Wednesday, October 10, 2007

..: FareWell :..

5th of October was the last day at Nielsen. Been a year + 4 months + 5 days at the same company.. amazing !!

for a fact that i managed to stick around wit the same company for so long...

anyways, funny day... felt so wierd, tat I cudn't even make out wat exactly i was feeling...
was a first farewell for me... had one at school after 12th, but not all that farewell kinds..

AIESEC, nevah had a farewell of sorts.. remember the last conf ka farewell though...

the conf was at Hyderabad in Nov.. like really chilly... u lyk had to wear 4 sets of clothes to feel warm and comfy.. anyways, last day, people in my dept (External Relations) were lyk completely drunk... we had this lil session of wat u think abt the conf and the dept and the future.. and some more jazz lyk tat... and few of the members sheddin tears..
for some, tears of joy... for me sadness.. was goin to be my last conf...

aur fir plenary main jaake jo dhamaka kiya ER ne, sab depts ki bolti bandh ho gayi thhi.. we were like 12 members, highly high, the loudest.. and active... still miss it.. !

anyways, lemme come back to the Nielsen farewell...
was greeted by a bouquet... and a sad face on the paper.. which I turned over and kept it in the corner.. eventually it was torn off as i hate seein sad faces around me..
gave everyone chocolates.. to cheer them up.. and some humor to make them laugh..

i guess everyone was feelin wierd.. didn't know, whether to be happy or sad.. to cry or to laugh..

towards 5 pm, had a lil cake cuttin session and huggin and farewell speaches..
followed the AIESEC culture of giving everyone a Sugar Cube.. basically a lil partin note from me to everyone...

thot of puttin up some of the farewell messages i recieved from my clients and team-members on the blog..
followin this post, i'd also put up my farewell message..

guys, remember, u'd alwayz hav a special place in my heart... for reasons, i'd prefer not mentionin them here.

Needhi - is my Team Member.. one of those MBA types :-D... really nice to be around with.. we used to have lunch together.. she'd get chicken for me, which i miss a lot these days...

this is wat she has to say :

Hey Miss DJ,
I didn't really like you in the beginning, cos like you said you were very strict. But as I got to know you, I realised what a sweetheart you actually are.
I really enjoyed being with your 'Pichhwada'.. lol !!
Anyway, hope you have a bright future and stay in touch ya.


P.S. Now I don't have company for Mama's :-(

ok.. she used to sit behind me, which is why this 'Pichhwada' tag.. ! the name Dj cus i was the only one around who dared to play music on loud speakers in the office, only to get a warnin from the Director.. 3 days of jazz, and then hell.. the IT dude was tracing my internet usage and stuff !!

Anyways, Neha Kokane, another colleague from the same dept :

Hi Aditi,

Jus wanna say 'All the Best'
It was a pleasure knowing you !
You were the first person who introduced me to RRC and from then.. the goa trip :-), my first normalisation sheet :-))... he he he... it has all been memorable.

Have an amazing future !!
Keep writing blogs so that we keep on reading your adventures.

Take Care

Loads of wishes...


And one from the Client..
Kerri takes care of ShopperTrends for the Europe region -

Hi Aditi,

I'm really sorry to hear you are leaving! You have been a great support to me on ShopperTrends which I really appreciate. I had a sneaking feeling that you may be venturing on when you declined the later half of my meeting invites but was hoping you were taking a long holiday instead ;-)

I wish you all the best at Apricot Media and I hope we keep in touch.


one of those people whom i'd want to meet, cus she's so sweet. Very easy to work with and very accomodating. And one of those clients i'm gonna miss working for...

Anyways, lyf's gotto move on.. I have moved on..

Lovely and a well spent day…

The best part of the day was the drive down to Manor…

More in the next post..

Till ‘en… enjoy every bit of the evening..

~ a ~

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