Scorpions, Christmas and New year come only once in a blue moon.. actually, Christmas 07 and New Year 07 wil nevah come again na !

yeah.. wat a month..
Nonetheless.. guys if you wanna party on the 31st in mumbai, you can get in touch with me.. the entries will be done.. not for free though.. :)



(P.S. I think I should start managing Events ! )

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I wish I had bet on this one !!

I don't knw.. may be I'm just obssessed..
there's this one tele-serial which I kinda got hooked on to.. Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa...

only cus I liked one couple in there.. has to be Prachi and Deepak..
Prachi ofcourse is a good dancer, but I liked this couple more so cus of Deepak..

an excellent dancer, knows his moves, knows all the dances on the planet and is charismatic...
he can drool a whole lot of babes, only with his smile.. :) .. u see the obssession !

I was more fond of him cus of his eastern looks..

why did I not bet on this Jodi !! I alwayz knew they'd win it..
they actually won the Best dancer Jodi for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa - II..

nice na !!

now I'm figurin out a way to get this dude's number, and learn some moves.. ;)

anyone who can help me wit this one ?? :D


(P.S. I wish Deepak tracks me thru some Google Alert like iThink did )

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This post was to be put up 2 days back.. but has been delayed cus of obvious reasons..
was a lil upset over things that happened on the 10th of Dec to be precise..

the lil thing.. was playin peacefully on the floor inside the house..
And the cat came and killed it.. :(

i tried to save it twice.. but the poor thing was dead by the time I could actually save it..

an obituary to Squid-oo from Vaibhav..

It is not growing like a tree
In bulk, doth make man better be;
Or standing long an oak, three hundred year,
To fall a log at last, dry, bald, and sear:
A lily of a day
Is fairer far in May,
Although it fall and die that night,--
It was the plant and flower of Light.
In small proportions we just beauties see;
And in short measures life may perfect be.

- Ben Jonson
I miss him loads..
The cat is not allowed in the house any more.. and mom was upset for a day over this incident..

one of his last pics..

Bikkit Eater !

And who ever said I was heart-less, i guess i have proved them wrong..


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Welcoming a new member in the Jungle !

yeah.. my house is nothing less than a jungle.. :D ..
four of us.. and a cat with her kittens..

now we have a nice lil new creature squeeking around the house..
Squid-oo !

He squeeks a lot, sleeps a lot, gets the most attention in the house, doesn't drink, doesn't eat, very weak, topples down while walkin and is only 15 days old.. approximately..
Lives in the Shoe-Box at the moment, goes out frequently for backyard outings and doesn't like Cow's Milk !

and my mom tells me that he behaves almost like me.. :P.. I don't knw what's the connection though..

but i Luv him...

He is a Squirrel.. Squid-oo the squirrel.. funny name na..

A few pics from the collection.. have a look

The looks !! Look at me baby :P

On ma palm.. The Squeeker !

This LiL thing is decently good at posing !

'Nother one..

Finger Walker

and all these pics have been clicked by yours trully !!

Models - Squidoo and Aditi :D
Camera - Finepix A205S
Location - Ahmedabad, my backyard .
Clothes - Models Own :D

This lil thing will probably be sent to the IIMA campus, where it will get a chance to mingle around with Squidees and Squidoos and romance his LyF..

m in luv again.. Squeeky Squeeky Squid-oooo

more pics here.


Friday, December 7, 2007

iThink !!!

I definitely do !! :)

And well, this one's going to be more about the Facebook Application recently developed by Minekey Professionals.

iThink is an application on Facebook, which was launched recently in the Month of November by a group of 7 professionals from the Minekey team.

It is a social application through which you can share opinions with the entire FB community about anything. Ranging from Politics, Sports, Relationships, Home, Gardens, Food, Pets, Entertainment, Dating and what not.

I'm already addicted to this Smart App and iThink it is one of the best Apps so far on the FB Community that I've come across.

The deal here is that, you get to voice your opinions, get a vote from the others on the Social network, reviews/Comments from like-minded people and helping you thus to analyze things and put things in perspective..

Wanted a suggestion on something, just put up a question on iThink and wait for the audience to respond to it. You can then easily analyze the problem / situation and then go ahead with the solutions (which can come from a user on the site)

There is a Similarity Test, which helps you analyze your similarity with your friends based on the opinions shared through the application.

Would have been amazing if this little app could actually generate graphs from the Opinions casted by the users, as it would make it easier for people to analyze and generate conclusions from the votes.
In addition, a service which could combine similar issues /problems / statements and generate a summary of sorts from the votes casted by the users.

I am completely, completely in LuV with this App..
And here's the link to my iThink profile.

mmmm and iThink.... chocolate is the best thing Human being ever discovered ! :)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Of Childhood Days..

i managed to get two pics from my first school in Pune..
these are class photographs from Nursery and Second Standard..

have a dekko..

This one's from the Nursery class..
i remember is that i was the Silent Lamb in the class.. And Swati.. second row, second from left and Allan.. top row, first from rite.. we'd be in the same bus.. Swati and I used to fite while Allan used to have a fun teasin us. !

Another one

and the Second standard pic.. this teacher was my fav teacher.. though i'm missing her name !
can recognise quite a few people from this class.. and i'm in touch with quite a few of them on orkut.. lets c.. most of them will be delighted to see this pic..

let me now enjoy the NoSTaLgia... !



Monday, December 3, 2007

Spanish LuV !!

interesting things happen to interesting people !!
And surprisingly, all these beautiful things happen to me.. actually wierd !

Lemme giv u a taste of it..

i really don knw how many women this dude has managed to get in touch with all this while, but for me, its been a nice nice experience..

its been around a month and a half.. since we got talkin.. and i'm still tryin to figure out 'why the hell does this man fake his profile' !!
It all started with Orkut.. some scraps were exchanged and then chats..

his Orkut and Facebook name reads as Kabir Fakes..

Calls himself a Facade !! weak inside.. Strong from the outside..
And chats with nothin less than 20 women at the same time..

the interestin part is that he actually doesn't talk to women in his real lyf..
its only thru his fake pro on these social networks he communicates with some 20 odd women..
and never had a girlfriend !!

and the idea behind fakin himself - "If I can make 25 people talking to me with a fake profile, imagine the magnitude if I were to use my original one"
i mean.. thats alrite.. but dude, wat if u meet the rite one thru your fake pro, u can't even try and get romantic with her.. !

and yeah, he is not good with flirting.. try it and u'l realise..

His own words ...
"I try hard to flirt...but at the end of the day I start either preaching or making sisters" !! :)
I cudnt help smiling at that one..

and we talk on a regular basis.. sharing ideas and philosophies.. talkin abt the daily nuances .. life in general.. his other 20 + babes.. and all this wit a fake person..

He is very intelligent..
working for EnY at the moment.. as an intern.. and movin out to become a CA..

wil take time before i understand the man behind this fake identity.. he doesn't reveal much about himself over such conversations..

for more.. check his Facebook Profile

this one was jus a lil intro to this Fake Kabir - the Spanish LuVer..
more to come up over the period..

Another small lil experience.. cherished, savoured and romancin..