Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dard - E - Disco

for all of you who were online at 11:35 on Wednesday, the 3rd of October, you'd know tat this was my GTalk Status message...

i got a neat response to this one...

quoting Salonee, a good friend, crazee head, college mate, Spic-macay co-ordinator, tall, wannabe film-maker, to-be colleague-intern at and a lot more things... :-P

'disco ka dard...
yaani naachte koodte haath-pair mooh tut gaye honge toh us disco ka dard ab tak Dil mein hai'

copywriter dimaag mujhe bhi chahiye... can't stop laughin on this one..

tooo good..

for the moment, me is wantin to go for the Akon live Concert in Delhi... Any sponsors ??



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