Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whispering Lake Resort

Whispering Lakes Resort, originally uploaded by PaGLi.

A resort in Goa, owned by a Friend's Friend [Stanzing], who also happens to have a resort in Ladakh.

The interesting story is that, 8 months of the year he spends in Goa and 4 months in Ladakh, taking care of his resorts in both these places.

The Goa Resort is constructed and designed by him, including all the rooms and the eating place. The rooms and the outside lounges are made up of wood and hay and he has also used Mud, Cement, Clay and Plastic where required. He builds and fixes all the fixtures with his group of other 10 - 15 people, all from Ladakh after the rains in Goa.

Whispering Lake Resort is washed away during Rains every year, and is built back in over weekends after the rains by Stanzing and his Team.

Amazing Enthusiasm. Was a pleasure meeting him in Goa and I have plans of checking out his Ladakh resort sometime this year as well.



The Super Unknown said...

Beautiful Picture...

aDeSe said...

@The Super Unknown: Thanks Dude.. But doesn't beat the ones which you have in your collection.. :)

And welcome to my Blog..

Ujjayini Bezbaruah said...

Hi Aditi,

The pictures are superb!I have been trying to get in touch with them through the numbers in their website for bookings. However,I have been unsuccessful at that. It would be great if you could help me out with the contact numbers of the guys out there.
Thanking you in advance.