Thursday, April 17, 2008


Before you start thinking that i have decided to get married, lemme clarify..

This post is gonna be more of my thoughts about marriage, than anything else.

Considering that I am of a "marriage-able" age and also pretty much popular cus of my latest stint, people are actually waiting for me to say a “yes” to marriage and there will be a hordes of men who wud want to

marry someone. Who cares who she is ! Atleast, this is what I'd LyK to believe.

Mum has already talked to me 2 times in the last one yr abt marriage. I think she has also visited an astrologer and found out that my LyF will be much better after marriage and that I will make a good Gharelu Aurat !!

Aunts, uncles, Grampas and Grammas are waiting to kill the Bakri by getting her married to someone they knw will be an "ideal" husband.

I think they already hav proposals in place, I just need to say "yes" !
this whole thing is so funny. Which is why it is up on my blog

So one fine day at the Delhi Airport, on our way to a cousin's marriage, all the aunts started coaxing me into sayin a "yes"...

Aunt 1 : Ab toh iski shaadi karwa deni chahiye. Ab toh yeh ghar par bhi aagayi. Ab isse nahin jaane denge !

I was LyK, woah, someone's so bothered abt my marriage. How caring and nice.

I simply replied, chhote bachhon ki shaadi nahin karwani chahiye buaji, Lawyer aapko pakad ke le jayega. :P

Aunt 2 : itni sundar sushil ho gayi ho, kisi ka ghar bana do.

Guys don't realise I am deceptive.

u know, cutest kittens hav the sharpest claws !
unfortunately I am one of them with the sharpest claws !

Or so I'd like to believe :D

nonetheless, i got so bored after the stupid discussion, that I stopped bothering about what they were trying to say and make me do during the entire marriage procession in Assam.
to while away our time, cousin and I kept oogling at the men on the airport wen they saw us we started laughin out loud !! i like the oriental looks ye... so cudn't resist the oogling.

After reaching Amdabad I got a nice lecture from mum..

"tell me if u want us to look for a man for u.
tell us if u have already found someone. Who is that guy u used to talk to.. wat is he doin now.. "

I was bombarded with questions and too many suggestions... and i kept ignoring her.
all the men she ever knew i knew were the useless ones.
She doesn't still knw whom I was datin etc etc. why does she need to knw anyways..

i ended the conversation by sayin.. mum, dont be so bothered. take care of urself and your another kid. I am fine the way I am and enjoyin my LyF. If I find a Man worth marryin ever in my LyF, I will get married. I might be 30 - 40 or whatever age, if i feel LyK then, I am sure I'l get married.

But I have "no", and lemme repeat, absolutely "no" intentions of gettin married what-so-ever.

oooof.... and yes, thats the truth and will be the truth.

my dream man is a lil too unbelievably exceptional :P. I doubt if i will find someone LyK him in this LyF atleast.

I did find one, but cudn't keep him for too long. feel sad for him now and for myself as well .. But thats past, now I don't want re-create the past again :)

I have had my share of men, and have had varied experiences, but never felt the need to get into a formal relationship called Marriage and spoil the entire fun of being with LuV.

the concept seems so out-dated to me. Still can't come to terms with the word. And I still wonder why people get married.

So thats my take on marriage !!
Adios till i decide on gettin married and write a post on those feelings too..




Nirav Thakker said...

hahahaha!!! I bet you must be really pissed off with this whole thingy!!! I can understand and empathize with what you are going thru!!! Seriously!!! LOL!!! ROTFL

ithink said...

"why do people get married..."

ehummm i dunno....

may be its a way to show the height of commitment to the other half...

and something the societies and cultures throughout the world figured to be something which structures society n stuff....

>>just what popped out of my empty brain<<

Kris said...

i have my life all set out - if i don't have a working relationship in the next 3 years, i'm gonna ask my parents to start looking. feel free to invite yourself over at that time - there'll probably be a post on my blog, if not more, when the position is open :D

Anshuman said...

hahahahaha...i never imagined ppl had started talking about 'it' in our house as well !!! :0

aDeSe said...

@anshuman: yeah man, see no.. Bua Fufaji and all of those people. Nani still says I should not think about marrying.. Nani's so cool man.. :)