Saturday, September 22, 2007

of Luv and Madness

got this SMS in the morning from my friend Santo..

somthin like defines me... somthing like i believe in...
a lil story.. about Luv and Madness !!

read on -

Once all the feelings decides to play hide and seek..
Madness started counting, all others were hiding..

Lie said he will hide in near the tree, but didn't hide there.
Luv hid in a rose bush.

Everyone was caught except Luv. But Envy told Madness where Luv was hiding.
So Madness jumped in the bush and dragged Luv out.

Cus of thorns in the bush, Luv lost both his eyes.

Hence, God cursed Madness and he was ordered to be with Luv forevah.

Since then, Luv is blind and Madness alwayz accompanies Luv !!

How True !!!

~ adi ~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

.. the WEEK that was ..

one hell of a week..

more than a gist of wat all happened... !

Monday.. monday mornin blues... nothin much happened that day..

Tuesday.. Thomas was comin back frm B'lore.. met him at around 12 in the nite at Bandra... grabbed a bite at Macs.. went train jumpin at 1:30 in the nite.. only to find that there's no train back to dadar from Andheri.. Koi na.. paise kharch karo.. taxi lo aur ghar jao.. slept at 3 AM.. ! nice start...

Wednesday... at ! ok, ma new firm.. joined them already as a freelancer.. so reached office at 8 ish or so.. brainstormin on the marketing plan.. Blog specifically.. goes on till 2.. sleep at 3...

Thursday.. another day at left at around 11ish.. ended up at Bandra with my cousin... went down to Poison.. bad music.. dirty crowd.. 6 of us... the drink was bad too.. i dont knw.. surpisingly, this place on wednesday nite rocks.. and thursday was aweful.. so yeah.. ended up at Mogul Sarai at Bandra Station - west.. this restaurant is open till like 6 in the morning.. were there till 4ish or so.. :-P.. another long day...

Friday... one of the better days.. Bandra ka plan.. and then move to Juhu to a club.. and i'm all decked up and stuck in Mahim... :-P.. cuzzin and some frens were waitin at JWM since 11:30 or so.. and i reach at 12:30.. anyways..
i actually don't like enigma.. but it turned out to be awefully great that nite.. DJ Akhtar on the sets... and awesome music.. didn't wanna go over-board with the drinks so had breezers.. and the whole thing got over at around 3am.. headed towards Mogul Sarai again... reshmi tikka kabab at 4am.. and some smoke.. and talks.. well spent day with nice people..

Saturday... headed to Mondy's first with my cuzzin and then Leo's with other friends.. at 11 in the nite... nothin much in the day happened... another breezer gulped down.. and some conversations with a drunk friend... slappin, pinchin.. at 3 in the nite.. and some rain walks.. headed to ma fren's place with ma cuzzin.. slept at 4... not bad..

Sunday.. headed to just around the corner for lunch.. nice plate of salad, dessert and some teasing.. was teasing my cuzzin cus she's decided to get married and stuff... anyways...

so that was the week..

this week is pretty much relaxed...

hopin for a wilder and more energizing days ahead..


Sunday, September 9, 2007

one of those things which i enjoy the most.... music...
especially wen i can relate the lyrics of the song to wat i've gone thru...

nothin much... one of my favourites - song and moments...

The Lighthouse Family - High
[gonna delete of parts of the song which are not really related to my feelings]
When you're close to tears remember
Some day it'll all be over
One day were gonna get so high
And though its darker than december
Whats ahead is a different colour
One day were gonna get so high
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the days
We were close to the edge
And well wonder how we made it through
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the way
We stayed so close to till the end
Well remember it was me and you

cause we are gonna be forever you and me
Youll always keep me flying high in the sky of love
Dont you think its time you started
Doing what we always wanted
One day were gonna get so high
cause even the impossible is easy
When we got each other
One day were gonna get so high
cause we are gonna be forever you and me
You will always keep me flying high in the sky of love
can you relate a part of your life to this song as well ??

~a~ ['missin u']

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thinkin about....

was on my way to Andheri in a bus, today morning... and i see a woman... dressed in red....

:-).... and kingfisher comes to my mind...

the redness....


feature this....
a sexy lady... in a read skirt.. a red shirt... and a red blazer.... red as in the blood red color.. !
ok.. add to that, red lipstick, red eye-shadow, red nail-polish, red ear-rings, red air-bag...

Thank God the hair is not dyed red :-P... !
anyways, they are following a brand...

me is wondering wat is wrong with the normal people around...

now feature this... normal people in the bus... all colorful, pastel shades... soothes the eyes...

and suddenly this woman comes... red bandana, red shirt, red bag, red lip-stick, red eye shadow, red bangles... :-P

watever happens to people sometimes, jus like to over do things...

i'm no better... i over-react... :-P...

i guess thats ok... till the time it doesn't hurt your eyes !! :-P :P

another one on its way....
stick around...


Sunday, September 2, 2007

blogging spree

so, well, some days i jus don't feel like puttin up anything on the blog... and some days.. i end up puttin more than one post on the blog....

one of those days i suppose...

nothing much... jus a quote...

this one kinda makes me wonder if i'm harming myself by being obnoxiously fast and not lazy..

received this one from a stranger... tried callin up, but couldn't get through... anyways.. Lazy bums, u know now what to say wen people call you by that word !!

Henry Ford - "Progress isn't made by early risers or hard - workers, but by Lazy people, trying to find easier ways to do the same."


( p.s.: I'm gettin there :-D )

because i care...

Not that i've not thought about this before...
but the last time i pondered over it
was at the airport...

was at the airport to receive a friend and he
was wondering why would i do that..

three words.. 'Because i Care' !! makes a lot of sense..