Thursday, November 22, 2007

Of Conversations and more !

Of late I have been catchin up with a lot of people from around the country on the messengers... so many wierd things and nice conversations, kinda LyF givin experiences....

have always been a 'chat' person.. nevah really liked the idea of talkin on the phone or talkin face-to-face with someone..

the followin posts are goin to be a collection of amazing (and mind u, amazing is too less a word to define them) conversations which happened over a period of a month or so..

the most recent one..

"I have to tell you that your good looks decieve the fact that you are so smart too"

well.. obviously a compliment.. and from a dude.. who is an AIESEC alumnus from like those days wen AIESEC Ah used to be based outta IIMA..

bein the mean'ie' that I am, my answer to his statement was

"F***, beauty can't come with smartness kya.. and anyways I aint beautiful"

A: "do I take it as a compliment or a comment ???"

S: "well it was supposed to be a compliment.. very frankly i would rather just keep you guessing..."

A: "hmm well.. i'm smart enuf .. so yeah.. i kinda already accepted it as a compliment"

hmmmm ! well..

Keep trackin the blog for more interestin conversations !!



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