Wednesday, August 20, 2008

iPhone in India ??

uummmm.. well, just got a mail from Vodafone, confirming the launch of iPhone in India on the 22nd of August. 

I had pre-booked the phone through their website, and hence this reminder.. 

Read the mail below, for more info on the much awaited iPhone in India.

Hello Aditi,

Thank you for registering for your Apple iPhone 3G™ with us.

We are delighted to announce that the iPhone 3G will be available in India from August 22, 2008 It will be available in 8GB & 16GB models, priced at Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,100 respectively.

Be the first to get the iPhone

We have received a large number of registrations. As there are limited stocks, make sure that you get yours first, by paying an advance of Rs 10,000 to confirm your booking.

Where can you make this advance payment?

The iPhone 3G will be available at select Vodafone Stores. All you need to do is drop in at any select Vodafone Store between August 20 and 21 and make the advance payment by cash or credit card. Don´t forget to show the iPhone booking SMS, which you would have received from us, when you visit the Vodafone Store to pay the advance. To find a Vodafone Store near you, click here

Get an appointment now. No queues for you.

Once you pay the advance, we will immediately give you an appointment date and time, starting August 22 when you can come and experience a full demonstration and collect your iPhone, all ready to use with your contacts and settings, by paying the balance amount.

Hurry! Limited stocks.

Remember, the sooner you confirm your booking, the earlier you´ll get your iPhone. We have limited stocks and it will be on first come, first serve basis.

Happy to help 

If you have any queries, log on to or call Vodafone Care on 111 (toll free) and we´ll be happy to help.

Hurry and be one of the first to make the iPhone 3G your own.


Laxmi Bhan
VP - Customer Service

A Lil bit of free promo from my end.. 
I have called off the purchase for now, cus the phone doesn't seem worth the price.. 

Nonetheless, congratulations to you to make the decision of makin the purchase. Do send in the reviews.. :)


Amit said...

If we buy it from outside INDIA.. will it work..

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

@Amit: I don't think so.. You will have to get it unlocked because iPhone is being distributed through specific service providers only..

trashhead said...

no sms forwards, no multiple contact sms (means no more 'Happy New Year to you.. God Bless' to all your contacts :-P)

so GPS .. no copy paste.. sigh..