Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Its final... I'm going..

The fourth edition of Proto awaits..
I will try and live blog and tweet from the venue...

and as always, its an all expense paid trip... VoooHoo...
the schedule looks like this...

18th July, 2008
9:30 am - Delhi Airport
10:00 am - IITD
stick around for the event all thru the day...

6:00 pm - close...

trying to put up a twitter meet up on the 18th, with the junta who come to
Incase you are coming for Proto and are also on Twitter, please confirm your presence by sending in a Direct Msg to aDeSe

I don't want a Friday Night which ends up at like 10:00 PM.. ! and I am hoping it doesn't..

19th July, 2008
wake up late.. :) and then head for the Showcase at IITD.

3:30 pm - head to the railway station and take a train to Kanpur..

Yay... more than Proto, I think I am looking forward to trip to my Granny's home.. its been 3 years since i've been to Kanpur.. So much must have changed... Havn't met grampa since so long.. damn.. and its like raining bad there.. will be awesome fun.. I jus hope it doesn't stop raining the moment I reach there..

I was brought up here.. i was born here.. my home awaits..

22nd July, 2008
7:00 am - Car to Lucknow
9:00 am - flight to Mumbai... My monthly visit beckons.. !

Mumbai is gonna be much more personally professional this time.. meeting up with a couple of people to push up the concept of my Startup.. And also putting up a new Service.
Will launch it here, once everything is in place..

23rd July, 2008
7:00 am - train to Amdabad.. I am so not lookin forward to the 23rd ! yeah, even before the trip has started...

Abhi ke liye bas itna hi..
18th ko milte hai.. Seedhe Dilli se...

See ya..


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