Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Double - U - Turn

"Painstakingly Complicated" is the word for my LyF !!

i just took a U-Turn !!

Came back to Amdabad..

from Mumbai.. of all the things, from Mumbai..

I still remember the day I moved to Mumbai.. 30th of May it was... and the moment I entered the city, Mumbai saw its first showers of the yr 2006.. :)
Nice na..
Tat was a 'nice' U - Turn.

Unfortunately, the city was dry wen i left it.. The poor thing must been bored of me.. 18 months u see..

If you think, this post is going to have something nice to it, please don't stick around... I havn't even organised my thoughts before writing this post.

anyways... so yes, the second U - Turn happened on the 12th of Feb, wen i got this offer from the IIMA.. to work with them as a full-time employee... jus signed the offer letter and got back home..

It should be fun.. it is the asia's number one insti after all.. :P ! but i dislike the city.. !

oh yeah, so in the train i had a fight with a ummmm (tryin to hide things) family.. kinduv lost my brains.. started shouting and all of it.. and then realised how brainless people cud be... :P !

two men and a woman can't take care of their luggage and have to trouble a poor kid like me..
the TT came in and both of us were smiling at these guys stupidity..

and yes, i won the battle... :P

and then i typed in this message on my phone...

"Bye Bye Mumbai for one last time. Feeling wierd, wierd for a fact tat the obsession has ended. Nah... Not really.. The obsession with Mumbai can nevah end. To do justice to my emotions, the obsession with IIMA continues"

he he he ... in a sleepy state of affairs, missing things and people, high on emotions and mood swings, Miss PaGLi writes such things...

CriBBr PagLi !!

And another message to a fren:

"I want to so f***in get off at dadar and meet u again. You've been a darling and one thing I'm gonna miss in Amdabad are friends like you. Thank you so much for being here with me tonite. Good bye and good luck wit everythin. I'm already waitin for the next trip to Mumbai"

I was in two minds till the last minute.. thanks to the folks in mumbai, who almost convinced me to stay on the train and not get off.. If I'd been alone there, for sure, this post wud have been something else.. this day would have been somethin else.. !

Mumbai will keep happenin.. will try and put up the updates of travels to the city so that people can track me. :)

and as for the news.. I have signed the Offer letter and my new job starts from the 17th of March.. !

a lil excited... a lil sad.. for Madness and Amdabad are not supplementary.. or shud it be complementary.. yeah, Madness and Amdabad are not Complementary..

for the moment, its the north east calling... pics will go up soon..

till then enjoy.. I will try to..