Saturday, September 22, 2007

of Luv and Madness

got this SMS in the morning from my friend Santo..

somthin like defines me... somthing like i believe in...
a lil story.. about Luv and Madness !!

read on -

Once all the feelings decides to play hide and seek..
Madness started counting, all others were hiding..

Lie said he will hide in near the tree, but didn't hide there.
Luv hid in a rose bush.

Everyone was caught except Luv. But Envy told Madness where Luv was hiding.
So Madness jumped in the bush and dragged Luv out.

Cus of thorns in the bush, Luv lost both his eyes.

Hence, God cursed Madness and he was ordered to be with Luv forevah.

Since then, Luv is blind and Madness alwayz accompanies Luv !!

How True !!!

~ adi ~

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