Wednesday, January 30, 2008

50th Post !!

Well.. yeah this happens to be the 50th post on "Romancin ma LyF"

I'l take this opportunity to giv a lil 'thank u' speech .. :)

Am happy to have reached so far and thank all my readers for reading all the crap I kept on posting about my LyF on the blog.

As of now, the feed subscriptions to this blog stand at 15 readers in 3 months and approx 1000 visitors in year. Not that great statistics to boast off, but still.. :)

keep hoppin in for more on Ma LyF..




Ravi said...

Self-obsessed freak !!!

~PiScEaNaTeD~ said...

:) .. someone just realised, wat I am.. :)
Thanks for droppin by Ravi..