Friday, March 21, 2008

Did anyone say BarCampMumbai - 3 ?

The last one i attended was BarCamp Techfest.
the enthusiasm got running with BarCampAhmedabad..

And now, the ~PaGLi~ is obssessed with yet another thing in her life..

BarCamps !!! the un-conferences.

Everything started with the lil vacation in Ahmedabad and I ended up designing a poster for BCA, the first ever edition.

I got my first clients from this camp and also a met a lot of potential employees for my venture. I got a lot of PR and my network grew.

Met a few people for the first time. Though I had been chatting with them for over years, we never got a chance to catch up. And it was fun.

And how can I not mention.. my current job was also from this barcamp.
Meetings, poster designing, plannin for the event, meetin a lot people and the post un-conference dinner at Seva Cafe.

and even before I could realise, and get over with the experience, I was put up on the planners list for the next BCM. Yet another awesome experience, I am sad it ended cus I had to leave the city. But I am glad its happening and i got a reason to visit my LuV and see my LuV again.

and and and.. the secret is.. its all sponsored.... Shhhhh ! :)

What more could I ask for.

Trip to Mumbai, Sponsored and a BarCamp ! Wow.. actually it should be the other way round..

BarCamp... Mumbai ... all Sponsored.. ye ye

Anyways, coming back to the point... yes BarCampMumbai, the third edition is very much happening in Mumbai on the 29th of March at IIT B. You got a week to reach Mumbai and enjoy the Un-Conference and get addicted to something nicer than alcohol and smoke.. :)

There is a catch to all this nice thing.
No it is for free... but we aren't taking in more than 400 people.

So .. U need to Register quick and immediately.. The registrations have reached 270 odd. And I am sure you don't wanna be among the left out ones. So hurry up.

Another catch, people who are registering from this Blog post will be sincerely requested to sign up on a Session so that there is enough participation from the audience and we don't have people just comin in as an audience. :)

Links once again:
BarCampMumbai - Edition 3
BarCampMumbai - Registration page

And you can follow us on Twitter to get in regular updates.

Your's trully will be there for sure. Planner hoon aakhir. :)
We are also tryin to host people from different cities in Mumbai so that they don't feel lost. :P

See ya there...
till then, happy LyF .


a - 'too-excited' Aditi


Sandy said...

I am a student of SVNIT, Surat. I guess I will attend it.

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Nice to have you on the blog.
Will be great to meet you there. Do register yourself on the wiki page.

Information Madness said...

Hey Aditi,
I wish I could attend but I am outside and won't be able to attend.
Let me know how it goes.

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

@information madness:
oh, thats bad. You might want to hop on to the twitter page and keep yourself updated on the stuff happening. The twitter handle - aDeSe.
I will try and live twit and Blog as well.

Arun said...

I'm looking forward to this Saturday. I've never been to a BarCamp before, this will be the first time. What are they generally like? I've heard it's all confusion for the first half-hour, before things start to get somewhat coherent. Sounds like fun :)

Any interesting anecdotes from past BarCamps?

Ranjan said...

Nice meeting up at BCM3. Thoroughly enjoyed my first BarCamp, Thanks.

Ye manzilen !! said...

Good I discovered u guys thru a fellow blogger. It looks like India is happening and I am wasting my time here...

Hold it - hum bhi aa raha hoon....