Thursday, October 18, 2007

Second - Hand Books

the other day, not realy the other day... i think last sunday, i was at this trash seller..
browsing thru some books..

bought "Outlook 52 get-a-ways" !! a book which i wanted to buy since like ages..

too expensive for a poor soul like me, so it kept on gettin delayed...
and always forgot to look for this book at churchgate and other second hand book places..

and anyways these places are not all that cheap wen it comes to second-hand books anways..

so yeah, got some 350 INR ka book for 20 INR !! amazing deal...
never considered this book worth 350 INR... so, it had to be a second hand place..

ok, i'm tryin to make a point here... .

this dude, must have got it for like 50 paise or something.. at the max a ruppee... the churchgate man sells it for 50 - 80 bucks.. and i got it for 20 bucks..

OriGiNal ... fresh piece.. not torn or withered away !!

amazin !! how the price of a book falls even if its been read only once...


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