Sunday, December 31, 2006

the year that was.. and some good wishes

woah.. the last post of 2006... ain't it something .. kinda feelin nostalgic, thinkin about the past..
thinking over it.. guess, im kinda satisfied with how things went. will not forget this year for a lifetime.. reasons are many !!

Finally, settled down in lyf.. somethin to think abt - a gal like me, who can't focus on one thing, has finally decided on what she wants to do wit her lyf.. though, most of it is still "where lyf takes me" types !! but yeah, got a pretty good job wit an awesome company and a beautiful set of colleagues.. gonna miss it whenvah it comes to an end.. (hope it nevah does).

moved outta ahmedabad.. one more great achievement.. nevah wanted to stay there, but kinda had to cus of the academics.. i do miss the frens i made in this city and kinda sad cus i've not been in touch with most of them. Resolution for '07, will meet up wit my lost buddies.. miss ye loads.

yeah, i've started reading books.. drastic change ! and a good one.. and my obssession with IIMA is over.. all thanks to mumbai - its IIT now :-)

guess, thats about it.. made awesom friends this year.. nevah gonna forget you guys..

wud end this post, by thankin all the people who've made a difference to my life, to the year that went by and for supporting me thruout.. ending this post, without mentioning the names of people who've made a difference to my life in someway, wud not do complete justice. Do read thru the rest of the post...

* don wanna put his name here. i hope 'he' reads it. pyaaru, i miss u like always.. don really knw how things turned the wrong way. please come back no.. wishing u all the luck for '07 - wit or without me.

* meenal, nidhi - guys keep rocking. you guys were my only support wen i moved in to the city. miss u loads and have a rockin start to '07. nidhi aap toh rock kar rahe ho US main! seen you thru so many things.. i', reaally happy fer u.. meenal, kuchh kaam karo.. khandaan ka naam roshan karo!! he he

* neha, manish .. guys! u like make me jealous everytime we meet. freekos have started their own business at the age of 20. no they are not MBA or some other jazz like tat, simply Psycho/Eco grads. rock on guys, hope next year proves to be more fruitful than the year that went by.

* Xavierites - the MA gang, i knw i'm not around, guess things can get more happenin!! jus kidding.. rock on guys. wishin u luck for the coming year.. priyanka, rutu, svetlana, and the guys frm the TY - when are we meetin next.. don ya think 4 months is a long time and deprivin my from meetin u wud be reaaly bad for my emotional well-being :-).
Salonee and Ruth, guys rock Pune.
Anjali - happy married life and all my luck is with you.

* my colleagues - Tinaz, Kabir, Neha (both of them), Charmie .. u guys, have made me feel so close to home. I cudn't have survived in this city without the support i got from you. Sandeep, of course, and Sami for all the support and the induction in the organisation. can nevah forget this experience. wish you guys luck with everythin in the coming year..

* Swati, Nikhil, Sunil, Abhay, Tina, Sree and the K.B Gang - it was awesome to get in touch wit u guys after almost 15 odd years.. and had a great time wit u guys.. its a very special feeling. and luckily it wasnt difficult to break the ice wit u guys.. made special friends also.. Hope to meet u more frequently in '07 and wish u luck with everythin.

* my friends around the globe.. wishing all of you a fruitful and an even better '07.
AIESECers, MAVites, Xavierites... keep rocking! and do keep in touch.

long post.. ! finally comes to an end..
hoping for a smooth, excellent start.. for me as well as for all of you out there


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Rodrigo Araujo said...

hey Additi, long time without talkin. Wish u all the best in 2007. It doesnt matter where life takes u - the point is to makle a good trip. for that, dont forget a nice tripulation, when the machine fails, they ll be there ot help u out...