Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lift: Case I

so madam, along with three of her colleagues, steps in to the lift..
two stand in the two corners, madam is standing right opp to the switch panel and there are some 2 more unknown people in the lift.

the door is about to close, wen this guy who is suposed to get in, doesn't get in to the lift.. and we hav to struggle around and get the lift to stop so that he can enter.. But I think something was wrong with him, he didn't understand the works of a lift, maybe. So I almost shout on him askin him to get in..

He manages to walk in, hurting himself in the automatic doors of the lift.

While the lift gets going, I check the stops on my way to the 6th floor. The lift is supposed to stop on floor 4 as well, and I almost felt I knew who pressed the button..

Thin, lean and tiny, I'm barely visible in the crowd of 3 fat men and 2 tall ladies.
Makin the most of this situation, I kinda whisper - "Everyone will have to come out of the lift cus this guy in front of me has just pressed for number 4."

Floor Number 4, and that dumb fellow is out of the lift, expecting someone to get out... Well, there was no one who wanted to get out on #4 and it seemed like someone pressed the button by mistake.. I get the stares.. And I am almost trying to control my laughter..

The Dumb Guy again forgets that he has to get in before the lift door closes and we somehow manage to stop the doors for closing. I shout at him and ask him to walk inside the lift.

well.. floor 6 comes.. immediately after the door opens, I run out of the lift.. and start laughing, obnoxiously loud enough to shake the entire building.. err.. exxaggeration..

i run into the office, laughin like a Mad woman and two more follow..

The Story repeats and now.. 10 of us are jus sitting and laughing in the office..

My first Start-up Job and my last set of colleagues in Mumbai..
Miss you Guys..


Moksh Juneja said...

i was stuck in a lift for half an hour with more than 9 more ppl.. it go stuck because we were all jumping in the lift (like testing the strength, dont know why?) somewhere in between 10th and 9th floor... post this trauma experience.. have decided never to jump in elevators, again!!

Aks said...

That was hilarious

QuizMaster_Ashwin said...

Really Funnu! LMAO!