Saturday, October 27, 2007

phoneLess me

there used to be a time wen i used to be hooked on to the phone almost the entire day...
every 2 mins, i used to check it for messages or missed calls.. if nothin else, time !! and if nothin nothing else, change tunes, change my welcome message..

and by the way, my welcome message was "Obnoxiously Cute" !! This certain someone preferred callin me Obnoxious, and I kinda liked the name... And its stuck on wit me post the incident !!

save all those crazy messages exchanged with friends.. the then boy friend.. current love.. that one special love message, which u lyk want to keep it wit you for the rest of you life.. cus its so special !!
jhagda wala message ?? woh bhi thha...

those crazy nites, all those drunken talks n sleep talks.. jhagda.. careless whispers !! all those memories wit my lil butterfly (butterfly is my mobile phone)

and those imp contacts..

all this is lost now...

the b**** flicked the phone from my jeans pocket..

i was sleepy ya, so cudn't really make out someone was flickin the precious thing from my jeans pocket.. i still don't knw wen that happened..

i was goin to work in some local train from thane.. over crowded... one of those 'Virar Fast' kinda experiences.. sandwiched between fat women.. crazee.. luckily, i came out in one piece !!

the lady behin me kept pullin my hair cus they touched her nose and tickled her.. gave her a nice gyan.. !! hehe

the usual me, was givin gyan to the women around as to how to behave wen the train's overcrowded and there's no place to stand.. and not to shout and not to pull my hair :-P !!

anyways, so yeah, the butterfly is gone now.. i won't be gettin a new one before the 2nd of nov.. the number remains the same though !!

oh.. and i was lookin at a few more contributors for my other blogs.. leme know if anyone's interested.. !!


~Obnoxiously Cute~

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manojvasanth said...

Oh ho!!! Sho sad!!!

Chal...dontworry...Day to buy something more trendy and stylish!!Huh??be happy!!!

Keep smiling ji :P