Monday, March 22, 2010

Hitler comes to Gujjuland

Adolf Hitler, head-and-shoulders portrait, fac...

Hitler comes to Gujarat, with his troupe, to win over the present King, and attacks the city

He asks his troupe, "Who are these people." One answers, "These are Gujjus, Sir".

Hitler replies, "Shoot them all.. !"

He walks further down the city and spots some more people en route.. and asks his troupe, "Who are these people ?"

One responds, "These are Gujjus, Sir."

Hitler reverts, "Shoot them all... !"

The troupe has already covered most of the State by now, shooting gujjus left and right... They walk further... and shoot more Gujjus..

Eventually they win..

One Curious guy from the troupe asks Hitler, "Sir, why did you ask about who these ppl were? Weren't all of them supposed to be shot by our guns? "

Hitler laughs... and responds with a smirk, "yeah.. Good Jews.. or Bad Jews.. How does it matter.. !!"

[P.S. Supposed to be a drunk joke.. If you don't laugh on this one, I guess have a few pegs and read it again.. :)) Cheers !]

[P.P.S Overheard. Hence I should be spared the thrashing]


chaichaichai said...

I Lold at this joke. And I hadnt even touched alcohol in the last 3 days.

What does that say about me? :|

PiScEaNaTeD said...

Thats cool ! i remember not laughing the first time i was told this joke.. 2nd and 3rd time also, i wasn't really laughing.. but yeah, now every time i think about it.. there is a smirk on mi face.. :D all this w/o drinking.. so its a state of the mind i guess..

Rahul Desai said...

I happen to be drunk while reading this and just couldn't stop laughing... Deadly!