Thursday, December 6, 2007

Of Childhood Days..

i managed to get two pics from my first school in Pune..
these are class photographs from Nursery and Second Standard..

have a dekko..

This one's from the Nursery class..
i remember is that i was the Silent Lamb in the class.. And Swati.. second row, second from left and Allan.. top row, first from rite.. we'd be in the same bus.. Swati and I used to fite while Allan used to have a fun teasin us. !

Another one

and the Second standard pic.. this teacher was my fav teacher.. though i'm missing her name !
can recognise quite a few people from this class.. and i'm in touch with quite a few of them on orkut.. lets c.. most of them will be delighted to see this pic..

let me now enjoy the NoSTaLgia... !



1 comment:

Sagar said...

I guess class 2 teacher's name was Miss Aleen or something..