Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Meeting with the Man

I saw him walk out from the class, barely got a glimpse of his forehead.. tried to look through the crowd, and still couldn't manage to see him..

The crowd still surrounded him.. running behind to touch, probably take an autograph, talk to him, just see and I don't know what else..

Anyways, I ran, ran behind the crowd.. I wanted to see him ! I mean, I can't just go back to my room without having a glance, like a proper one. And no one would accept it, if i told them that I saw his head..

Pushed a few people, smashed against the benches on the way, dropped a couple coins [nah, I didn't bother turning around and picking them up] and pushed a few fat and slow people on my way.. ran down the slope and then tried to walk through the security.. didn't work out..

And I suddenly heard one of the guys "He will go up the stairs, clear the crowd, quick" and I jumped through the pool of Lilies, and went right in front of the stairs and stood there waiting for him to cross me. I was the only one..

I was at the stairs almost 5 seconds before him, a good enough time to have a full glimpse. Black T-shirt and a blue jeans, just like the receptionist described. I saw him, he saw me. I smiled, He smiled back. I waved at him and he waved back. All this before he started climbing the staircase to head off to his room..

Hehh.. never done this before.. Not for a guy, not for a celebrity, but yes, this time around, it was just for a kick. A saturday evening, and Ahmedabad doesn't really have much to offer, except for this lil adventure, which was going down the right track...

Well, I did see him.. So did, other normal junta.. I had to do something much more than that.. yeah, what, get an autograph, get a pic with him.. hmm, or may be something else.. things were running through my head, but cut it short.. An Autopgraph and a pic should be good enough. So what if some 80 people got to do it too, its awwrite for a start, and gives me enough kick for the moment..

Was walking back to my room, when I suddenly decided to walk to the first floor and check up on his room number.. ran up the stairs on the other end of the guest house, obviously, there won't be any security there. reached 'his' area.. crowded by some fat men and a whole lot of security guys... My colleague didn't want to walk in till there, cus she was probably scared or knew that they won't let us in there. Anyways, I tried, once, and confirmed if he was in there.

The room number was not visible, as his room was pretty inside in the wing.. Had to do something about this..

I walked down, and at dinner with some people, I made a plan of getting his room number..

"So how many people from the conference haven't paid up the room tariff" I asked the receptionist at the Guest House... In Between, the receptionist got a phone call and he got busy. And this was the chance. Flipped through a couple pages and there it was.. Aamir Khan 220*.. Wooo Hooo.. I like almost wanted to do a jig there, right in front of the receptionist.. Ha ha..

I walked back to my room, thinking what happen should next. I have the room number, but not the Land line number...

I faintly remembered that rooms around his were also given away.. and thought it would be a nice idea to call up the reception and ask for someone's number around his room.. So I called up and the same guy picked up the phone.. And I asked him for the number.. Apparently, the rooms around his were let out to his crew.. May be the secretary and four bodygaurds.. So he just wouldn't give me the number to the rooms.. "Ma'am no one is there in those rooms" is all I got to hear...

I kept the phone down, pretty upset. Still thinking what to do, when this brilliant Idea struck me.. Brilliant, atleast I want to call it so, but yes, it actually was pretty brilliant...

I had the directory to the Institute land line numbers.. !

Flipped through it, and found the series.. 2201 - 2210.. and calculated his phone number.. I was delighted..

Pallavi was chatting with me on GTalk, kinda told her what was running through my brains.. And gave her the number too.. She was too scared to call up..

I gathered some courage, and called up.. First time, I just heard some fax tone.. All plans seemed to fall to ground.. Wanted to give up, but tried one more time..

And it connected..

"Hi, who's this" he asks me.. "Hi.. can I know who is this on the other end"

"Yes.. Aamir here".. And I was all smiles..

"Hi Aamir, this is one of your fans calling, from campus.. " and all I could hear was giggles.. It was a nice feeling.. Yes I was talking to Aamir Khan over a Land line and no it wasn't a dream.. :)

We talked for some time.. like a minute, cus he wanted to crash and wake up early for his early morning flight.. I asked for a favour.. and he accepted it..

5:15 am is what he said, 4:50 am is the time we reached at the Guest house, for the fear of losing out on meeting him. First we were asked to leave by the receptionist. But Pallavi almost shouted on him saying "But, we talked to him over the phone and he asked us to come", which didn't help either. Eventually, the Guest House Manager - Neeraj, came to our rescue. Probably he met up with him and convinced him to let 5 - 6 people meet him at the entrance. We were delighted..

And well, the wait of 15 + extra delayed time was totally worth it. He walked down the stairs, charismatically and we three [Pallavi, Anushree and myself] headed off to meet him, take pics and autograph.

This did give me a kick.

There was this instant connection, greetings exchanged, and it seemed like he already knew me.. I am sure, he recognized my voice and also my face after the one second meeting in the evening.

Everything that I wanted to tell him, just vanished out of my head. Specifically, wanted to tell him about my Birthday falling 24hrs before his and how much I loved his old releases like Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, Andaz Apna Apna, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, Jo Jeeta wohi Sikandar and the latest ones Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti and ofcourse TZP, and about Imran Khan, and about how I like his Ads and acting and well, everything :D

Got some pics clicked. I am waiting for some better pics from the others who were standing there.

[click on the pic for a bigger version, Pallavi - Anushree - Aamir, in that order from Left to Right]

[click on the pic for a bigger version, Pallavi - Anushree - Aamir - Aditi, in that order from Left to Right]

"So you are the one who blog's on right?" and I got an affirmation to that question. Pretty impressive to know he reaches out to his fans himself and not through his PRO or Secretary who might be writing for other celebs on their Blogs.

That's the end of one awesome Saturday Night. Well spent, not Partying or watching movies, but waiting to meet someone early in the morning and bidding him farewell.

The most embarrassing part was getting a kiss on the cheeks by both Pallavi and Anushree together.. He He He.. They were so happy.. I think all of us will remember this for the rest of our lives, atleast I will :)

I shall wait for Mahesh Bhatt and the rest of the Bollywood team to come to campus, probably might end up chatting with them for longer than what it was with Aamir Khan. I wish there was some time to talk to him. Hoping to catch up with Aamir Khan over Coffee sometime in Mumbai. Lets see.. :)



P.S. Aamir was at IIM Ahmedabad for one of the second year courses called Contemporary Film Industry, which some of us from the Centre also wanted to take up, but weren't allowed to. And his Secretary was in the very next room, the number of which I had asked for from the receptionist.

Pagalpan Resurrected ? :P


Anshuman said...

kudos to ur paagalpanaa... :)

Prasoon said...

nice nice :)

Arby K said...

Good read. Brimming with excitement, I must say. Though I had an idea of what to expect next while reading the post, since I am following ur tweets.

Mittal Patel said...

Lucky You !!!!

guglanisam said...

nice thrilling experience...

nandini said...

Good read! I almost went thru the emotions you did Aditi while reading this one. Often we wish for things to happen, but when one fine day it does - ironically, we are dumbstruck :)

aDeSe said...

@Anshuman: Thanks man.. Both of us seem to have had an interesting weekend :D

@Arby K: ha ha.. twitter has clippings to this post. I normally refer to my tweets and write up the post for the blog, hence :)

@Mittal Patel: Its not about being Lucky, its more to do with deciding to do something and being vela on a saturday night :P

@Guglanisam: Ha ha yeah.. I enjoyed it. Was Fun :)

@Nandini: I keep reading this post, to get the goose bumps :P Though I have done crazier stuff, but this was something unexpected. I don't think I would have done it if I'd been busy with something else :)

Priyanka Korde said...

Hehehe...coooool! Nice velapanti:)You hadn't finished your story last nite about how you got his room number. Remembering about the directory wasn't 'brilliant', that was a 'tubelight' moment..Ha..Ha.

Damn i keep thinking i was on the campus that day..Wish I was there too man!!!
Well nice story to tell your friends and grand-children! Way to go! Hehehe.. :D

Priyanka Korde said...

Hehehe...coooool! Nice velapanti:)You hadn't finished your story last nite about how you got his room number. Remembering about the directory wasn't 'brilliant', that was a 'tubelight' moment..Ha..Ha.

Damn i keep thinking i was on the campus that day..Wish I was there too man!!!
Well nice story to tell your friends and grand-children! Way to go! Hehehe.. :D

sophie said...

first time here. I think i bumped from twitter. I can relate to this excitement well. You gave me nostalgia!

Leo said...

Aditi, tht ws awesome :)

aDeSe said...

@Priyanka: ehh sala, how you reached here ? :D Thanks for dropping by. Grand children.. are you dreaming too much.. :P

@Sophie: Thanks for visiting. You have done similar stuff before.. How about writing it down, or if you already have it on a blog, do send in the link. Would be lovely to read.

@Leo: Thank you sir.. :) Thanks for dropping by too..