Saturday, August 16, 2008

Romance in his LyF ??

I met my first .. first .. first ever Girlfriend.. can you believe that.. After TEN years..
Its such a nice feeling.. I can't even express..

She was my first ever thing, first ever girl friend I possessed.. It was the same for her.. and it went on for three.. three and a half years..

We were so close to each other..

At those college traditional evenings, we used to dress up in similar clothes and go to college. I used to call her one night before and tell her "Look, we are wearing Black T-shirt over Blue Jeans tomorrow to college" and everyone used to go ga - ga over our dress because we were not traditionally dressed..

Its so cute and nice to meet her after 10 years.. She is still the same.. She still gets the same dimples after so many years..

It still feels like those days.. Its so nice to meet her.. Its an exhilarating feeling.. I'm all so happy..

We are trying to show people that we were not together.. we are trying to do things differently at the re-union thing.. its so funny.. she'll sit on the couch and I go and sit on the bed.. but I can see that she's looking at me from the corner of her eye.. So am I !!

Its so nice to listen to such stories.. and your heart goes, "Wow, perfect. One of those uniquely nice love stories. Totally romantic."

And no this is not fiction, this hasn't been made up by me.. but these are the snippets from a conversation I just had with a friend over the phone..

He sounded "So Much in Love" and so very nice.. He sounded so different.. He sounded so like I would have sounded 5 years back.. I could feel the emotions on the Phone.. It would have been so much better if I were there listening to all of this.. :)

These are one of those things I miss in my life.. the first boyfriend.. the first serious relationship.. I am not sure if I've had one in such a young age.. The first serious relationship I had was when I'd started working.. in Mumbai.. which went on for a year ! and then Phoooot.. hehehehe ..

Well, yes, I guess, if I do get a chance to meet him, it will be the same sparks and smirks and blushes kinda feeling.. But I am again nt sure if I will sound so-much-in-love types..

I think it will be more so after meeting my first crush.. But, its almost like, I end up fighting with the guy and so we completely lose touch.. I am not in touch with any of my previous boy friends.. none of them.. for reasons, I better keep them to myself..

I am in touch with all my friends, however, and we keep cribbin about the kind of girls / guys we find.. not the kind we would have ever dated... Seriously..

None.. absolutely none of my close friends have come up and told me that they've found the best girl / guy for themselves.. Nor have I ever seen them with the purrfekt girl / guy..

Personally.. I'm such a freak, tomboy, crazy, wierdo that I doubt if God has sent that one purrfekt guy for me.. :) .. not that I mind.. but still speculating..

And if that one purrfekt guy is, by any chance, reading this blog, please do let me know that you have been sent by God for me.. :)

I am not sure.. what more to write about..

But I miss "those" days of my LyF.. realised its 5 years since school ! and yes, five years since I met my first crush. Hmmm..

And you there, stop missing out on such sweet, romantic things in life.. Go out and find that purfekt guy/girl for yourself and keep me posted :)




Jijoy said...

Huh...such a heavy stuff...
anyway good to express one's mind rather than supressing it

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

@jijoy: Thanks for dropping by.. was it too heavy.. I found it really cute and nice and not really heavy..

I have always wanted to experience every bit of life in which ever form, makes me sad cus i've already missed out on a phase of life which will not come back, and missed out on an experience, which cud have may be given me goose bumps a lil later in life.. i live not for living, i live for enjoying every single bit of tat second. afraid, time's passin by very fast.


I know what you mean in this post . its always weird when you got to see your first love again . but i think there is more to such encounters than just facing the other person . its more about facing your self again .
I wrote about it sometime back

you agree witht my observations ?

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

@prashantsingh: welcome to ma LyF. Thanks for dropping by..
I read through your post and as a girl it makes me sad, for the first love of your life was an actress, not some normal girl. I am not sure what to make out of that story of yours, but irony of the matter is that you loved the wrong person in the very first place and now you are cribbing about that very thing.
guys in that age i think are much more in the air than being practical. that first love for men is more like dream come true and once the dream is ful-filled i think even the relationship is considered to be over and someone else becomes the love or may be no one comes in life after that. priorities change and girls are forgotten or considered as objects of lust and satisfaction.
i am not sure if i am makin much sense, just that all those teenage guys need to wake up and see the right kinda girl and fall for the right one, rather than wasting time over PRETTY OBNOXIOUS TV actresses and porn stars and stop cursing their own lives for not marrying the First Love. If the first love is going to be so unapproachable, you obviously are going to lose out on her and then crib for the rest of your life..

Wake Up, Life is Calling. And better girls await in real life..




Thanks for reading the post and follow up. i am sure you must be having your own [valid] reason to believe all this and having such world view but i differ .

I don't think that crib, misery , cursing ,lust etc was central theme of my post .

central theme was more of Aspiration , Poetry ,dream and a loss of Can Do spirit .

thanks anyway , Take care

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

@prashantsingh so well then, our posts actually don't match and there aint a connect at all.. :)

Mine was more on the reality terms, and not aspirational, poetic or dreamy. hence, reading you post and connecting with 'Romance in his LyF' was a wrong idea. :)

Kris said...

heyyy...nice post!!! reminded me of my ex (who i think i'm over with, but when it comes to these things i usually surprise myself :D) and the girl i still love, who i miss, although we had to part ways due to stupid things i myself have done.

Mindless wanderer said...

It is very surprising how it lasted 3.5 years, and with these kind of feelings still floating in the air, I can dare say that it was the girl who called it off. So many more things unsaid in that post than said.

It is impossible to know if someone is perfect or not for you. Initially it might seem so, but we influence others thoughts/behaviours etc that no one remains the same as what they were when you met them.

I'm going to stop writing before this comment becomes a blog-post in itself.

TheAnand said...

I spent the last year brooding over my lost love...ironically i was dumped on the 14th of Feb last And you just reminded me of her...not that i have forgoten :D

After watching umpteen tv series from the west...i have decided to come to terms that somethings work out..others dnt...move on! There are people waiting out there.

Thanks for bringing back the memories though.