Friday, February 1, 2008

Man of my dreamz.. ???

:P .. for those who knw me well, also knw tat I hav no plans of gettin married watsoever...
Nonetheless.. this question came up from a fren a couple of days back..

Thot of puttin it up on the blog for everyone to read.. Cus its actually interesting..
Ma Man - will be this one.. If I ever decide on gettin married.. it has to be this one..

desription to Ma Man..

  • Cute - this one is really imp.. guys mostly get rejected by me cus they aint cute enuf.
  • Romantic !! one of the Romeo's ....
  • Chocolate and Ice-cream luver..
  • Adventurous
  • Smart... dumb at the same time
  • Intelligent
  • A good kisser !! :P
  • Humorous
  • Traveller
  • Freak ... Crazy .. Mad !
  • Creative.. artsy.....
  • Music Luver
  • Volley Ball, Scrabble, Badminton, Pillow fight luver !
  • Some one who can pamper me lyk a kid ..
  • Some one who needs to be pampered lyk a kid...
  • Some one who doesn't Lie .. I hate Liars..
  • Water luver...
  • Someone's who is not lazy.. alwayz on the run...
  • Passionate about LyF and me
  • Nite luver..
Most importantly, has to be a North Eastern, Afghani, English or a French Man.. or atleast, match them on their characteristics.. others invited too.. but, please check if u clear the other points on the list.. :P

Oh.. here are a few more points with regards to the physical attributes..
  • 5'5'' - 5'7'' height
  • 50 - 70 Kgs weight
  • Athletic Build
  • Curly hair
  • Blue / Hazel Eyes
  • Fair / Wheatish Complexion

phew... thats some list..
I guess.. shud help the guys reading my post decide whether or not they 'fit the bill' :)


here's to me and ma Man.. If i do end up havin one.. :P



Ankur Gupta said...

Well with that huge a list, it wouldn't be tough being spinster.

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

this is the man of my dreams.. exists only in the dream land... :)

i still have to figure out wat wud my man on the earth be like.. :P

and u knw now why i am wat i am .. :D

Akshay Surve said...

Now thats.... looOOOooong :)

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

Hi Akshay.. :) .. yeah, like other fishes (Read: Pisceans), I continue to dream big.

Arpit Agarwal said...

* 5'5'' - 5'7'' height
* 50 - 70 Kgs weight
* Curly hair
* Blue / Hazel Eyes

Mera to koi chance hi nahin! :P

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

arpit.. most of the Indian guys don't qualify anyways.. :) except for the North Easterns..
And I am sure, there's someone better than me waitin for you.. ;)

crazypank said...

hummmm.. you get the frame, just need to check people against it. But there is always exception :)!!!

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

yep.. and this dream man is the exception.. :) ..

Aditya said...

hey on twitter i read u need bloggers
was it for twitting or some purpose?

Technofun said...

5.5 -5.7 ... even brad pitt will fail... :P

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

He he he he ... :)..
Brad Pitt aint on the list of my "most wanted" Men anyways...

Asfaq Tapia said...

Wow.. thts quite a list there! However, am just glad that its not something like this:

Rohit said...

Hey...I know someone who will score almost 97% on your list

Globe Treader - Kiran Ghag said...

this list is good...

aDeSe said...

@globe treader - Kiran Ghag: hmm... the list is really good.. I am just hoping i get the perfekt guy.. :P
Thanks for the visit.. :)

bitterscotch said...

um yes, this basically boils down to "i want the perfect man which every other girl wants".

you have better chances of finding golden cheese under your pillow

aDeSe said...

@bitterscotch i doubt if every other girl wants such a guy. Atleast I've been meeting females who totally dislike the kinda guys I fall for :P which incidentally is a very good thing for me..

I think as I mature, 'My Dream Man' is definitely gonna change.. :)

Anonymous said...

5'5"-5'7" with 70 kgs can't be a little pragmatic there!!!! Otherwise the list looks fine.
Happy Hunting!!!!